Responsibility for Damages Sample Clauses

Responsibility for Damages. You are jointly and severally liable with the other residents of the Apartment for all Lease obligations relating to the Common Areas, but you are solely responsible for the Lease obligations relating to the Bedroom assigned to you under this Lease. You are responsible for the cost of all repairs made necessary by you, your guest(s) or any other person's violation of this Lease or the negligent or careless use of your Bedroom, the Apartment or any part of the Community including without limitation damage from waste water stoppages caused by foreign or improper objects in lines serving the bathroom used by you, damages to furniture, appliances, doors, windows or screens, damage from windows or doors being left open and repairs or replacements to security devices necessitated by misuse or damage by you or your guests (this includes damages that may have been caused to the Apartment by other residents of the Apartment if we cannot determine who did it). You may be required to prepay for these repairs, or, if we decide to advance the funds for the repairs, you are responsible for repaying us within 10 days after we send you an invoice. Excepting only ordinary wear and tear from normal usage, you will be solely responsible to us for damages to your Bedroom and the furnishings provided in the Bedroom. In addition, you will be jointly and severally liable for all damages to other shared areas of the Apartment and any furnishings provided in those shared areas. In addition, you are responsible to us for any damages of any nature that result from your usage or the usage of your guests to any of the Community amenities and any of the furnishings, systems or components located in or on the Community. If the party responsible for damages is identified, we may determine, in our sole discretion, to release you and other potentially responsible parties. Your obligations to pay the charges described in this paragraph will continue after the ending of this Lease.
Responsibility for Damages. If the party installing or maintaining additional Metering Equipment (the “First Party”) causes damage to the equipment or invalidates the existing Metering Equipment certification of the other party, the First Party will:
Responsibility for Damages. Within 24 hours of taking possession of the Resident’s assigned Room, the Resident must complete a “Room Inspection Report”, listing all damage to and deficiencies in the Room and its furnishings, fixtures and equipment. At all times during the Term, the Resident must maintain the Room and its furnishings, fixtures and equipment to the same standard and condition as exists at the time possession of the Room is given to the Resident (or if the Manager repairs any damage or deficiency noted in the Room Inspection Report, to the same standard and condition as exists after repairing that damage or deficiency), subject to typical wear and tear. The Resident and any other person sharing a Room with the Resident are jointly and individually liable for any damage to or deficiency in the Room and its furnishings, fixtures and equipment, other than damage and deficiencies noted in the Room Inspection Report which are not repaired by the Manager. The Resident must give the Manager prompt written notice of any accidents, damage or malfunctions of any kind to the Room or its furnishing, fixtures and equipment. The Resident shall keep a copy of each such notice.
Responsibility for Damages. Nothing in the Agreement shall be construed as limiting in any way the extent to which Developer and/or Developer’s contactor may be held responsible for payments of damages to persons or property resulting from Developer’s or its subcontractors’ performance of the work covered under this Agreement.
Responsibility for Damages. The Tenant shall be (i) liable for any damage or loss incurred to or suffered by the Premises and equipment, which is caused by or attributable to its employee's, officer's and/or agents', or by third parties' or client's that visit or use the Premises and shall be (ii) responsible for the damages caused, by any of the aforementioned individuals, to common areas of the Coyol Free Zone. Any form of damage caused by the Tenant, or any of the aforementioned individuals in this clause, shall be repaired by the Tenant, at its own expense, without the right to demand from the Landlord a reimbursement or cost deduction from the lease. Repairs shall be initiated within a term no greater than eight (8) calendar days, except in cases of emergency, whereby they should be fixed immediately, allowing the Tenant to hire the workers it deems suitable. Prior to making the repairs, and except in cases of emergency, Tenant shall have the approval in writing of the Landlord with regards to quality and work to be performed, such approval shall not be unreasonably withheld. In such cases, the Landlord must respond within the following twenty-four hours following the receipt of a written communication by the Tenant. Should the Landlord not respond within the aforementioned time frame, the authorization will not be deemed granted, but the eight (8) day period will not begin until the day after an affirmative response is rendered by the Landlord. If plans for repair works have not been initiated in the aforementioned term, the Landlord shall provide written notice to the Tenant of said noncompliance and it shall provide to the Tenant a cure period of eight calendar days ("Cure Period") to initiate the repairs. If the Tenant does not initiate the repairs within the Cure Period, the Landlord may request the termination of the Agreement due to non-fulfillment and/or is fully authorized to deduct from the Deposit the necessary amount for repairs, and perform them on behalf of the Tenant. By virtue of this clause, the Tenant's liability is comprehensive and includes any violation acts to the legal system, caused by Tenant's activities in or use of the Premises, whether by its employees, officers and/or agents or by third parties or clients that visit or use the Premises, may these be civil, labor, environmental, health-related or any other sector, even when these acts are not subjected to an economic compensation.
Responsibility for Damages. If the Property, or any portion of any improvement on the Property, is damaged as a result of the act or omission of Applicant, its agents, employees, or invitees, Applicant shall pay to the City, upon demand, the amount requested by the City necessary to restore the Property to its prior condition.
Responsibility for Damages. Any loss or damage to real or personal property of the Facility caused by Resident or Resident’s guests shall be paid by the Resident. The Facility assumes no responsibility for any harm done to Resident by another resident and Resident hereby releases and discharges the Facility from all liability or responsibility for injury or damage to Resident or to his/her personal property caused by the fault or negligence of other residents.
Responsibility for Damages. Any and all damages, claims, liabilities or judgments, attorney fees, which may arise as a result of Provider’s or its employee’s or contractor’s negligence or intentional wrongdoing shall be the sole responsibility of Provider.
Responsibility for Damages. Except as otherwise provided -------------------------- herein or to the extent of the other Party's negligence or willful misconduct, each Party shall be responsible for all physical damage to or destruction of the property, equipment and/or facilities owned by it and its affiliates and any physical injury or death to natural Persons resulting therefrom, regardless of who brings the claim and regardless of who caused the damage, and shall not seek recovery or reimbursement from the other Party for such damage; provided, that in any such case the Parties will exercise Due Diligence to remove the cause of any disability at the earliest practicable time.