Reviewing Sample Clauses

Reviewing. 7.1 The Contractor shall provide evidence of compliance with any of its obligations under this Contractor Licence to the Licensee, including without limitation in connection with the measures set out in this clause 7.
Reviewing. This SLA is valid as of the date hereof and reviewed and revised annually, or as necessary, by ESYS.
Reviewing selecting, structuring and adopting, and ensuring the quality of, the curricula and related Course Materials for the Courses in the Programs, establishing the modalities by which to deliver the Courses, and providing institutional and academic guidance, evaluation and oversight for the Programs;
Reviewing. At the end of the performance cycle, you and your supervisor meet to discuss your accomplishments and contributions and provide performance feedback. The reviewing performance discussion is a summary of the interim progress discussions you’ve had up to that point, including a look at new data collected since the last discussion. You and your supervisor will compare your actual results to the results you planned. If you and your supervisor have been tracking performance and sharing data throughout the cycle, there should be no surprises in this discussion. Instead, the review is a forward-looking discussion that focuses on what was learned, what strengths can be built on, and what areas need work.
Reviewing. The home-school agreement will be reviewed annually to assess its implementation and effectiveness. Faculty heads will be expected to-do this for the Headteacher who will report the effectiveness of the agreement to the governing body. APPENDIX – Contract of Agreement All students and parents are asked to sign this contract agreeing to uphold the school’s expectations for pupil behaviour, attendance and the completion of Independent Study. Parental declaration The pupil’s commitment I agree to: • Attend school regularly. • Arrive on time. • Attend all lessons punctually. • Be friendly, co-operative and thoughtful. • Remember books and necessary equipment. • Focus on making progress. • Be involved fully in activities. • Always try to do best work. • Always complete and hand in Independent Study on time. • Always wear school uniform. • Record all relevant information in my ‘school planner’. • Read and abide by the school code of conduct. • Behave in a way which shows I am proud to be member of the ATAM Academy community, both inside and outside of school Signed by pupil …………………………………………………. The Family’s Commitment We/I agree to: • Maintain the spirit of this partnership. • Support the school in upholding its standards and policies. • Ensure that my child wears school uniform. • Ensure that he or she does the Independent Study set. • Monitor and sign her or his ‘school planner’. • Allow my son or daughter to participate in recreational swimming. • Allow my son or daughter to go on educational visits supervised by a teacher and other responsible adults. • Attend all meetings as requested. • Try to be an active member of the parents’ association. • Support learning as a life time commitment, beyond 16. • Read and abide by the school code of conduct. • Ensure that all communication with the school is undertaken in a respectful manner Signed by parent/guardian/carer ……………………………………………….. KHALSA ACADEMIES TRUST HOME SCHOOL AGREEMENT 6 | P a g e The school’s commitment The school agrees to see that each pupil: • Clearly understands the work assignments, and their relevance to her or his course of study. • Has the structural support in which to make progress? • Feels a sense of achievement – having learned something or how to do better. • Feels valued by her or his teacher and that her or his work is regularly assessed and commented upon. • Is fully involved in any activity so that time is spent positively. • Acts co-operatively and responsibly. • Understands Indepen...
Reviewing. Project Co shall review all designs. Design review is a basic and required process and should be performed by the entity producing a design document. At a minimum, all design documents shall be reviewed to ensure general conformance with established procedures, that the appropriate format is achieved, the practicality of numbers, and that there are no missing items. Project Co shall retain a permanent record of all Design reviews.
Reviewing. The Grant Agreement with Art. 4 (page 4) establishes the review periods of the project. The following Table
Reviewing. The initial ENUMERATE Draft ‘Core’ Questionnaire (version 27 June 2011, see Annex 2) was extensively reviewed, both within the consortium and among external professionals. A first draft was subject of two reviewing sessions in the Member States Expert Group meeting of June 27th, 2011 and the result of this was presented to both the MSEG and the ENUMERATE consortium.
Reviewing. Take these steps to review your security and respond to any changes or problems you identify, including attacks or disruption to business. Your checklist
Reviewing. The home-school agreement will be reviewed biennially to assess its implementation and effectiveness. The Headteacher will report the effectiveness of the agreement to the Governing Body. This policy should be read in conjunction with the school’s Addendum to the Behaviour Policy in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic which can be found here. HOME – SCHOOL AGREEMENT (including CODE OF CONDUCT) We believe that this school should be a place where every individual is loved and valued for whom they are, is shown and shows forgiveness and compassion and is treated with respect, within a safe, well-ordered environment. We expect all members of the school community to: ▪ Show courtesy and sensitivity to everyone. ▪ Respect others’ beliefs and opinions. ▪ Respect each other’s space. ▪ Appreciate each other’s effort and achievements. ▪ Be patient and considerate. ▪ Listen to each other. ▪ Be prepared to say sorry and accept apologies if offered. ▪ Treat school buildings, grounds and property with respect. ▪ Follow health and safety rules. ▪ Take full responsibility for their own work and behaviour. Student Responsibilities