Sabbatical Leave Sample Clauses

Sabbatical Leave. The Superintendent may grant a sabbatical leave of absence for study or independent research for one (1) year at half pay or for one-half year at half pay whenever school is in session to any regularly appointed teacher who has completed seven (7) consecutive years of service in the Providence School Department. The teacher shall have the option of selecting the period of leave. Approval of a request shall not be unreasonably withheld. The number of requests approved shall not be capped. Requests for sabbatical leave for a full year or for a half year commencing at the beginning of the first semester shall be submitted to the Superintendent or his/her designated representative on or before May 31 in the school year preceding the school year for which the request is made. The Superintendent shall render a decision regarding such request as soon as possible after receipt but in no case will the decision be made later than the last day of the school year. Request for sabbatical leave for a full year or a half year commencing at the beginning of the second semester shall be submitted to the Superintendent or his/her designated representative no later than December 1 of the school year for which the leave is requested. The Superintendent shall render a decision regarding such request as soon as possible after receipt but in no case will the decision be made later than January 1 of the school year for which the leave is requested. When a teacher has received a sabbatical leave, further eligibility shall not commence until seven (7) more consecutive years of service are completed in the Providence School Department. Absences totaling more than ninety (90) school days within a teacher’s school year shall be considered as breaking the continuity of seven (7) consecutive years. A teacher’s school year shall be that period between his/her annual increments. Any teaching activities connected with a scholastic fellowship or grant shall not be considered as employment. FURTHER, a teacher requesting such leave must undertake a program of studies approved by the Superintendent carrying no less than twelve (12) classroom credits per semester unless the writing of a thesis is involved or the proposed study is towards a doctorate. Where the writing of a thesis or a doctoral study is involved, the Superintendent shall be empowered to approve a program of studies of less than twelve (12) classroom credits, but the combined credits for classroom work and the writing of a thesis...
Sabbatical Leave. Pursuant to Section 380.1235 of the Revised School Code, teachers who have been employed for seven (7) years may be granted a sabbatical leave for one year upon application to and with the approval of the Board. During said sabbatical leave, the teacher shall be considered to be in the employ of the Board and shall be paid, by the Board, the difference between whatever stipend he may receive and his full salary for that year including all fringe benefits. This provision shall not apply to any sabbatical leaves which the Board is legally required to grant. The teacher shall agree to return to employment in the Hastings Area School System for a period of two full years immediately following the completion of his sabbatical leave or refund on the Board's grant, where the teacher has received compensation and/or fringe benefit continuation from the Board during leave. Any period spent on sabbatical leave shall be treated as teaching service for the purpose of applying the salary schedule set forth in Schedule A of this Agreement.
Sabbatical Leave. Regular employees covered by this Agreement shall be eligible for sabbatical leave under the terms of Seattle Municipal Code Chapter 4.33.
Sabbatical Leave. 25F.09 The assessment of applicants for sabbatical leave shall be consistent with Article 31B.
Sabbatical Leave. Upon written request, the Superintendent of Schools may recommend to the Board that such leave be granted to not fewer than one (1) bargaining unit member during a given school year for full-time study, including study in another area of specialization, or for travel, research or other educational endeavors that will be of value to the school system, subject to the following conditions:
Sabbatical Leave. ‌ After eight (8) consecutive years of employment with the City, an employee may apply for a sabbatical leave without pay of up to six (6) months. Sabbatical leave is not intended to be used for the six-month period immediately prior to retirement. Such leave may be granted by the appropriate authority upon the recommendation of the employee's department head but such leave shall not be unreasonably denied. However, the department head will deny sabbatical leave requests for the period immediately prior to retirement. There shall be no requirement that the employee exhaust paid leave balances prior to such sabbatical leave. Life and Health insurance shall be paid by the City for the duration of an approved Sabbatical Leave. For employees who fail to return to work at the expiration of the approved Sabbatical Leave or fail to return for the equivalent amount of time he or she was approved for Sabbatical Leave, such employee shall reimburse the City or the City may deduct the cost of the Health and Life Insurance premiums paid by the City on behalf of the employee from the employee’s payout of their accrued leave balance due at termination.
Sabbatical Leave. Teachers who have rendered at least seven (7) consecutive years of satisfactory service to the district may be eligible for sabbatical leave of one full year to further education in a specific area; such leave shall be spent wholly in such study or educational pursuits as the principal, the Superintendent of schools, and the Board of Education approve. The teacher may receive a pro rata salary not to exceed one-half salary for the current year to be paid in equal monthly installments during leave of absence based upon academic load. The teacher must sign a declaration of intent to return to service in the district for at least three (3) years following sabbatical leave or return all or part of the grant received. Upon teacher’s return from sabbatical, a reasonable effort shall be made to assign that teacher to the grade or subject previously taught and to the same building. The teacher is to be recommended or selected by the principal and Superintendent with approval of the Board. No more than one teacher from each level (i.e., elementary, middle, and high school) shall be granted such leave during any one school year. Each application shall be considered on an individual basis and submitted in writing to the Superintendent or designee on or before January 15, provided the Board may in its sole discretion waive such submission date. The granting of leave shall be in the sole discretion of the Board of Education, and the granting or withholding of such leave in one instance shall be non-precedential as regards all other requests.
Sabbatical Leave. The purpose of a sabbatical leave is to provide an extended period of leave from a registered nurse’s customary work to acquire new skills and training. The sabbatical makes available the necessary time to pursue significant professional development activities, e.g., full-time academic study, participation in research projects, foreign travel to examine alternative health care options, providing health care in underserved areas, publishing. Registered nurses are eligible for their first sabbatical after working a minimum of ten (10) years of continuous regular employment as a registered nurse. An employee who qualifies may request 1) a sabbatical of up to six (6) months, or 2) a sabbatical of up to one (1) year after working thirteen (13) years of continuous regular employment. Registered nurses granted a sabbatical will receive fringe benefits consistent with their FTE level, subject to the availability of insurance coverage, and will retain their seniority. The total number of sabbatical leaves that may be granted during any one (1) year will not exceed ten (10). An employee granted a sabbatical agrees to return to employment with KFHPWA following sabbatical for at least one (1) year. Employees returning from sabbatical leave of no more than six (6) months shall be reinstated to their prior position. Thereafter, employees will be reinstated to the first available position. An employee is eligible to apply for another sabbatical only after seven (7) years have elapsed after the original sabbatical leave. The education committee under Article 14.1 shall recommend criteria for selection of the candidates and other guidelines for administering the sabbatical leave.
Sabbatical Leave. A. Teachers who have been employed for seven (7) consecutive years by the Board may be granted a sabbatical leave without pay for professional improvement for up to one (1) year. It is agreed that professional improvement includes, but is not limited to: attending a college, university or other educational institution, travel which will improve the teacher's ability to teach.
Sabbatical Leave. Certificated employees who have been employed by the district for a period of five (5) consecutive years immediately prior to the year in which the sabbatical leave is to commence may apply for sabbatical leave. Sabbatical Leave may not exceed a period of one (1) year and shall be without pay or increment. The Board shall authorize sabbatical leaves when it deems such leaves of absence to be reasonable and for good cause, and not detrimental to education within the system. Sabbatical Leaves shall be granted for the purpose of allowing certificated employees to continue professional education renewal, advancement through research, formal education, or other means acceptable to the Board. Applications for sabbatical leaves must be submitted to the Board prior to February 1 of the year prior to the commencement of the leave. Late applications that are the result of unique professional opportunities made available to the applicant after the deadline may be submitted to the Superintendent on an exceptional basis. The decision of the Board in these cases will be non-precedental and based on the staffing needs of the school and the availability of an acceptable replacement. Eligible employees shall include, with their application, a plan outlining the year’s activities. An employee on leave may engage in full or part-time employment during the leave. An employee returning from a sabbatical leave must notify the Board in writing on or before March 1 of their intent to return. Upon return from such leave, the employee shall be assigned to his/her former position which has been filled by a replacement during the leave period.