Your Property definition

Your Property means the land described on the registered mortgage. It includes all buildings, structures and improvements on the land now or added later, as well as anything attached now or later to the land or to any building or structure on the land. It also includes any improvements, substitutions, additions or alterations made to any building, structure or the land. If your property is a condominium unit or strata lot, your property includes your interest in the common elements and any other interest that you may have in the assets of the condominium or strata corporation. Any references to your property mean all or any part of your property.
Your Property means any property including any equipment and tooling issued free of charge provided or made available by you to us for the purpose of our supply of the Goods or our performance of any Services.
Your Property means the Land and all buildings and structures now on same or later added, and anything now or later attached to or affixed to the building or the Land, including additions, alterations, substitutions and improvements, together with all growing things (including crops and trees and products of the soil) on, under or upon the Land, and, unless legally excluded from your ownership of the Land, all mines and minerals and sand and gravel on, under or upon same, and together with all from time to time existing easements, covenants, powers, privileges and other rights appurtenant to or benefiting the Land. Unless otherwise specified in a part of the Mortgage other than these Terms, all statements of or references to money amounts shall be taken to mean and refer to amounts in Canadian dollars.

Examples of Your Property in a sentence

  • We receive query data from your Property to deliver Bing results for display to end users.

  • This includes making limited temporary intermediate copies of the Bing results solely as necessary to display them on your Property.

  • In addition to your Property Coverages, your policy provides some additional Special Coverage Features.

  • We or our representative will arrange an appointment with you for an engineer to come out to your Property and install the smart meter and either an in-home display or CAD.

  • You will not claim or imply any sponsorship or endorsement of your Property by Microsoft, and will not use any Microsoft Brand Feature in a way that is misleading or deceptive.

More Definitions of Your Property

Your Property means the equipment, materials and other items listed in the Statement of Works as resource requirements that You will provide.
Your Property or “Goods” means any and/or all goods stored by You in a storage Unit allocated to You at Our Facility;
Your Property means any property that You, Your Personnel or guests bring onto the Premises or into a Studio and includes any Equipment.
Your Property or “Goods” means any and/or all goods stored by You in a storage Unit allocated to You at Our Facility. “Storage Period” the period from and including the Storage Period Start Date detailed on the Cover Sheet until the date on which the licence granted by Us is ended in accordance with these Conditions.
Your Property means any web page, application, other property or resource under Your control that sends data to BUCS or the Application or any servers controlled by you or another third-party other than BUCS on which Your Data is stored.
Your Property or “your premises” means the property (including any building(s) to which we agree to supply you from time to time with hot and/or cold water and/or gas.
Your Property means 5833 7th Avenue, N.W., Seattle, Washington, 98107.