University property definition

University property means all real and personal property owned by the Arizona Board of Regents and used by the university and includes all such property in the possession of or subject to the control of the university.
University property means all property owned, leased, or controlled by the University.
University property or “Property” means all grounds, buildings, rooms, auditoriums, facilities, stadiums, or other space or improvements, that are owned, leased, used, or otherwise controlled by the University.

Examples of University property in a sentence

  • Evaluation CriteriaWeight/ ScoresExperience and Reputation Note:For any contract involving temporary employee placement or the hiring of contractors that could be considered employees of the University (i.e. provided workspace on University property and under direct supervision of University employee).

  • Contractors in the course of their work should understand that all materials (e.g. store and other materials) obtained in the work of dismantling, excavation, etc., will be considered University property and will be disposed of to the advantage of University.

  • No student shall:• possess University property or the property of any member of the University community without the permission of the rightful owner;• engage in theft of University property;• use, possess, or distribute firearms, explosives, other weapons or dangerous chemicals on University property.

  • In cases where a student is to be trespassed from University property either temporarily or on a permanent basis and is no longer permitted to take classes at the University, the SARET will employ the Student and Visitor Trespass from University Property Policy to inform and guide its decisions and processes.

  • No signs or advertisements shall be posted on University property unless approved by the University.

More Definitions of University property

University property means premises owned, controlled or occupied by the University in the UK which are made available for use by the Supplier or its sub-contractors for provision of the Goods and/or Services (or any of them) on the terms set out in this Contract or any separate agreement or licence.
University property means all things owned, controlled, operated or in the possession of the university, including but not limited to real and personal property, information systems and resources.
University property means any property owned, leased, or controlled by Old Dominion University.
University property means property owned, controlled, used, or occupied by the University.
University property means property that is owned or leased in whole or in part by the State of North Carolina and which is subject to the general management and control of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. (1973, c. 495, s. 1.)