Other Areas Sample Clauses

Other Areas. Additional evaluation areas that are unique to the contract will also be captured in the annual rating.
Other Areas a) In Other Areas as defined in Clause 2.02, it is agreed that workers supplied by the Union shall be used to perform work when labour is required to handle theatrical materials and costumes relating directly to theatrical performances exclusive of banquets, receptions, meetings, conferences and exhibitions. Notwithstanding the foregoing, members shall be called when the Centre’s Catering Deparmtent produces events. Workers mentioned above will be used for moving such materials which belong to any of the areas mentioned in Clause 2.01, to and from any of the areas mentioned in Clause 2.02. Workers assigned to these areas shall not work within defined departments or specific areas but rather assist each other in the work required to be done. Should a worker be called to work specifically in an area covered in Clause 2.02, the provisions of Clause 8.07 shall apply in the case of a performance.
Other Areas. This Agreement shall also apply to all persons supplied by the Union to perform work related to theatrical presentations as defined in Clause
Other Areas. The Secretary shall conduct archeological studies of the areas described as the ‘‘Spruce Hill Works’’, the ‘‘Harness Group’’, and the ‘‘Cedar Bank Works’’, and may conduct archeo- logical studies of other areas significant to Hopewellian culture, to evaluate the desirability of adding them to the park, and shall report to Congress on any such areas that are rec- ommended for addition to the park. (Pub. L. 102–294, § 4, May 27, 1992, 106 Stat. 186.) § 410uu–4. Authorization of appropriations There are authorized to be appropriated such sums as are necessary for the acquisition of lands and interests in land within the park, the conduct of archeological studies on lands within and adjacent to the park, and the development of facilities for interpretation of the park. (Pub. L. 102–294, § 5, May 27, 1992, 106 Stat. 186.) SUBCHAPTER LIX–T—XXXXX-XXXXXXXX- XXXXXXXXXXX NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK
Other Areas. Funding for Global stabilisation efforts The Parties to the Defence Agreement are in agreement on the need to strengthen and expand the overall ability of the Danish State to carry out stabilisation, reconstruction and capacity building projects in conflict areas. From 2010, a total of DKK 20 million is to be earmarked annually under Section 6: Danish Minis- try of Foreign Affairs. Beginning 2010, the appropriation is to be financed by an annual contribu- tion of DKK 10 million from the Danish Ministry of Defence and DKK 10 million from within the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairstotal budget. With the aim of ensuring a coordinated use of the DKK 20 million annually, an inter-ministerial coordination body is to be established from among representatives from the Danish Ministry of Defence and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which is to decide how the specific funds are to be used. In addition, the Ministry of Defence is to allocate DKK 65 million annually within the framework of the Danish Armed Forcessecurity cooperation programme to supporting broader stabilisation efforts, security cooperation, etc. Similarly, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is to allocate DKK 65 million annually within the framework of Danish development assistance to supporting broader stabilisation efforts, etc. Likewise, the inter-ministerial coordination body is to be assigned the task of coordinating and ensuring synergy between initiatives financed by the two appropriations. The coordination body is to be responsible for the overall coordination of the two appropriations. Responsibility for the administration of the specific appropriation will continue to be clearly assigned. In total, DKK 150 million may be used annually towards stabilisation efforts, security coopera- tion, etc. (see table below). Earmarked Appropriations – Global, broader stabilisation efforts, etc. DKK million (2010 price-level) Funding under Section 6: Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – for stabilisation efforts, etc. Annual expenditure (not development assistance) 20 Focusing of appropriation within the Danish Armed Forces’ security cooperation programme 65 Focusing of appropriation within development assistance 65 Total 150 National Museum of Military History With the aim of ensuring the necessary coherence between the Danish Armed Forces and the activities of the museum, a survey is to examine within the defence agreement period the feasi- bility and desirability of returning the resp...
Other Areas. Not Applicable
Other Areas. ELI may offer and sell ELI Services to a Citizens possible xuture retail customxx (but not to a then current retail customer or retail customer under contract to Citizens) in any area not restricted by Section 2.1. Citizens may offer and sell Citizens Services to an ELI possible future retail customer (but not to a then curxxxt retail customer or retail customer under contract to ELI) in any area not restricted by Section 2.2.
Other Areas. For matters not covered by any of the above, a request will be made in writing to the Union President. The responsibility for seeking approval lies with the appropriate Administrative Officer or Supervisor, who will apply directly to the Union, with a copy to the Director of Human Resources. Signed at Kelowna, B.C. this day of , 2001. Xxxx X. Xxxxxxxx W.A. Xxxxx, President Director of Human Resources C.U.P.E. Local 3523 S.D. No. 23 (Central Okanagan) Kelowna APPENDIX "A" SUBCONTRACTING (ARTICLE 11) - Consultation Process OUT OF HOUSE SERVICES Grounds Maintenance
Other Areas. Brokerage of immovable property including land Ownership and use of natural resources Use of subsoil and natural resources including mining; acquisition and sale of natural resources. Fishing Access to and use of the biological resources and fishing grounds situated in Ukrainian territorial waters and in Ukraine’s exclusive economic zone is subject to restrictions. Hunting is restricted in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.
Other Areas. Tenant shall cause the Leased Premises to be maintained and operated in such a manner that will not directly or indirectly adversely affect, damage or cause injury to the District or any agency or department thereof. Without in any way limiting the first sentence of this Section 7.2.3, Tenant shall promptly rectify any damage or interference caused by Tenant to any improvements, equipment, structures or vegetation outside of the Leased Premises, which is owned or controlled by the District or any agency or department thereof. The provisions of this Section 7.2.3 shall not limit the obligations of Tenant with respect to any other Person or any property of any other Person.