XXXXXXX Sample Clauses

XXXXXXX. Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, directors shall be elected at the organizational meeting of the Member and at each annual meeting thereafter. A decrease in the number of directors shall not shorten an incumbent director’s term. Each director shall hold office until such director resigns or is removed. Despite the expiration of a director’s term, such director shall continue to serve until the director’s successor is elected and qualifies, until there is a decrease in the number of directors or the director is removed.
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XXXXXXX. THE COMMON SEAL of WEST AUSTRALIAN TRUSTEES LIMITED was hereunto affixed by authority of the Board of Directors in the presence of: (L.S.) A. M. READ Manager — Trust Services.
XXXXXXX. The Replacement Plans are not renewable. Repair Plans may be renewed at Our discretion. To renew Your coverage, please call on or before the expiration date of this Plan. Renewal prices will reflect the age of the Covered Product, Our current service costs, and Our product repair experience. Renewal prices and periods will be available from the Administrator upon request at time of renewal. Note, not all products are eligible for renewal.
XXXXXXX. Xxxxxxx X.
XXXXXXX xxx Xxxxx xx xegistered under the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended (the "1940 Act") as an open-end management investment company and is authorized to issue interests (as defined in the Trust's Declaration of Trust, as amended and supplemented from time to time), in separate series; and
XXXXXXX. 5.02 On any line job where three (3) or more Journeyman are employed, a Xxxxxxx shall be designated by the Employer. Employers under this Agreement shall not be restricted from assigning work to Xxxxxxx; when such practices are permitted in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between any IBEW Local Union and the utility customer.
XXXXXXX. Xxxx Xxxxxxxxx shall inure tx xxx xxxxxxt of and be binding upon the Underwriters, the Company and their respective successors. Nothing expressed or mentioned in this Agreement is intended or shall be construed to give any person, firm or corporation, other than the Underwriters and the Company and their respective successors and the controlling persons and officers and directors referred to in Section 7 and their heirs and legal representatives, any legal or equitable right, remedy or claim under or in respect of this Agreement or any provision herein contained. This Agreement and all conditions and provisions hereof are intended to be for the sole and exclusive benefit of the Underwriters and the Company and their respective successors, and said controlling persons and officers and directors and their heirs and legal representatives, and for the benefit of no other person, firm or corporation. No purchaser of Senior Notes from any of the Underwriters shall be deemed to be a successor by reason merely of such purchase.
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XXXXXXX xxx Xxxxxxx and the Sub-Adviser are registered investment advisers under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, as amended (the "Advisers Act"); and
XXXXXXX. 1. In each harvest unit, a felling pattern shall be used which conforms to the logging operations plan and causes the least damage to reserve trees and other resources.
XXXXXXX. THERXXX X. XXXXXXXXX PN CELLULAR, INC. By: ------------------------------- Name: Title: -25- 26 STANXXX XXXILY TRUST By: ------------------------------- Name: , Trustee STANXXX XXXMUNICATIONS CORPORATION By: ------------------------------- Name: Title: THE GOLDXXX XXXHS GROUP, L.P. By: ------------------------------- Name: Title: GS CAPITAL PARTNERS, L.P. By: GS Advisors L.P., General Partner By: GS Advisors, Inc., General Partner By: ------------------------------- Name: Title: BRIDXX XXXXXX XXXX 0000, X.X. By: Stone Street Performance Corp., Managing General Partner By: ------------------------------- Name: Title: 27 XXXXX XXXXXX XXXX 0000, X.P. By: Stone Street Performance Corp., General Partner By: ------------------------------- Name: Title: PROVIDENCE MEDIA PARTNERS L.P. By: Providence Media GP Limited Partnership Its: General Partner By: Providence Ventures, L.P. Its: General Partner By: ------------------------------- Name: Title: 28 VOTING AGREEMENT BY AND AMONG VOICESTREAM WIRELESS CORPORATION, HELLXXX & XRIEXXXX XXXITAL PARTNERS II, L.P., H&F ORCHARD PARTNERS, L.P., H&F INTERNATIONAL PARTNERS, L.P., JOHN X. XXXXXXX xxx THERXXX X. XXXXXXXXX, PN CELLULAR, INC., STANXXX XXXILY TRUST, STANXXX XXXMUNICATIONS CORPORATION, GS CAPITAL PARTNERS, L.P., THE GOLDXXX XXXHS GROUP, L.P., BRIDGE STREET FUND 1992, L.P., STONE STREET FUND 1992, L.P., PROVIDENCE MEDIA PARTNERS L.P., HUTCXXXXX XXXECOMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS (USA) LIMITED, AND HUTCXXXXX XXXECOMMUNICATIONS PCS (USA) LIMITED DATED: _____________, 1999 29 TABLE OF CONTENTS
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