Property Damages Sample Clauses

Property Damages. Provider shall protect the property or the site where the Work is executed from damage which may arise as a result of Provider’s operations or operations of its Subcontractors. Should the Provider’s operations or the operations of its Subcontractors cause damage to the property or site where the Work is performed, the Provider shall immediately report such damages to Buyer and be responsible for making good such damage at its own expense. Furthermore, Provider shall, at all time, conduct operations under the PO in a manner to avoid risk of loss, theft, or damage by vandalism, sabotage or any other means to any equipment, material, work or property.
Property Damages a. Contractor shall perform necessary services in such a manner that does not damage property. In the event damage occurs to property by reason of any services performed under this contract, the contractor shall immediately report the incident to its site Facility Manager or Administrator. Contractor will replace or repair the same at no cost to CCPS. If damage caused by the contractor has to be repaired or replaced by CCPS, then the cost of such work shall be deducted from the monies due the contractor. Contractor shall be responsible for the repair/replacement to the satisfaction of the Facility Manager and/or site administrator.
Property Damages. If the Landlord requires submittal of a move-­‐in inspection report, the first Roommate to move in shall complete and submit the report as required by the Landlord and shall provide copies of the submitted report to other Roommates. If the Landlord doesn’t require submittal of a move-­‐in inspection report, the first Roommate to move in shall draft a letter to the Landlord (or its agent) listing all pre-­‐ existing damages. As each Roommate moves in, he shall inform the first Roommate of any damages that need to be listed within three (3) days of moving in. The first Roommate shall incorporate these additions into his/her letter, have each Roommate sign the letter, and submit the letter, within five (5) days of the last Roommate’s move-­‐ in, to the Landlord by certified mail or hand delivery, in which case a hand receipt must be obtained. He shall also provide copies of the letter to the other Roommates. Each Roommate shall pay for all damages he/she or his/her guests cause to the premises or to the personal property of any Roommate or guest. Damages that cannot be traced to any particular party with reasonable certainty, shall be paid equally by all Roommates. In the event of a dispute regarding responsibility for damages, the Roommates shall first try to negotiate the matter in good faith and then seek the help of a mediator or other neutral party mutually chosen by all Roommates before taking the matter to court. All Roommates shall follow reasonable standards of cleanliness in maintaining the private and common areas of the premises. Roommates shall promptly address any concerns about cleanliness with each other in a polite and professional manner. Repeated requests to address any particular situation should be made in writing to the offending Roommate, and that Roommate shall sign for receipt of the written notice of these concerns. If any Roommate’s private room is kept in a fashion that attracts vermin (cockroaches, rats, ants, etc.), the other Roommates may elect to provide the offending Roommate with written notice requiring him/her to remedy the condition within three (3) days of his/her receipt of the notice. If, despite being given proper notice, the offending Roommate fails to fix the condition in the required time, s/he shall be in breach of this contract. In such a case, the other Roommates may hire exterminators and cleaning service providers to correct the problem and require the offender to pay the bill for any services rendered. The Roo...
Property Damages. If TRIPLE A RANCH LLC has property damaged by a Training/Board horse(s) OWNER is responsible for paying for the damages. If fence boards are broken, eaten it’s a total of $15 a board
Property Damages. For property damages caused by simple negligence, the typically foreseeable damages will be considered as an amount of Euro 250,000.
Property Damages. 1. Will be dealt with case by case basis; includes but not limited to fine/lawsuit, deposit not returned, lease termination/eviction, to jail; under California Penal Code 594 (a), a person guilty of vandalism when he or she defaces, damages or destroys “any real or personal property not his or her own.” If the amount of the damage is $400 or more, the vandalism is punishable by up to one year in country jail and a fine of up to 10,000. Resident acknowledge receipt and agreement to these Community Policies and Procedures. RESIDENT: Signature:
Property Damages. Client shall provide for Bechtel to be included under any project insurance coverage maintained for any project to which the Services relate. Under no circumstances shall Bechtel or its subcontractors or suppliers be liable for any loss of or damage to Client's property or property in Client's custody, or for goods or services furnished by others.
Property Damages. The River House Retreat will keep a credit card number on file for any damages that occur while staying in the home. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol; all alcohol must be served by a licensed caterer, bartender or bar tending service. If you are selling alcohol, a license must be obtained from the City of South Lake Tahoe and presented to us. The consumption of alcohol by minors is strictly prohibited. Children must be accompanied at all times. If you allow your children to use the hot tub or swim in the river you do so at your own risk. We are not liable for any injuries, illness or death resulting in such activities. Pets are allowed in the home for an additional pet fee of $100. If you are bringing your dog with you, please bring their bed. Our quality bedding and furniture is for our human guests
Property Damages. In consideration for the health treatment being provided by BrightStar, I hereby release BrightStar, its subsidiaries and affiliates from any and all claims, demand, and causes of action involving all damages to my property except that caused solely by the negligence of BrightStar agents or employees acting within the scope of their employment.