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Aim. The competitiveness of companies within the commercial and service industries is becoming increasingly dependent on qualified employees. In order for the business to develop, continuous and systematic continuing education of the employees is necessary. Competence is the ability to handle an assignment. In order to handle an assignment, an individual needs several characteristics. Competence is a complex term that comprises a number of human resources. - Knowledge Knowing facts and methods. - Abilities Being able to do, handle tools - Contacts Social abilities, contact network, influence - Attitude/Values Wanting to do, deeming correct, taking responsibility - Experience Learning from mistakes and successes - Supervision/Leadership Continuing education may to a great extent be carried out directly in the work place through a flexible work organisation where theories meet practice. Continuing education of the company and its employees creates the preconditions for profitability and greater security of employment.
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Aim. This Agreement is aimed at improving the conditions under which maritime cargo transport operations are carried out to and from China, to and from the Community, as well as to and from the Community and China on the one hand and third countries on the other, for the benefit of economic operators of the Parties. It is based on the principles of freedom to provide maritime transport services, free access to cargoes and cross trades, unrestricted access to, and non-discriminatory treatment in, the use of ports and auxiliary services as well as regarding commercial presence. It covers all aspects of door to door services.
Aim. The aim of the present agreement is to : increase the awareness and understanding of employers, workers and their representatives of workplace harassment and violence, provide employers, workers and their representatives at all levels with an action-oriented framework to identify, prevent and manage problems of harassment and violence at work. 1 This includes amongst others the following Directives: - Directive 2000/43/EC of 29 June 2000 implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin - Directive 2000/78/EC of 27 November 2000 establishing a general framework for equal treatment in employment and occupation - Directive 2002/73/EC of 23 September 2002 amending Council Directive 76/207/EEC on the implementation of the principle of equal treatment for men and women as regards access to employment, vocational training and promotion, and working conditions - Directive 89/391/EEC on the introduction of measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health of workers at work
Aim. To encourage patients to self-refer to their local community pharmacy, when appropriate. The community pharmacist will provide advice on specified minor conditions and supply medicines according to the local formulary in appendix 3 free of charge for patients exempt from prescriptions charges. (This includes patients with a prepayment certificate).
Aim. The aim of the special enterprise/company provisions in this collective wage agreement is to stimulate collaboration between employees and employers in the workplace with the aim of creating conditions for improved terms of service for the employees through increased productivity. The aim is to develop collective agreements so that they will bring benefit to both parties. Amongst other things, the aim is to shorten working hours while maintaining or increasing productivity. The aim at all times is to be that defined gains should be apportioned between the employees and the company according to clear principles.
Aim. The aim of this procedure is to secure, at the lowest possible administrative level, solutions to violations of the contract which may arise and affect the welfare or working conditions of unit members.
Aim. The aim of the present agreement is to increase the awareness and understanding of employers, workers and their representatives of work-related stress, draw their attention to signs that could indicate problems of work- related stress. The objective of this agreement is to provide employers and workers with a framework to identify and prevent or manage problems of work-related stress. It is not about attaching blame to the individual for stress. Recognising that harassment and violence at the work place are potential work related stressors but that the EU social partners, in the work programme of the social dialogue 2003-2005, will explore the possibility of negotiating a specific agreement on these issues, this agreement does not deal with violence, harassment and post-traumatic stress.
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Aim. The parties to the Agreement are committed to consultative and participative processes. There shall be a Consultative Committee which shall:
Aim. The aim of this Code of Practice is to provide guidelines to prevent and eradicate sexual harassment in the workplace.
Aim. This Agreement is aimed at providing facilitation and cooperation in improving the conditions under which maritime cargo and passenger transport operations are carried out between the ports of the Contracting Parties, as well as between the ports of the Contracting Parties and the ports of third countries, for the benefit of economic operators of the Contracting Parties. The Contracting Parties shall refrain from any action that might be detrimental to the unrestricted participation of shipping companies of the Contracting Parties in maritime transport between the Contracting Parties as well as between the Contracting Parties and third countries.
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