University property definition

University property means premises owned, controlled or occupied by the University in the UK which are made available for use by the Supplier or its sub-contractors for provision of the Services (or any of them) on the terms set out in this Contract or any separate agreement or licence.
University property means all property owned, leased, or controlled by the University.
University property means all real and personal property owned by the Arizona Board of Regents and used by the university and includes all such property in the possession of or subject to the control of the university.

Examples of University property in a sentence

  • The Tenant acknowledges and agrees the University has a legal obligation to investigate and remedy potentially unlawful actions taken against its students, faculty, or staff or with respect to operations or services on University Property.

  • Xxxxxx further agrees that it shall comply with the rules, regulations, and policies, as applicable and as amended from time to time, for the use and operation of University Property.

  • University Property is insured through the State of Oklahoma’s Risk Management Program, 74 O.S. § 85.58, et seq.

  • The Tenant shall reimburse the University for any and all damages to University Property caused by the Acts of Tenant or any Tenant Parties.

  • Except with the University’s prior written consent, Tenant shall not engage in any other businesses or operations on University Property.

More Definitions of University property

University property means property owned, controlled, used, or occupied by the University.
University property means all resources, including but not limited to real and personal property, money, and intellectual property owned, operated, leased to, contracted by, controlled, or in the possession of a university or the Board.
University property means buildings and grounds that are operated by, or under the control of, the Regents of the University of California.
University property means any property owned, leased, or controlled by Old Dominion University.
University property means all real property owned and under the operational control of the University.
University property means property that is owned or leased in whole or in part by the State of North Carolina and which is subject to the general management and control of the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina. (1973, c. 495, s. 1.)
University property means all things owned, controlled, operated or in the possession of the university, including but not limited to real and personal property, information systems and resources.