Annex 2 definition

Annex 2 means Annex 2 to the Servicing Agreement, which annex sets forth the Concentration Limits contained in Section 5.03(a) of the Indenture.
Annex 2 in the GPA means “Schedule 1.B”;
Annex 2 means Annex 2 to the Agreement on Agriculture;

Examples of Annex 2 in a sentence

The provisions of Annex 2 (Additional Terms and Conditions for Index Securities) shall apply.

Please note that quotations must be submitted using Annex 2: Quotation Submission Form and Annex 3 Technical and Financial Offer, by the method and by the date and time indicated in Section 2.

The Contractor shall provide the types of services and deliverables, which are listed in Annex 1 hereto (“Services/Terms of Reference”), as and when negotiated by UNDP headquarters or a UNDP country office and reflected in a contract for professional services, in the form attached hereto as Annex 2.

The Buyer is a “qualified institutional buyer” as that term is defined in Rule 144A under the 1933 Act and has (1) completed either of the forms of certification to that effect attached hereto as Annex 1 or Annex 2, or (2) obtained the waiver of the Company with respect to Annex 1 and Annex 2 pursuant to Section 5.01(f) of the Agreement.

The minimum number of members in each class of the Staff Constituency is specified in Annex 2.

More Definitions of Annex 2

Annex 2 means the Terms of Reference;
Annex 2. Means the schedule ofequipmentand/orcomponentsnot covered under the Contractor’s normalmaintenance work” (non-serviceable components) as detailed under Section-7.2.2 of the Agreement.