Comparable Position definition

Comparable Position means a position where:
Comparable Position means a job position with the Company or any of its Subsidiaries, or any of their respective Successors and assigns, the principal work location of which does not satisfy the conditions of subsection (d) of the definition ofGood Reason” and which position provides pay and benefits that as a whole are substantially equivalent to, or better than, the Participant’s aggregate pay and benefits with the Company at the time of the Termination of Employment when taking into account the Participant’s base salary, target bonus opportunity, incentive pay and equity opportunities, health and welfare benefits, severance protection, and other benefits.
Comparable Position means a position either with the Company or any of its Affiliates or with a successor or transferee of all or a part of the business of the Company or Affiliate, on terms which do not cause a Significant Reduction in Scope or Base Compensation and do not entail a Relocation. The Plan Administrator, in its sole discretion, will determine whether a position is a Comparable Position.

Examples of Comparable Position in a sentence

  • A "Comparable Position" means a position on the same shift with the same number of scheduled hours which the nurse is qualified to assume.

More Definitions of Comparable Position

Comparable Position means a job with an Employing Company or successor company at the same or higher Base Salary as an Employee’s current job and at a work location within reasonable commuting distance from an Employee’s home, as determined by the Employee’s Employing Company.
Comparable Position. A position with the same or similar duties and pay which can be performed at the same or similar geographic location as the positions held prior to the leave. Ordinarily, the job assignment will be the same duties in the same program area located in the same city, although specific clients, caseload, co-workers, supervisor(s), or other staffing may have changed during an employee's leave.
Comparable Position means a position which has equivalent pay, benefits, and working conditions, with substantially similar duties and responsibilities, and, ordinarily, with the same shift or work schedule and geographic location, as the position occupied by the employee before her PDL.
Comparable Position means a position in which (A) the Limited Partner’s primary office remains located in the New York metropolitan area, (B) subject to the last sentence of this Section 4(e)(ii), the Limited Partner receives compensation that is comparable in the aggregate to the compensation he was receiving immediately prior to the Change of Control (excluding for purposes of such comparison any equity compensation and any compensation based on equity ownership, including distributions on equity, the Limited Partner receives prior to or following the Change of Control), and which is not less than the rate of $2 million per year, and (C) the Limited Partner’s employment is not conditioned on a contractual agreement to remain in service for more than two years. The Limited Partner agrees and acknowledges that, although the Buyer in its sole discretion may choose to offer equity or cash incentives or other compensation to the Limited Partner in respect of the Limited Partner’s continued service during the COC Vesting Period, the provisions relating to the continued vesting of the COC Incentive Units pursuant to Section 4(d) in addition to payments at a rate of not less than $2 million per year shall be deemed to satisfy clause (B) of the definition of “Comparable Position” for the COC Vesting Period and the Buyer need not offer any such equity or cash incentives or other compensation to the Limited Partner in respect of the COC Vesting Period in order for the position offered by the Buyer to the Limited Partner to constitute a “Comparable Position.” The Incentive Units shall participate in any earn-outs, escrows and other holdbacks on the same basis as the Class D Common Units or Class P Common Units of the other Limited Partners, as applied on a pro rata basis in respect of the Incentive Units. Any consideration that is released or otherwise becomes earned and payable in respect of the Incentive Units during the COC Vesting Period shall be paid or retained, as applicable, in accordance with the applicable vesting provisions set forth in Section 4(d), as applied on a pro rata basis in respect of the Incentive Units.
Comparable Position means a position that would (i) provide the employee with base compensation and benefits that are comparable in the aggregate to those provided to the employee prior to the Change in Control; (ii) provide the employee with an opportunity for variable bonus compensation that is comparable to the opportunity provided to the employee prior to the Change in Control; (iii) be in a location that would not require the employee to increase his daily one-way commuting distance by more than thirty-five (35) miles as compared to the employee’s commuting distance immediately prior to the Change in Control; and (iv) have job skill requirements and duties that are comparable to the requirements and duties of the position held by the employee immediately prior to the Change in Control.
Comparable Position means a position that is comparable, as determined by the Administrator in its sole and absolute discretion taking into account such factors as it deems appropriate including without limitation the similarity of duties and salary and any increase in the commuting distance to the individual’s principal place of employment, provided that a position will not fail to be a “Comparable Position” unless it would result in a material negative change within the meaning of Treas. Reg. section 1.409A-1(n)(2)(i) or any successor thereto.
Comparable Position means a position with a ------------------- successor to part or all of the business of the Company, if the terms of such position do not differ from Executive's prior position with the Company in any manner that would constitute a Change of Employment Circumstances, assuming that the terms of such new position with the successor remained materially the same as the terms of Executive's employment with the Company.