Planning Sample Clauses

Planning. The Operating Committee shall implement the transmission system expansion process described in Article 18. The Operating Committee shall review and approve ISO staff assessments of proposed projects that impact transmission capability to confirm that those projects meet all applicable reliability criteria. The Operating Committee shall review and approve the NYS Transmission Plan prepared by the ISO staff and reliability assessments performed using such NYS Transmission Plan, to ensure conformance with the Reliability Rules. The Operating Committee shall review and approve illustrative NYS Transmission System expansion options developed by ISO staff in response to PSC requests. The Operating Committee, at the request of a Committee member, may review the adequacy of cost recovery mechanisms for transmission expansion.
Planning. Planning spans all five National Preparedness Goal (the Goal) mission areas and provides a baseline for determining potential threats and hazards, required capabilities, required resources, and establishes a framework for roles and responsibilities. Planning provides a methodical way to engage the whole community in the development of a strategic, operational, and/or community-based approach to preparedness. Plans should have prior review and approval from the respective DEM state program. Funds may not be reimbursed for any plans that are not approved. EMPA Program funds may be used to develop or enhance emergency management planning activities. Some examples include, but not limited to:  Emergency Operation Plans/ Local Comprehensive Emergency Management Planning  Communications PlansAdministrative Plans  Whole Community Engagement/Planning  Resource Management PlanningSheltering and Evacuation Planning  Recovery Planning  Continuity Plans For planning expenditures to qualify for reimbursement under this Agreement, the Recipient must submit a final plan to the Division and the Division’s Natural Hazard Planning Manager must approve that plan. As part of any request for reimbursement for planning expenditures, the Recipient must submit the following to the Division: • Copies of contracts or agreements prior to contracting with consultants or sub-contractors providing services; • Invoice from any consultant/contractor involved in the planning (Notegrant agreement must be referenced on the invoice); • Copies of all planning materials and work product (e.g. meeting documents, copies of plans); • If a meeting was held by Recipient, an agenda and signup sheet with meeting date must be included; • Proof of payment (e.g. canceled check, electronic funds transfer, credit card statement); • Complete debarment form and/or for any contractors/consultants; • Proof of purchase methodology (e.g. quotes, sole source, state contract, competitive bid results); • Invoices and proof of payment for Travel costs (e.g., airfare, mileage, per diem, hotel) related to planning activities.
Planning. (a) Make recommendations regarding the request for proposal, evaluation of bidders, and selection of all health plans and of the consultant(s) who will assist in the process of health plan evaluation and selection. The labor co-chair of the JHCC, or designee, may at his/her discretion participate in any consultant or provider interview process. Upon agreement by the co-chairs, subcommittee members may participate in the interview process as well. The planning subcommittee will review the requests for proposals (RFPs) and the proposals of bidders, unless labor agrees to waive this review in the interests of time, in which case the labor co-chair will review the RFPs and the proposals of bidders.
Planning. 4.16.1 Not to apply for or implement any planning permission affecting the Property without first obtaining the Landlord’s written consent (not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed in cases where the subject matter of the planning permission has been approved by the Landlord pursuant to the other provisions of this lease);
Planning. This section of the HSE Management Plan shall include the following:
Planning. Reviews and accepts project planning documents.  Defines project tasks and resource requirements for Town of Nolensville project team.  Collaborates in the development and approval of the project schedule.  Collaborates with Tyler project manager(s) to plan and schedule project timelines to achieve on-time implementation. Implementation Management  Tightly manages project budget and scope.  Collaborates with Tyler project manager(s) to establish a process and approval matrix to ensure that scope changes and budget (planned versus actual) are transparent and handled effectively and efficiently.  Collaborates with Tyler project manager to establish and manage a schedule and resource plan that properly supports the project schedule as a whole and is also in balance with scope and budget.  Collaborates with Tyler project manager(s) to establish risk and issue tracking and reporting process between Town of Nolensville and Tyler and takes all necessary steps to proactively mitigate these items or communicate with transparency to Tyler any items that may impact the outcomes of the project.  Collaborates with Tyler project manager(s) to establish key business drivers and success indicators that will help to govern project activities and key decisions to ensure a quality outcome of the project.  Routinely communicates with both Town of Nolensville staff and Tyler, aiding in the understanding of goals, objectives, current status, and health of the project by all team members.  Manages the requirements gathering process and ensure timely and quality business requirements are being provided to Tyler. Town of Nolensville, Tennessee Tyler Technologies, Inc. Page | 10 Resource Management  Acts as liaison between project team and stakeholders.  Identifies and coordinates all Town of Nolensville resources across all modules, phases, and activities including data conversions, forms design, hardware and software installation, reports building, and satisfying invoices.  Provides direction and support to project team.  Builds partnerships among the various stakeholders, negotiating authority to move the project forward.  Manages the appropriate assignment and timely completion of tasks as defined.  Assesses team performance and takes corrective action, if needed.  Provides guidance to Town of Nolensville technical teams to ensure appropriate response and collaboration with Tyler Technical Support Teams in order to ensure timely response and appropriate resol...