Review Sample Clauses

Review. The practitioner reviews the treatment plan and discusses, when appropriate, case circumstances and management options with the attending (or referring) physician. The reviewer consults with the requesting physician when more clarity is needed to make an informed coverage decision. The reviewer may consult with board certified physicians from appropriate specialty areas to assist in making determinations of coverage and/or appropriateness. All such consultations will be documented in the review text. If the reviewer determines that the admission, continued stay or service requested is not a covered service, a notice of non-coverage is issued. Only a physician, behavioral health practitioner (such as a psychiatrist, doctoral-level clinical psychologist, certified addiction medicine specialist), dentist or pharmacist who has the clinical expertise appropriate to the request under review with an unrestricted license may deny coverage based on medical necessity.
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Review. The Parties shall periodically review in the Joint Committee progress achieved in pursuing the objectives set out in this Chapter, and consider relevant international developments to identify areas where further action could promote these objectives.
Review. The AML Compliance Officer shall be responsible for reviewing, no less frequently than annually, the AML training described herein. AUDIT
Review. This Chapter shall be subject to periodic review within the framework of the Joint Committee regarding the possibility to further develop the Parties' commitments.
Review. While this Agreement is in effect and for one year thereafter, Red Hat or its designee, acting in accordance with Section 9, may inspect your facilities and records to verify your compliance with this Agreement. You agree to (a) respond promptly to requests for information, documents and/or records, (b) grant appropriate access for on-site visits in order to verify your compliance, and (c) reasonably cooperate in connection with any such verification. Red Hat will provide at least ten (10) days prior written notice for any on-site visits, and will conduct on- site visits during regular business hours in a manner that reasonably minimizes interference with your business. If Red Hat notifies you of any noncompliance or underpayment, then you will resolve the non-compliance and/or underpayment within fifteen (15) days from the date of notice. If the underpayment exceeds five percent (5%), then you will also reimburse Red Hat for the cost of the inspection.
Review. Base salary, performance incentive compensation, stock grant levels, and plan participation will be subject to review annually (or from time to time at Tyson’s discretion), when compensation of other officers and managers of Tyson are reviewed for consideration of adjustments thereof.
Review. 8.1 To maintain the relevance and integrity of the scheme it will be reviewed as necessary by the National Joint Council.
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Review. So long as any Substitute Basis is in force, the Agent, in consultation with the Borrower and the Lenders, shall from time to time, but not less often than monthly, review whether or not the circumstances referred to in Clause 6.1 or Clause 6.2 still prevail with a view to returning to the normal provisions of this Agreement.
Review. The Director of Human Resources or appointing authority (or their designees) may review and determine the justification of any request for sick leave with pay and may, in the interest of the County, require a medical report by a doctor to support a claim for sick leave pay.
Review. 1. In addition to the provisions for consultations elsewhere in this Agreement, Ministers in charge of trade negotiations of the Parties shall meet within a year of the date of entry into force of this Agreement and then biennially or otherwise as appropriate to review this Agreement.
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