Performing Sample Clauses

Performing. In the performing phase of the performance cycle, you do your job and work toward achieving the results you’ve committed to. To be effective in this phase and in your job, you need to do four things: • Track your own performance against your plan. You will need to collect evidence over time to support your performance. You can record the evidence in your evidence register. Examples of evidence may include your Learning and Development passport, samples of work, feedback from customers etc. • Seek and act on feedback from others. • Get coaching and support. • Conduct at least one interim review with your supervisor to check your progress.
Performing. all appropriate inquiries” into the previous ownership and uses of the property before acquiring the property.
Performing. Personnel Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be construed or operate in any way to prevent performing personnel who write or edit exclusively for their own performance or themselves from doing so, and to that extent from performing the writing or other duties of Staff Newswriters.
Performing. If a or performs any service (including that of host or other than that included in the services included in the category the or shall be paid an appropriate performing fee in addition to the fees stipulated below. ARTICLE MINIMUM BASIC FEES
Performing. Having written and possibly recorded the music, the potential value of it can be unlocked by making it public in phase 3. Firstly by making it available on digital platforms and in physical shops, secondly by performing it live on stage. The phase also includes marketing of the release and promotion of performances.
Performing. The phases also divide the music industry into three sectors relating to all activities and revenue sources of a specific phase. This creates the overview of the sector as used in Chapter 1.2 (The Real Band 2015):
Performing a safety-sensitive function. “Performing a safety-sensitive function” means any period in which an employee is actually performing, ready to perform, or immediately available to perform any safety-sensitive function.

Related to Performing

  • Functions To receive and review information regarding the Substance Abuse and Peer Assistance Programs.

  • Services Services available under this Contract are limited to related services as specified in Appendix C, Pricing Index. Vendor may incorporate changes to their service offering; however, any changes must be within the scope of services awarded based on the posting described in Section 1.B above.

  • Responsibilities 1. Subject to the provisions of this Agreement, BNY shall with respect to each Specified Country select an Eligible Foreign Custodian. In connection therewith, BNY shall: (a) determine that assets of the Funds held by such Eligible Foreign Custodian will be subject to reasonable care, based on the standards applicable to custodians in the relevant market in which such Eligible Foreign Custodian operates, after considering all factors relevant to the safekeeping of such assets, including, without limitation, those contained in paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule; (b) determine that the Funds’ foreign custody arrangements with each Eligible Foreign Custodian are governed by a written contract with the Custodian which will provide reasonable care for the Funds’ assets based on the standards specified in paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule; (c) determine that each contract with an Eligible Foreign Custodian shall include the provisions specified in paragraph (c)(2)(i)(A) through (F) of the Rule or, alternatively, in lieu of any or all of such (c)(2)(i)(A) through (F) provisions, such other provisions as BNY determines will provide, in their entirety, the same or a greater level of care and protection for the assets of the Funds as such specified provisions; (d) monitor pursuant to the Monitoring System the appropriateness of maintaining the assets of the Funds with a particular Eligible Foreign Custodian pursuant to paragraph (c)(1) of the Rule and the performance of the contract governing such arrangement; and (e) advise the Funds whenever BNY determines under the Monitoring System that an arrangement (including, any material change in the contract governing such arrangement) described in preceding clause (d) no longer meets the requirements of the Rule.

  • Duties and Responsibilities (a) The Auction Agent is acting solely as agent for the Company hereunder and owes no fiduciary duties to any other Person by reason of this Agreement.

  • Position, Duties and Responsibilities As of the Effective Date, the Executive shall be employed as the Senior Vice President, Product Management of the Company or in such other reasonably comparable position as the Chief Executive Officer of the Company (the “Chief Executive Officer”) may determine from time to time. In this capacity, the Executive shall be assigned such duties and responsibilities inherent in such position and such other duties and responsibilities as the Chief Executive Officer shall from time to time reasonably assign to him. The Executive shall serve the Company faithfully, conscientiously, and to the best of the Executive’s ability and shall promote the interests and reputation of the Company. The Executive shall devote all of the Executive’s time, attention, knowledge, energy and skills during normal working hours, and at such other times as the Executive’s duties may reasonably require, to the duties of the Executive’s employment; provided, however, that the Executive may (a) serve on civic or charitable boards or committees; or (b) with the approval of the Chief Executive Officer or the Board, serve on corporate boards or committees. The Executive shall report to the Chief Executive Officer in carrying out his duties and responsibilities under this Agreement. The Executive agrees to abide by the rules, regulations, instructions, personnel practices and policies of the Company and any changes therein that may be adopted from time to time.

  • Position and Responsibilities During the period of Executive's employment hereunder, Executive agrees to serve as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Holding Company. The Executive shall render administrative and management services to the Holding Company such as are customarily performed by persons in a similar executive capacity. During said period, Executive also agrees to serve, if elected, as an officer or director of any subsidiary of the Holding Company.

  • Duties The Advisor may, in its discretion, appoint the Sub-Advisor to perform one or more of the following services with respect to all or a portion of the investments of the Portfolio. The services and the portion of the investments of the Portfolio to be advised or managed by the Sub-Advisor shall be as agreed upon from time to time by the Advisor and the Sub-Advisor. The Sub-Advisor shall pay the salaries and fees of all personnel of the Sub-Advisor performing services for the Portfolio relating to research, statistical and investment activities.

  • Powers and Responsibilities The powers and responsibilities of the Partner Performance Committee and its Chairman individually shall be limited to those powers and responsibilities set forth expressly elsewhere in this Agreement (including, without limitation, in Sections 4.1, 4.3 and 8.3); provided, however, that the General Partner may delegate in writing such further power and responsibilities to the Partner Performance Committee or its Chairman as it shall deem necessary, advisable or appropriate in its sole and absolute discretion from time to time, which delegation may be set forth in this Agreement, as an amendment hereto (which shall not require the vote or approval of any Limited Partner) or a resolution duly adopted by the General Partner.

  • Duties and functions 23.2.1 The Independent Engineer shall discharge its duties and functions substantially in accordance with the terms of reference set forth in Schedule-Q.

  • Related Services Licensee shall be responsible for obtaining and installing all proper hardware and support software (including operating systems) and for proper installation and implementation of and training concerning the Licensed Software. In the event that Licensee retains Licensor to perform any services with respect to the Licensed Software (for example: installation, implementation, maintenance, consulting and/or training services), Licensee and Licensor agree that such services shall be subject to Licensor’s then current standard terms, conditions and rates for such services unless otherwise agreed in writing by Licensor.