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The Resident the resident who utilises the Services of CampusKey at the Premises elected by the Resident on the Student Portal. It also means student and or occupant;
The Resident refers to the registered occupants of Student Residences (Prince George’s Park Residences, UTown Residence), Residential Colleges and Prince George’s Park House (PGP House).
The Resident means the person or persons named as Residents in Item 1 of the Schedule and includes a person for whom someone else has entered into this Contract.

Examples of The Resident in a sentence

VAAR 852.236-87 ACCIDENT PREVENTION (SEP 1993) The Resident Engineer on all assigned construction projects, or other Department of Veterans Affairs employee if designated in writing by the Contracting Officer, shall serve as Safety Officer and as such has authority, on behalf of the Contracting Officer, to monitor and enforce Contractor compliance with FAR 52.236-13, Accident Prevention.

The Resident acknowledges that neither the Manager nor the Institution stands in loco parentis with respect to the Resident.

The Resident will follow the Move-out Procedures explained in section 3.02 of this Agreement and all additional directions communicated by the Manager.

The Resident may not install any electrical equipment which will overload the capacity of a circuit.

The Resident may be notified prior to move-in the name and contact information of their roommate (and vice-versa).

The Resident must follow all move-in times, dates and procedures outlined by the Manager.

The Resident agrees to comply with the terms of any relocation notice and to remove and relocate the Resident’s property to the Room designated in the relocation notice.

The Resident, in executing this Agreement, is required to identify a “Primary Contact” and a “Secondary Contact”.

The Resident waives any right to inspect or approve any finished photograph or videotape or any electronic matter that may be used in conjunction with a photograph or videotape now or in the future and waives any right to royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of any such photograph, videotape or electronic matter.

The Resident is strongly encouraged to obtain insurance to cover the above liabilities.

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The Resident means
The Resident the person or persons described as such in Schedule "A".

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Non-Resident means: (i) a person who is not a resident of Canada for the purposes of the Tax Act; or (ii) a partnership that is not a Canadian partnership for the purposes of the Tax Act.
Eligible resident means an individual or family who resided in a disaster-affected home at the time of the natural disasters of 2008 and who:
Non-residential means the development of any property for any use other than residential use, except as may be exempted by this chapter.
Irish Resident means any person Resident in Ireland or Ordinarily Resident in Ireland for tax purposes;
permanent resident means a natural person whose residence in a Party is not limited as to time under its law;
General Secretary means the General Secretary of the Federation.
temporary resident means a person accepted by the contractor as a temporary resident under paragraph 16 of Schedule 5 and for whom the contractor’s responsibility has not been terminated in accordance with that paragraph;
Residential Dwelling Any one of the following: (i) a detached one-family dwelling, (ii) a detached two- to four-family dwelling, (iii) a one-family dwelling unit in a Fannie Mae eligible condominium project, (iv) a manufactured home, or (v) a detached one-family dwelling in a planned unit development, none of which is a co-operative or mobile home.
Residential Dwelling Unit means a building or structure or part of a building or structure that is used for a home or residence by one or more persons who maintain a household. It also means a mobile home regardless of ownership of the land.
Williams means The Williams Companies, Inc., a Delaware corporation.
the harbour master means a person appointed as such by the Company and includes his deputies and assistants and any other person for the time being authorised by the Company to act, either generally or for a specific purpose, in the capacity of harbour master;
Residential care means the provision of care on a 24-hour day basis.
Texas resident bidder means a bidder whose principal place of business is in this state, and includes a contractor whose ultimate parent company or majority owner has its principal place of business in this state.
Director of Nursing means a registered nurse who is registered by her/his employer with the Health Administration Corporation as the person in charge of the facility. There shall be only one person in each facility entitled to be classified as Director of Nursing or whatever title the senior nursing administrator is known by in the individual facility and shall include "Chief Nurse" as defined by the Nursing Homes Act 1988.
Residential Zone means an area of single-family or multifamily dwellings where businesses may or may not be conducted in such dwellings. The zone includes areas where multiple-unit dwellings, high-rise apartment districts, and redevelopment districts are located. A residential zone may include areas containing accommodations for transients such as motels and hotels and residential areas with limited office development, but it may not include retail shopping facilities. "Residential zone" includes hospitals, nursing homes, and similar institutional facilities.
Resident Manager means a person employed or des- ignated by the provider to manage the adult family home and who meets the requirements of this chapter.
Harbour Master means the person appointed as such by the undertaker and includes that person’s deputies and assistants and any other person for the time being authorised by the undertaker to act, either generally or for a specific purpose, in the capacity of harbour master;
Director of Finance means the Chief Financial Officer of the Trust.
ordinarily resident means a Person who lived or has lived the majority of his life in the Yukon. In making such determination, temporary absences from the Yukon for reasons such as travel, education, medical treatment, military service, or incarceration, shall be considered periods of residence provided the Person was Ordinarily Resident prior to such temporary absences.
Apartment Dwelling means any dwelling unit within a building containing more than four dwelling units where the units are connected by an interior corridor;
Resident means a student whose parents, legal guardians, persons having legal, lawful control of the student under order of a court, or persons standing in loco parentis reside in the school district.
Director of the Office of Water and Watersheds means the Director of the Office of Water and Watersheds, EPA Region 10, or an authorized representative.
one-way street means a street upon which vehicular traffic is limited to movement in one direction;
Residential Lot means a lot containing a residential use or a vacant lot that is zoned for a residential use and meets the zone provisions for the permitted residential use.
Director of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement means the Director of the Office of Compliance and Enforcement, EPA Region 10, or an authorized representative.
The crime of apartheid means inhumane acts of a character similar to those referred to in paragraph 1, committed in the context of an institutionalized regime of systematic oppression and domination by one racial group over any other racial group or groups and committed with the intention of maintaining that regime;