Personal Holidays Sample Clauses

Personal Holidays. An employee may choose one (1) workday as a personal holiday during each calendar year if the employee has been continuously employed by the State of Washington for more than four (4) months.
Personal Holidays. An employee may select one (1) workday as a personal holiday during the calendar year if the employee has been or is scheduled to be continuously employed by the state for at least four (4) months.
Personal Holidays. Effective as of January 1st of each year employees, who have one (1) or more years of service with the Employer as of that date, shall be eligible for three (3) personal holidays that shall be observed by the employee during the calendar year-in-question. Each employee shall give the Employer no less than two (2) weeks advance written notice of the date(s) on which he wishes to observe his personal holidays. Personal holidays may not be celebrated in the same week as any of the other contractual holidays except by mutual agreement between the employee and the Employer. The Employer shall endeavor to grant such request subject to store operational requirements. The Employer will grant such holiday time off with pay to the senior requesting employee(s). Personal holiday dates, once granted for the year, will become permanent fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the date selected, and no senior employee(s) shall have the right to such date. Personal holidays are expected to be scheduled and taken. In cases where an employee has been scheduled for a personal holiday, and the Employer cancels such holiday, the employee will receive holiday pay in accordance with the provisions of Section B, below. Mutual rescheduling may be undertaken in lieu of holiday pay. An employee, who fails to receive a personal holiday(s) that he is contractually entitled to during a calendar year, shall be paid for such a personal holiday(s) immediately following the end of the calendar year-in-question. Hours of holiday pay that are paid in accordance with these provisions in lieu of a day off shall not be considered to be a day and/or hours worked for the purposes of computing weekly overtime under this Agreement.
Personal Holidays. ‌ A nurse may select one (1) workday as a personal holiday during the calendar year if the nurse has been or is scheduled to be continuously employed by the State for more than four (4) months.
Personal Holidays. 15.3.1 After completion of six (6) months of service, each regular full-time employee covered by the terms of this Agreement shall receive personal holiday time based on three (3) times their normal shift length per calendar year. “Normal shift length” will be determined by taking a snapshot of each eligible employee’s work schedule on the first day of the first pay period in January.
Personal Holidays. No employee shall receive pay for any holidays not worked unless such employee has reported for work on his or her regular working day next preceding and next following said holiday. Employees shall be deemed to have reported for work if absence on said day before and said day after said holiday is due to express permission from or action of the Employer, provided the employee has worked during the holiday week, except that if the employee is absent during the entire holiday week due to illness or injury, then he must have worked at least one (1) day during the week immediately preceding the holiday week in order to be entitled to holiday pay.
Personal Holidays. All seniority employees shall receive one (1) personal holiday each calendar year. Personal Holidays shall be awarded by seniority in the order requested within each classification in each Center and the following procedure shall apply: Any employee desiring a personal Holiday will make a request in writing on a form furnished by the Employer. Such a request must be submitted no later than the start of his/her shift on the seventh (7th) calendar day preceding the day requested. A signed copy of the request form stating approval or disapproval shall be returned to the employee by the end of the next working day. If an employee is required by the Employer to work on an approved Personal Holiday, the employee shall receive holiday pay plus time and one-half (1-1/2) for all hours worked. In the event of layoff, full-time seniority employees shall be eligible for Holiday pay provided the Holiday falls within five (5) working days from the effective date of layoff.
Personal Holidays. To be eligible for personal holidays during each calendar year, an employee must be on the payroll as of January 1 of each year. Such holidays must be taken during the respective calendar year. An employee whose employment terminates prior to having taken his personal holiday or who fails to take his personal holiday in the calendar year shall not be entitled to holiday pay. In the event an employee fails to schedule his personal holiday by October 1 of the calendar year, the Employer will select a date and schedule such employee for his remaining personal holidays for that year. Further, personal holidays shall be granted by seniority, classification and store.
Personal Holidays. At the end of a work week containing a holiday, Transit Operators signing a 4/10 schedule will receive the amount of guarantee pay needed to bring the weekly total of compensated hours up to forty (40). This provision shall only apply to Transit Operators. Number of Assignments: 4/10 assignments shall not exceed three percent (3%) of the total number of fixed route straight runs. This figure may be adjusted slightly in order to meet schedule requirements. Example: Number of Fixed Route Straight Runs: 535 Maximum of number of 4/10’s: 16 Number of 4/10’s available: 15* *Current scheduling parameters require that the number of 4/10 bid positions are a multiple of three (3).