Preferred Sample Clauses

Preferred. A non-contract faculty member evaluated as “Excellent” by a committee summary/overall performance rating shall be designated as preferred. If a faculty member receives two (2) consecutive committee summary/overall performance evaluation ratings of “Satisfactory” or one(1) committee summary/overall performance evaluation rating of “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory,” he/she will be removed from the Preferred List. (Faculty members on their college’s Preferred List will remain on the list unless removed through evaluation.) The District will use best efforts to ensure that at least 20% of the non-contract faculty in each division at each college are on the “preferred” list every semester.
Preferred. Preferred" shall mean when a link to or promotion --------- of either the Chat services provided by the Talk City Service or the NBC Service, whichever is relevant, appears in a list or a format other than a list, the link or promotion is in a prominent, above the fold position which is no less visually prominent than links to, or promotions of, the services of any Chat Competitors or Other Network, which is relevant.
Preferred. Par value: .......................... $.0001 1. Number of preferred shares authorized ....... 5,000,000 2. Number of shares issued and outstanding ..... none 3. Number of shares in treasury ................ none MARKET INFORMATION: Description ------------------- -----------
Preferred. Shares” shall mean shares of Series A Participating Preferred Stock of the Company.
Preferred. Where available for the aircraft type, Rotary Wing Aircraft must be equipped with landing gear that provides the maximum ground clearance for the Aircraft while it is on the ground.
Preferred. During any Training Periods the Member will provide notification in writing to the Contractor of a requirement for Services to be made available for training at least 72 hours prior to the requirement.NOTE: Specific Training Periods are normally only included in a Contract where a Member requires a particular Aircraft to support scheduled formal training courses (eg for Air Attack Supervisors) that are regularly conducted outside of the likely Service Periods. A Training Period would normally be a specified period of four to six weeks each year during the months preceding the likely commencement of a Service Period. During this Training Period it is likely that the Aircraft would only be required for a few days in total. Training Periods are not intended to accommodate routine pre-season or other training, currency and familiarisation exercises. Routine pre-season and other exercises are arranged by mutual agreement between the Member and the Contractor. Availability for a Training Period is preferred for tender evaluation purposes. Tenderers must clearly indicate if the tendered Aircraft is available or not available for Training Periods. However, even if availability of an Aircraft for a Training Period is offered by a Tenderer, it may not necessarily be accepted and included in the Contract, as only a relatively small number of Aircraft in total will be required for Training Periods. The Contract Price applicable during the Training Period is as tendered and accepted, and would normally comprise a Standing Charge and an Operating Charge, or Operating Charges only. If a Standing Charge is included it would normally only be applicable for days that the Aircraft is actually engaged during the Training Period. 7.2. Training and Exercises a. During any Service Period and when required by the Member the Contractor will make the Aircraft available to participate in training exercises. b. Where the Contractor provides the Aircraft for training exercises during the Service Period the Contractor and the Member may mutually agree on a revised Contract Price applicable to the training exercise.
Preferred. For Rotary Wing Aircraft, entry to hover;