Signed Copy Sample Clauses

Signed Copy. A signed copy of the written appraisal shall be submitted to the ancillary staff member at the time of the personal conference. A copy shall then be signed by the ancillary staff member indicating completion of the conference, and returned to the administrator. In the event that the ancillary staff member feels his/her appraisal was incomplete or unjust, within fifteen (15) school days following the personal conference, he/she may put his/her objections in writing and have them attached to the appraisal to be placed in the ancillary staff member’s personnel file. In addition to a written response, the ancillary staff member may appeal the content of an appraisal to the Superintendent or designee for review and possible adjustment. All appraisals shall be based upon valid criteria for evaluating professional performance and growth.
Signed Copy. Each party acknowledges receipt of a signed copy of this Agreement.