Independent study definition

Independent study means a subject/program/activity that a person pursues autonomously that meets standards for approval criteria in the rules and includes a posttest.
Independent study means any course or activity in which there is no real-time interaction between the training provider and the licensee, such as courses offered on the Internet.
Independent study means an educational process designed to permit a participant to learn a given subject under a learning contract with a CPE program sponsor.

Examples of Independent study in a sentence

  • Independent study, as set forth in this rule, shall only be conducted through an EMS accredited or EMS approved institution.

  • Accelerated program Honors program Cooperative (work-study) program Independent study Cross-registration InternshipsDistance learning Liberal arts/career combinationDouble major Student-designed majorDual enrollment Study abroadEnglish as a Second Language Teacher certification program Exchange student program (domestic) Weekend collegeExternal degree program Other (specify): E2.

  • Accelerated programComprehensive transition and postsecondary program for students with intellectual disabilities Cross-registrationDistance learning Double major Dual enrollmentEnglish as a Second Language (ESL) Exchange student program (domestic) External degree programHonors Program Independent study InternshipsLiberal arts/career combination Student-designed majorStudy abroadTeacher certification program Undergraduate Research Weekend collegeOther (specify): E2 Has been removed from the CDS.

  • Independent study classes do not allow the student to leave campus to complete this class at home.

  • Independent study will only be approved for emergencies and medical reasons only.

More Definitions of Independent study

Independent study means tertiary level academic study approved by the Controlling Authority and completed substantially in the members own time and funded by the member and includes study where a Tertiary Education Assistance Scheme (TEAS) loan or Controlling Authority approved study leave is utilised.
Independent study means a self-directed course or study of a selected topic under the supervision of a teacher or the auspices of a university.
Independent study means a self-paced learning EMS continuing education program developed for individual use which, has been approved and is provided by an EMS accredited or EMS approved institution.
Independent study means an arrangement between an instructor and a student in which the instructor is responsible for assigning work activity or skill objectives to the student, personally providing needed instruction, assessing the student’s progress, and assigning a final grade. Credit hours shall be assigned according to the practice of assigning credits in similar courses;
Independent study means a subject, program or activity that a person pursues autonomously that meets the standards for approval criteria in these rules and includes a test at the conclusion of the study. Independent study includes programs conducted using television, the Internet, video, sound-recorded programs, correspondence work, and other similar media.
Independent study means an alternative to classroom instruction consistent with the district's course of study.