The Voluntary Sample Clauses

The Voluntary. Catastrophic Medical Case Management component of the Empire Plan’s Benefits Management Program will continue. This voluntary program will review cases of catastrophic illness or injury, provide patients an opportunity for flexibility in Plan benefits, maximize rate of recovery, and maintain quality of care.
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The Voluntary. Sector Civil Protection Forum is supported by a small working party with a similarly multi-disciplinary membership.

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  • Voluntary The Borrower may on any Business Day, upon notice given to the Administrative Agent not later than 12:00 noon (New York City Time) on the third Business Day prior to the date of the proposed Conversion and subject to the provisions of Sections 2.12 and 2.16, Convert all or any part of Revolving Loans of one Type comprising the same Borrowing into Revolving Loans of the other Type or of the same Type but having a new Interest Period; provided, however, that any Conversion of Eurodollar Rate Revolving Loans into Base Rate Revolving Loans shall be made only on the last day of an Interest Period for such Eurodollar Rate Revolving Loans, any Conversion of Base Rate Revolving Loans into Eurodollar Rate Revolving Loans shall be in an amount not less than the minimum amount specified in Section 2.02(b) and no Conversion of any Revolving Loans shall result in more separate Borrowings than permitted under Section 2.02(b). Each such notice of a Conversion shall, within the restrictions specified above, specify (i) the date of such Conversion, (ii) the Revolving Loans to be Converted, and (iii) if such Conversion is into Eurodollar Rate Revolving Loans, the duration of the initial Interest Period for each such Revolving Loan. Each notice of Conversion shall be irrevocable and binding on the Borrower.

  • Involuntary In certain cases, THE CARRIER is responsible for the interruption of the Passenger’s trip due to some irregularity. THE CARRIER may reimburse the total or partial amount of the ticket, as follows:

  • Knowing and Voluntary Employee represents and agrees that, prior to signing this Agreement, Employee had the opportunity to discuss the terms of this Agreement with legal counsel of Employee’s choosing. Employee further represents and agrees that Employee is entering into this Agreement knowingly and voluntarily. Employee affirms that no promise was made to cause Employee to enter into this Agreement, other than what is promised in this Agreement. Employee further confirms that Employee has not relied upon any other statement or representation by anyone other than what is in this Agreement as a basis for Employee’s agreement.

  • Execution Knowing and Voluntary In executing this Agreement, the parties severally acknowledge and represent that each: (a) has fully and carefully read and considered this Agreement; (b) has been or has had the opportunity to be fully apprized by its attorneys of the legal effect and meaning of this document and all terms and conditions hereof; (c) is executing this Agreement voluntarily, free from any influence, coercion or duress of any kind.

  • Voluntary or Involuntary Liquidation In the event of any liquidation, dissolution or winding up of the affairs of the Issuer, whether voluntary or involuntary, holders of Designated Preferred Stock shall be entitled to receive for each share of Designated Preferred Stock, out of the assets of the Issuer or proceeds thereof (whether capital or surplus) available for distribution to stockholders of the Issuer, subject to the rights of any creditors of the Issuer, before any distribution of such assets or proceeds is made to or set aside for the holders of Common Stock and any other stock of the Issuer ranking junior to Designated Preferred Stock as to such distribution, payment in full in an amount equal to the sum of (i) the Liquidation Amount per share and (ii) the amount of any accrued and unpaid dividends (including, if applicable as provided in Section 3(a) above, dividends on such amount), whether or not declared, to the date of payment (such amounts collectively, the “Liquidation Preference”).

  • Insolvency; Voluntary Proceedings The Company or any Material Subsidiary (i) ceases or fails to be solvent, or generally fails to pay, or admits in writing its inability to pay, its debts as they become due, subject to applicable grace periods, if any, whether at stated maturity or otherwise; (ii) voluntarily ceases to conduct its business in the ordinary course; (iii) commences any Insolvency Proceeding with respect to itself; or (iv) takes any action to effectuate or authorize any of the foregoing; or

  • Voluntary Bankruptcy The commencement by the Company of a voluntary case under the Bankruptcy Code or any foreign, federal or state insolvency or similar laws or the consent by the Company to the appointment of or taking possession by a receiver, liquidator, assignee, trustee, custodian, or similar official for Company of any of the property of the Company or the making by the Company of an assignment for the benefit of creditors, or the failure by the Company generally to pay its debts as the debts become due.

  • Dissolution or Liquidation To the extent not previously exercised or settled, Options, SARs and Stock Units shall terminate immediately prior to the dissolution or liquidation of the Company.

  • Voluntariness The Executive agrees that he is relying solely upon his own judgment; that the Executive is over eighteen years of age and is legally competent to sign this General Release; that the Executive is signing this General Release of his own free will; that the Executive has read and understood the General Release before signing it; and that the Executive is signing this General Release in exchange for consideration that he believes is satisfactory and adequate.

  • No Winding-up It has not taken any corporate action nor have any other steps been taken or legal proceedings been started or threatened against it for its reorganisation, winding-up, dissolution or administration or for the appointment of a receiver, administrator, administrative receiver, trustee or similar officer of it or any or all of its assets.