Deferral Account Sample Clauses

Deferral Account. 3.1 Establishing and Crediting. The Company shall establish a Deferral Account on its books for the Director, and shall credit to the Deferral Account the following amounts:
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Deferral Account. The Executive shall be entitled to participate in the Company’s executive deferred compensation program in accordance with its terms. The benefits, terms, and conditions of such program shall be in the sole discretion of the Company.
Deferral Account. The vested portion of a Participant's Deferral Account shall be distributed to the Participant upon the termination of employment with the Company.
Deferral Account. The Company shall establish a Deferral Account on its books for the Director. The Deferral Account balance as of any date is determined by (a) taking the cash surrender value of the first simulated investment less the balance of the second simulated investment as of such date, and (b) dividing the net difference by the result of one minus the Company's highest marginal tax rate for the previous calendar year.
Deferral Account. A Deferral Account shall be established for each Participant for the purpose of recording the value of Deferrals made to the Plan in accordance with the Participant’s Deferral Election Agreement.
Deferral Account. A number of units equal to the number of shares of Common Stock otherwise deliverable to the Grantee from the exercise of the portion of the Option subject to the Deferral Election, less that number of shares of Common Stock used to exercise such portion of the Option pursuant to Section 3 hereof, shall be credited to a "deferral account" on behalf of the Grantee. The Grantee's deferral account shall be a bookkeeping account only.
Deferral Account. (a) The Bank shall establish a bookkeeping account (a "Deferral Account") for each Participant to record the amounts due under this Agreement.
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Deferral Account. The Company shall maintain an account on its books in the name of the Optionee (the "Account") which shall be administered as follows:
Deferral Account. The Employee's deferral, if any, between 1% and 100% of his Compensation.
Deferral Account. The amount deferred by the Employee, if any, shall be allocated to the Employee's Deferral Account as of the last day of each month in which the Employee would have received the amount deferred but for his election to defer.
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