Aim Sample Clauses

Aim. This Agreement is aimed at improving the conditions under which maritime cargo transport operations are carried out to and from China, to and from the Community, as well as to and from the Community and China on the one hand and third countries on the other, for the benefit of economic operators of the Parties. It is based on the principles of freedom to provide maritime transport services, free access to cargoes and cross trades, unrestricted access to, and non-discriminatory treatment in, the use of ports and auxiliary services as well as regarding commercial presence. It covers all aspects of door to door services.
Aim. This Agreement is aimed at providing facilitation and cooperation in improving the conditions under which maritime cargo and passenger transport operations are carried out between the ports of the Contracting Parties, as well as between the ports of the Contracting Parties and the ports of third countries, for the benefit of economic operators of the Contracting Parties. The Contracting Parties shall refrain from any action that might be detrimental to the unrestricted participation of shipping companies of the Contracting Parties in maritime transport between the Contracting Parties as well as between the Contracting Parties and third countries.
Aim. The AIM market is a market designed primarily for emerging or smaller companies. The rules of this market are less demanding than those of the Official List of the London Stock Exchange and therefore the companies quoted on AIM carry a greater risk than a company with a full listing.
Aim. The aim of this procedure is to secure, at the lowest possible administrative level, solutions to violations of the contract which may arise and affect the welfare or working conditions of unit members.
Aim. The aim of new payroll systems is to classify jobs in an objective manner, increase the number of factors taken into account when determining wages and preparing clear criteria for the wage determination and wage development of individual employees. With a new payroll system, employees and employers are provided with a powerful tool that promotes increased education and career development, transparency and job satisfaction. At the same time, there are clearer career development incentives for employees. The successful development and implementation of new payroll systems can promote increased vocational training and career development and transparency in wage structures. This entails clearly defining the manner in which assessments of jobs, roles, capabilities, responsibilities and performance create the basis for wage determination and increased benefits for employees and companies. The Act on the Equal Position and Equal Rights of Women and Men No. 10/2008 requires companies with 25 employees or more to employ payroll systems and wage determinations based on objective and transparent criteria. According to the Act, companies are under obligation to adopt an equal pay standard during the period between 2019 and 2022. A new payroll system will facilitate such adoption. Smaller companies should preferably base their payroll systems on comparable criteria.
Aim. The aim of the Contracts related to this Agreement is to contract a specific interruptible capacity (Exit/Entry) at international connections, to determine the terms and conditions for accessing the facilities of the Transmission and Distribution System, and for the Carrier to provide the Contractor with services involving the delivery of natural gas at the entry points and the use of the operational storage facilities included in the transmission and distribution toll imposed by law, as well as the provision by the Carrier to the Contractor of services involving the delivery of natural gas at the international connections exit points, established in Contracts related to the Agreement, all the foregoing in exchange for the agreed financial consideration.
Aim. 1.1 This Memorandum of Understanding has been developed to; ● Formalise and clarify the research and development study for carbon emissions reduction through use of energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions supplied by RVPlus, Inc. (dba ECCO2 Tech) or any manufacturers or suppliers approved by the ECCO2 Civil Society Network for up to $1,800,000,000.00 USD for financial aid for 10-year project (“the Network”) ● Formalise and clarify the research and development study for carbon offset development by establishing and managing a clean development mechanism (“CDM”), that shall be supported by the required documentation for United Nations and UNFCCC DOE, Cancun Agreement, and Kyoto Protocol ● Formalise and establish a ten (10) year contract for goods and services provided by ECCO2 Corp and affiliated NGOs within 120 days from acceptance of this Letter by all Parties of Programme to support the Mission, which shall be fully guaranteed for payment by United World Charitable Fund and/or other financial aid programs supporting the Mission and Programme (“Contract”) ● Formalise and clarify the relationship between all Parties collectively and the secretariat of the ECCO2 Civil Society Network.
Aim. The parties to the agreement are committed to consultative and participative processes. The Service shall establish, and properly maintain, a consultative committee, which shall meet regularly and which shall: