Review Sample Clauses

Review. In the event either Party (the “Issuing Party”) desires to issue a press release or other public statement disclosing information relating to this Agreement or the transactions contemplated hereby or the terms hereof, the Issuing Party will provide the other Party (the “Reviewing Party”) with a copy of the proposed press release or public statement (the “Release”). The Issuing Party will specify with each such Release, taking into account the urgency of the matter being disclosed, a reasonable period of time within which the Receiving Party may provide any comments on such Release (but in no event less than five (5) business days). If the Receiving Party provides any comments, the Parties will consult on such Release and work in good faith to prepare a mutually acceptable Release. Either Party may subsequently publicly disclose any information previously contained in any Release issued consistent with the terms of this Section 8.2. Subject to restrictions on use of names in Section 8.2(c) (Use of Names), Erasca, in its sole discretion, may make disclosures relating to the development or commercialization of the Licensed Products, including the results of research or any clinical trial conducted by Erasca or any health or safety matter related to the Licensed Products.
Review. The AML Compliance Officer shall be responsible for reviewing, no less frequently than annually, the AML training described herein. AUDIT
Review. The practitioner reviews the treatment plan and discusses, when appropriate, case circumstances and management options with the attending (or referring) physician. The reviewer consults with the requesting physician when more clarity is needed to make an informed coverage decision. The reviewer may consult with board certified physicians from appropriate specialty areas to assist in making determinations of coverage and/or appropriateness. All such consultations will be documented in the review text. If the reviewer determines that the admission, continued stay or service requested is not a covered service, a notice of non-coverage is issued. Only a physician, behavioral health practitioner (such as a psychiatrist, doctoral-level clinical psychologist, certified addiction medicine specialist), dentist or pharmacist who has the clinical expertise appropriate to the request under review with an unrestricted license may deny coverage based on medical necessity.
Review. At the request of the Licensor or Bellus (the “Auditing Party”), upon at least [ * ] prior written notice, and at the expense of the Auditing Party (except as otherwise provided herein), Alzheon shall permit an independent certified accounting firm selected by the Auditing Party, and reasonably acceptable to Alzheon, to inspect (during regular business hours) the relevant records required to be maintained by Alzheon and its Affiliates under this Section 4.5. The independent certified accounting firm shall be entitled to review the then-preceding [ * ] of records required to be maintained by Alzheon and its Affiliates under this Section 4.5 solely for purposes of verifying the accuracy of the reports submitted by Alzheon pursuant to Section 4.4.1 and the Licensing Revenues, Royalties and Third Party Payments due hereunder. Such right may be exercised by the Auditing Parties only [ * ]. If any review reveals a deficiency in the calculation of payments resulting in an underpayment to the Licensor, Alzheon shall promptly pay the Licensor the amount remaining to be paid, and if such underpayment is by [ * ] or more for [ * ], Alzheon shall pay the reasonable documented out-of-pocket expenses of the review. Any independent certified accounting firm that performs an inspection pursuant to this Section 4.5.2 shall enter into a written confidentiality agreement with Alzheon on terms substantially similar to those set forth in Article 5 of this Agreement.
Review. While this Agreement is in effect and for one year thereafter, Red Hat or its designee, acting in accordance with Section 9, may inspect your facilities and records to verify your compliance with this Agreement. You agree to (a) respond promptly to requests for information, documents and/or records, (b) grant appropriate access for on-site visits in order to verify your compliance, and (c) reasonably cooperate in connection with any such verification. Red Hat will provide at least ten (10) days prior written notice for any on-site visits, and will conduct on- site visits during regular business hours in a manner that reasonably minimizes interference with your business. If Red Hat notifies you of any noncompliance or underpayment, then you will resolve the non-compliance and/or underpayment within fifteen (15) days from the date of notice. If the underpayment exceeds five percent (5%), then you will also reimburse Red Hat for the cost of the inspection.
Review. The Executive has received or been given the opportunity to review the provisions of this Agreement, and the meaning and effect of each provision, with independent legal counsel of the Executive’s choosing.