The Consortium Sample Clauses

The Consortium. 1.1 The Member Libraries hereby establish a consortium of local government library entities to be known as the Electronic Content Consortium (“ECC”). Member Libraries may join as an individual unit or choose to be represented under an umbrella organization. The initial membership of the consortium shall be comprised of the units of local government enumerated in Exhibit A.
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The Consortium. 1.1 The Consortium is composed of each of the above-mentioned Consortium Entities. Each undertaking made under – or in execution of – this Agreement by the Consortium shall be deemed personally undertaken by each of the Consortium Entities themselves. The Consortium Entities expressly waive any right to annul any commitment undertaken on its behalf by the Consortium.
The Consortium a) The Consortium is a voluntary and unincorporated association of primarily academic (publicly and privately funded institutions of higher education) and research libraries in Illinois. Its mission is to lead Illinois academic libraries to create and sustain a rich, supportive, and diverse knowledge environment that furthers teaching, learning, and research through the sharing of collections, expertise and programs.
The Consortium. 7 2.1. Establishment of Consortium..............................7 2.2. Advisory Board...........................................8 2.3. Research Program.........................................8 2.4. Research Program Director................................8 Article III. RESEARCH PROGRAM FUNDING AND TECHNOLOGY CONTRIBUTIONS............................................9 3.1. Consortium Members' Commitments..........................9 3.2. Funding Mechanics. .....................................9 3.3. Consortium Member Contributed Technology................10 Article IV.
The Consortium. The Consortium link gives information about the partners (name, logo, country of establishment and website) using business cards. To get more details, each business card has a button that opens a new window with a complete partner’s description.
The Consortium. 3.1 In exercise of their powers under Sections 101, 102, 103, 111 and 113 of the Local Government Xxx 0000 and Sections 19 and 20 of the Local Government Act 2000 and all other powers enabling them in that regard the Members agree to establish and participate in joint arrangements for the provision of the Functions by way of the Consortium which shall be constituted and which shall conduct its business in accordance with the Procedure Rules as amended from time to time.
The Consortium. The consortium is made up of 11 entities from 8 EU Member States (Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Slovenia and Denmark) and 7 of these Member States (MS) share marine regions and sub-regions (The Western Mediterranean Sea, the Adriatic Sea, the Ionian Sea and the Central Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea). These entities are the most relevant organizations in each MS to support the national implementation of the MSFD due to their expertise and skills related to underwater noise. The consortium includes ACCOBAMS which has been appointed by the Secretariat of the Barcelona Convention (UNEP/MAP) to develop a basin-wide strategy for underwater noise monitoring in the Mediterranean. SPA/RAC has also joined the consortium as an expert in biodiversity and protected areas and as a representative of Mediterranean non-European countries. The consortium also includes ICES, which provides scientific and advisory services of relevance for the ongoing implementation of the EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive and hosts the OSPAR and HELCOM Joint impulsive noise register. The project has a duration of 24 months starting on February 2019.
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The Consortium. The consortium shall comprise TNS BRMB and GFK NOP. The lead Contractor shall be TNS BMRB who shall be responsible for sub-contracting with GFK NOP. TNS BMRB shall be responsible to the Department for Education (DfE).
The Consortium. The quality of the work undertaken in the EURFORUM project heavily depends on the involved actors. Therefore, it is considered necessary that the consortium combines complementary background organisations involved in the development and provision of public transport. A basic requirement is that the consortium ensures a broad understanding of the urban mobility sector, combining scientific knowledge with practical expertise. At the same time the consortium offers a well-balanced pan- European representation from old and new EU Member States. As a result the consortium is competent in relation to both urban mobility research and development as well as regional differences affecting the use and performance of public transport. The EURFORUM project will be co-ordinated by UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, which is a world-wide leader in promoting the development of more efficient and attractive urban mobility services, and whose members include the majority of urban mobility operators, authorities and suppliers in Europe. With its long tradition of providing a forum for urban mobility actors, UITP ensures that the EURFORUM Coordination Action acts as a truly robust, comprehensive and representative platform. UITP will be also acting as the main link to the existing Technology Platforms – ERRAC and ERTRAC. The EURFORUM project will be reinforced by the participation of two major European transport research networks – ECTRI (the European Conference of Transport Research Institutes), and T-NEG (a cooperation platform for Central and East European transport research institutes, managed by TU Dresden). A key asset will be the presence of the POLIS association as Dissemination Manager. Its wide-spread network will offer sound communication channels in the European cities and regions. Furthermore, the participation of EMTA – European Metropolitan Transport Authorities – will facilitate access to transport decision-makers in the biggest European cities. Finally, key national players such as TU Dresden (Germany), the renowned French urban transport research institute (CERTU), and the Italian Public Transport Association (ASSTRA) will be involved in the project. In order to ensure an efficient management of the EURFORUM project with all its partners, a hierarchical structure of the consortium will be implemented. The Co- ordinator, the Dissemination Manager and the Workpackage (WP) Leaders are the principal partners of the project, who are in char...
The Consortium. The applicant organisation and the partner organisations. The Project Account: The bank account, installed under the coordinators’ name, that will receive the grant payments from the Agency, as stated in the grant agreement, article I.4.
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