Course Materials definition

Course Materials means any Education content provided to Customer in any media form pursuant to a Transaction Document, including without limitation, all publications, courseware, training manuals and materials, user guides, web portals, or virtual labs provided by CA or a CA subcontractor.
Course Materials means lectures, exercises designed for online collaboration, multimedia developed for Web distribution, notes, outlines, syllabi, bibliographies, tests, instructional handouts, videotaped presentations and any like materials and documents (whether in electronic or other medium) that a member of the bargaining unit authors or creates in connection with the preparation or teaching of a course at a University.
Course Materials means any documentation, articles, web pages, online modules or consulting project materials provided as part of a Course;

Examples of Course Materials in a sentence

  • The School District will provide all required Course Materials (textbooks and electronic materials) and will be billed for applicable Instructional Materials charges embedded in courses requiring electronic materials in accordance with the College respective course agreement.

  • All other product or company names, devices, logos, icons, graphics or designs referred to on the pages of the Website or in any of the Course Materials are the trademarks of the respective owners and are exhibited only in such a manner as is intended to be for the benefit of such trademark owners.

  • Limited Licence: Except as otherwise expressly stated on the Website or in the Course Materials, the Courses, and the Course Materials are supplied for your private information and educational use.

  • Trade Marks: The display of any trade names or trademarks on the Website or in any of the Course Materials does not imply that any licence has been granted to any third party in respect of the same.

  • The course materials shall include all materials listed on the Checklist for Course Materials.

More Definitions of Course Materials

Course Materials means any copyrights in underlying educational materials or course content used in the bona fide teaching or instruction of a regularly scheduled course for credit offered by the University, to the extent that an author of those materials, himself or herself, uses those materials in teaching the course; including portions, subsets, drafts, revisions, updates, versions, and instructional components of such materials; whether printed, digital, Internet based, CD/DVD-based, audio- or video-based, or otherwise. “Course Materials” may include copyrights in items that would otherwise constitute LSU Works, LSU Software, or LSU Digital Media. “Course Materials” shall not, however, include rights in any patent, patent application, LSU Database, LSU Mark, or LSU Invention. “Course Materials” shall not include any rights that are derived from a co-author who is not also directly involved in the teaching or instruction of a regularly scheduled course for credit at the University using those materials.
Course Materials means all materials prepared for use in teaching, fixed or unfixed, in any form, including, but not limited to, digital, print, audio, visual, or any combination thereof. Course materials include, but are not limited to, lectures, lecture notes, and materials, syllabi, study guides, bibliographies, visual aids, images, diagrams, multimedia presentations, web-ready content, and educational software.
Course Materials means the information provided by ESTP Paris/EPF to accompany a course provided as part of the services in hard copy or electronic form.
Course Materials means the course papers, presentations, and/or software used in a Course provided to Buyer other than the Course Handouts;
Course Materials means the physical materials relating to any one course, together with all revisions and updates made by us from time to time, which may be in any format and which are required by the student to complete the course.
Course Materials means the information provided by Strength and Conditioning Academy Ltd to accompany a course provided as part of the Services in hard copy or electronic form.
Course Materials means materials supplied as part of the programme, which may include, but is not limited to, laptop computers, software, books and accessories. Course materials may differ between campuses, programmes and within intakes. Some campuses may not supply course materials.