School Year Sample Clauses

School Year. 1. For employees on the AT-1, AT-2 and AT-3 salary matrices, the work year shall consist of one hundred eighty-four (184) workdays. For employees on the A-2 salary matrix, the work year shall consist of one hundred eighty four (184) workdays. For employees on the A-3 and A-4 salary matrices, the work year shall consist of one hundred and ninety four (194) workdays. Divergence from the District work calendar is permitted if mutually agreed upon by the educational diagnostician and the educational diagnostician’s immediate supervisor or if mutually agreed upon by the school psychologist and the school psychologist's immediate supervisor. The school year is based upon the calendar with the understanding that the calendar is subject to emergency changes, but such changes made by the District shall not affect the total number of workdays required.
School Year. 25.01 The academic school year begins on the first (1st) day of August in each year and ends on the thirty-first (31st) day of July next following.
School Year. A. The Board shall determine the starting dates for new teachers and returning teachers for the school year after an evaluation of the prior school year and in consultation with the Union. At the beginning of the school year, at least the equivalent of one full day in at least half day increments shall be guaranteed for teachers to prepare their room, with no meetings or other assigned responsibilities.
School Year a. The regular work year shall be the standard school calendar prescribed by the School Calendar Regulation under the School Act.
School Year. The Board retains the right and authority to change the days on which school shall be held and to make any adjustments to the work year. In the event of adjustment to the work year, the District shall consult with the ATU before implementing any change, and the salaries set forth in this Agreement shall be adjusted for the added or deleted days on the basis of the employee’s daily rate under said salary schedules. PERSONAL VEHICLES Employees who are required to use their personal vehicles for travel on behalf of the District during on-duty time shall be reimbursed by the District. The District may require as a condition for reimbursement that the employee provide a certificate of insurance showing that the employee has basic liability coverage equal to or greater than minimum amounts required by District policy or regulation. Reimbursement shall be at the rate established by the Internal Revenue Service.
School Year. [see also Board Policy # 7380 Working Hours]