Preferred Sample Clauses

Preferred. The failure of any party to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement will in no way be construed as a waiver of such provisions and will not affect the right of such party thereafter to enforce each and every provision of this Agreement in accordance with its terms.
Preferred. A non-contract faculty member evaluated as “Excellent” by a committee summary/overall performance rating shall be designated as preferred. If a faculty member receives two (2) consecutive committee summary/overall performance evaluation ratings of “Satisfactory” or one
Preferred. Preferred" shall mean when a link to or promotion --------- of either the Chat services provided by the Talk City Service or the NBC Service, whichever is relevant, appears in a list or a format other than a list, the link or promotion is in a prominent, above the fold position which is no less visually prominent than links to, or promotions of, the services of any Chat Competitors or Other Network, which is relevant.
Preferred. Two (2) or more years of successful experience as a paraprofessional. ESSENTIAL PERFORMANCE RESPONSIBILITIES: ● Respond to behavior as directed by the MTSS team in real time to support student success in the classroom.● Align to all school student behavior strategies.● Implement Tier 2 and Tier 3 targeted behavior plans with specific students.● Collaborate with a small team of behavior specialists to improve the climate and culture of the school.● Maintain professional relationships with school community stakeholders.● Work with individual students and small groups assigned.● Assist with discipline and support teachers in implementing classroom management.● Observe students, record data, share insights regarding changes in students’ behavior, etc.● Be a member of the MTSS team and follow initiatives/directives.● Supervise areas of the building as needed (hallways, cafeteria, etc)● Motivate students to be in the classroom instead of hallways to gain as much knowledge as possible.● Assist in record keeping.● Reinforce appropriate student behavior and facilitate appropriate social interactions among students.● Follow the schedule provided.● Assist with loading and/or unloading buses.● Assist with students that are integrated into regular education classrooms.● Attend all professional development opportunities required for this position.● Assist with the supervision of students during emergency drills, assemblies, play periods, and field trips.● Participate in in-service programs as assigned and perform related work as required.● Other duties as assigned by the Principal/Director. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES:Technical: Proficient computer skills including Google Apps Interpersonal:● Strong desire to use positive reinforcement to guide student behavior.● Handle confidential information professionally.● Ability to use discretion and exercise sound judgment.● Effective oral and written communication skills and strong interpersonal skills.● Good organizational and time management skills.● Evidence of dependability, integrity, and a strong work ethic● Ability to take the initiative, work independently, meet deadlines, follow complex directions, and adapt to changing demands, activities, and workloads DISTRICT CORE COMPETENCIES:
Preferred. A non-contract faculty member evaluated as “Excellent” by a majority of his/her evaluation committee shall be designated as preferred. If a faculty member receives two consecutive evaluation ratings of “Satisfactory” or one rating of “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” by a majority of his/her evaluation committee he/she will be removed from the Preferred List. (Faculty members on their college’s Preferred List as of July 1, 2007 will remain on the list unless removed through evaluation.) The District will use best efforts to ensure that at least 20% of the non-contract faculty in each division at each college are on the “preferred” list every semester.
Preferred. This means that you must pay SBA in full (including dis- tributions in arrears) before setting aside or paying any amount to any other equity holder.
Preferred. All shares of Common Stock (including fractions thereof) issuable upon conversion of more than one share of Preferred Stock by a holder thereof shall be aggregated for purposes of determining whether the conversion would result in the issuance of any fractional share. If, after the aforementioned aggregation, the conversion would result in the issuance of a fraction of a share of Common Stock, the Corporation shall, in lieu of issuing any fractional share, pay the holder otherwise entitled to such fraction a sum in cash equal to the fair market value of such fraction on the date of conversion (as determined in good faith by the Board of Directors).
Preferred. The Board of Directors is hereby expressly authorized, by resolution or resolutions from time to time adopted, to provide, out of the unissued Preferred Shares, for the issuance of one or more series of Preferred Shares. Before any shares of any such series are issued, the Board of Directors shall fix and state, and hereby is expressly empowered to fix, by resolution or resolutions, the relative rights and preferences of the shares of each such series, and the qualifications, limitations, or restrictions thereon, including, but not limited to, determination of any of the following:
Preferred. As long as any shares of Series A-1 Preferred are outstanding, the Company shall not, without the affirmative vote of the holders of at least 80% of the then outstanding shares of the Series A-1 Preferred, alter or amend the Certificate of Incorporation or the Bylaws of the Company (including any filing of a Certificate of Designation) if such amendment would alter or change adversely the powers, preferences or special rights given to the Series A-1 Preferred; provided, however, that if any amendment to the Certificate of Incorporation or the Bylaws of the Company (including any filing of a Certificate of Designation) would alter or change the powers, preferences or special rights of any series of Series Preferred which includes the Series A-1 Preferred so as to affect them adversely, then, in addition to any other vote or consent required herein or by law, the shares of all series of Series Preferred so affected by such amendment shall vote together as a single class on the proposed amendment and the Series A-1 Preferred shall not be entitled to vote as a separate class on such proposed amendment unless otherwise required by the DGCL.”