Planning Sample Clauses

Planning. The Operating Committee shall implement the transmission system expansion process described in Article 18. The Operating Committee shall review and approve ISO staff assessments of proposed projects that impact transmission capability to confirm that those projects meet all applicable reliability criteria. The Operating Committee shall review and approve the NYS Transmission Plan prepared by the ISO staff and reliability assessments performed using such NYS Transmission Plan, to ensure conformance with the Reliability Rules. The Operating Committee shall review and approve illustrative NYS Transmission System expansion options developed by ISO staff in response to PSC requests. The Operating Committee, at the request of a Committee member, may review the adequacy of cost recovery mechanisms for transmission expansion.
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Planning. (a) Make recommendations regarding the request for proposal, evaluation of bidders, and selection of all health plans and of the consultant(s) who will assist in the process of health plan evaluation and selection. The labor co-chair of the JHCC, or designee, may at his/her discretion participate in any consultant or provider interview process. Upon agreement by the co-chairs, subcommittee members may participate in the interview process as well. The planning subcommittee will review the requests for proposals (RFPs) and the proposals of bidders, unless labor agrees to waive this review in the interests of time, in which case the labor co-chair will review the RFPs and the proposals of bidders.
Planning. 4.16.1 Not to apply for or implement any planning permission affecting the Property without first obtaining the Landlord’s written consent (not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed in cases where the subject matter of the planning permission has been approved by the Landlord pursuant to the other provisions of this lease);
Planning. Plant management shall meet semi-annually to review with Unifor skilled trades representatives projected work loads regarding the installation, construction, maintenance, repair, service, and warranty work of existing or new equipment, facilities, and the fabrication of tools, dies, jigs, patterns, and fixtures.
Planning. The Planning area is responsible for medium- and long-term planning, for aligning THE PARTIES’ objectives and individual goals, for coordinating THE PARTIES’ investment analysis, controlling corporate management, expenditure budgeting control and the Shared Services Center and for coordinating all the management information flowing through the businesses and submitted to the respective Boards of Directors.
Planning. Plant management will meet semi-annually to review with CAW skilled trades representative(s) the projected workloads regarding the installation, construction, maintenance, repair, service and warranty work of existing or new equipment, facilities, fixtures and the fabrication of tools, dies, jigs and patterns.
Planning. Planning spans all five National Preparedness Goal (the Goal) mission areas and provides a baseline for determining potential threats and hazards, required capabilities, required resources, and establishes a framework for roles and responsibilities. Planning provides a methodical way to engage the whole community in the development of a strategic, operational, and/or community-based approach to preparedness. Plans should have prior review and approval from the respective DEM state program. Funds may not be reimbursed for any plans that are not approved. EMPG Program funds may be used to develop or enhance emergency management planning activities. Some examples include, but not limited to: • Emergency Operation Plans/ Local Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning • Communications PlansAdministrative Plans • Whole Community Engagement/Planning • Resource Management Planning • Sheltering and Evacuation Planning • Recovery Planning • Continuity Plans Planning Costs Supporting Documentation: • Copies of completed plan, contracts, Memorandum of Understanding or agreements with consultants or sub-contractors providing services and documenting hours worked and proof employee was paid (paystubs, earning statements, payroll expenditure reports). • Copies of invoices, receipts and cancelled checks, credit card statements, bank statements for proof of payment.
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Planning. The Contractor shall establish business and punch-out requirements and schedule of the project (including a list of deliverables and delivery dates). The Planning Phase shall involve identifying and documenting the project scope, tasks, schedules, risk, quality, and staffing needs. This identification process continues until all possible areas of the chartered project have been addressed.
Planning. This section of the HSE Management Plan shall include the following:
Planning. Teachers shall have planning/conference time totaling not less than sixty 13 (60) minutes per day or the equivalent on a weekly basis to include a minimum of forty 14 (40) continuous minutes per teacher per day except in those cases as referenced in Article
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