Professional Manner Sample Clauses

Professional Manner. WSCN shall provide the services and activities contemplated by this Agreement in a professional manner and in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Allocation Agreement.
Professional Manner. HSNS agrees that, at all times and in every respect during the term of this Agreement, it shall conduct its business in a professional manner consistent with E.piphany's norms and standards, which shall reflect favorably upon E.piphany and the Application.
Professional Manner. Consultant agrees to render all services generally and customarily performed in similar capacities in a professional manner in accordance with specifications furnished by Company. Consultant shall within reason use his best efforts to promptly comply with all instructions, directions, requests, rules, and regulations of Company in connection with Consultant's services to be rendered under this Agreement.
Professional Manner. Consultant represents and warrants that the Services and all other work performed under this Agreement will be and will have been performed in a professional and competent manner consistent with generally accepted industry standards, without the advice, control or supervision of the Company.
Professional Manner. We agree to behave and perform the Services in a professional, timely and competent manner using reasonable care, skill and diligence including without limitation, in accordance with a high standard of honesty and integrity, and at a standard as reasonably expected of a doula of our level of experience.
Professional Manner. To present and conduct himself/herself in a professional manner;
Professional Manner. The Manager shall fulfill its responsibilities hereunder in a professional and diligent manner within the budgetary and operating policy limitations established from time to time by the Authority and in compliance in all material respects with all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations, ordinances, orders, contracts and leases governing the operation of Marine World. 2.5
Professional Manner. I will conduct myself at all interviews in the most positive and professional manner. I have read, understand and agree to abide by the Iowa College Recruiting Network procedures and policies described above. Print Name Sign Name Date Return this form to your career services office.
Professional Manner. Each party represents and warrants to the other that it shall provide all services designated to be provided by such party herein in accordance with the terms of this Agreement in a timely, professional, and workmanlike manner consistent with applicable generally accepted industry standards of quality and integrity.
Professional Manner the Competitor shall, and shall procure that its employees, agents and contractors (including, but not limited to, its Drivers) shall, at all times represent SRO and the Series in a professional manner and shall not release anything into the public domain (notably, but not limited to, releases through social media) that may be construed as negative or have a damaging effect in any way on the reputation or business of SRO or any of the Events.