Membership Fees Sample Clauses

Membership Fees. 59.01 The Employer shall reimburse an employee for the payment of membership or registration fees to an organization or governing body when the payment of such fees is a requirement for the continuation of the performance of the duties of the employee’s position.
Membership Fees. Employer shall reimburse Employee for all appropriate and reasonable expenses incurred in performing Employee’s duties, including providing and paying for the dues and fees of membership in local social, service and civic clubs and/or organizations as Employer deems appropriate and necessary for enhancement of its presence within the local business community. In order to be eligible for reimbursement of these expenses, Employee must obtain pre-approval for such memberships from Employer’s Chief Executive Officer and must provide Employer with receipts and documented evidence as is required by federal and state laws and regulations.
Membership Fees. As a condition of participation in the issuer’s credit plan and the issuance of a card, Holder agrees that there is no annual membership fee for VISA consumer and business accounts. The membership fee described above entitles the Holder to two VISA cards. Holder agrees to pay a fee for each additional card requested.
Membership Fees. In addition to the one-time non-refundable registration fee in the amount of Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) per Patient, Patient agrees to pay a monthly fee (“Membership Fee”) in accordance with the schedule available at the Julian Healthcare office. The one-time registration fee is due at the time of application. The initial monthly fee is due prior to the Effective Date (date of the first visit with Susan) when the Patient is accepted into the Practice. Thereafter, Membership Fees shall be due on the fifteenth (15) day of each month following the Effective Date and will cover the Patient’s membership for that month. Membership Fees shall not be pro-rated for any month. Any fees or charges that are not included in the Membership Fee (i.e. fees for non-covered services) shall be due at the time of service.
Membership Fees. The Company shall, on the Executive's behalf, bear the cost of all dues and fees necessary for the Executive to obtain or maintain his professional licenses and to obtain or maintain membership in appropriate professional associations and organizations, and the Company shall reimburse the Executive for all costs and expenses actually and reasonably incurred to attend meetings of all such associations and organizations. The Company shall reimburse C.R.I., Inc., for two-thirds of the cost of C.R.I., Inc.'s corporate membership in Avenel Country Club. The Executive agrees to provide such documentation of all of the foregoing dues, fees, costs and expenses as reasonably may be required.
Membership Fees. The Company shall, on the Executive's behalf, bear the cost of initiation and regular membership fees and dues incurred during the Term for professional associations, and shall reimburse the Executive the amount of any charges actually and reasonably incurred at such association or associations in the conduct of the Company's business.
Membership Fees. 5.01 Where NAV CANADA determines that there is a requirement for, or a benefit to be derived from, obtaining or maintaining a membership in good standing with an organization or governing body, NAV CANADA will reimburse the employee upon satisfactory evidence of the payment of such fees.
Membership Fees. MRMC shall pay the fees associated with Resident's membership each year in only the following professional organizations: SCAFP; SCMA; AAFP; FCMS; and the AMA or AOA, upon presentment of documentation evidencing the amounts due to such professional organization.
Membership Fees. EZIDEBIT (NZ) LIMITED is the registered Direct Debit initiator of Habitat For Fitness Limited under Authorization Code 0218995. Ezidebit shall administer the collection of payments due by you to the Club. All payments due by you shall be made directly to Ezidebit in the manner specified in the Agreement (see As a Habitat For Fitness member you are personally responsible for payment to us of the Membership Fees and any other ongoing payments set out in your Membership Application Form as they fall due. Your Membership Fees are due for the whole of each Commitment Period even if your membership is terminated during the Period (unless you have terminated under paragraph 8.2). If your Initial Commitment Period includes a partial fortnightly billing period as provided for in paragraph 4.1(b) above, your Membership Fees for that period will be calculated on a proportional basis according to the number of days remaining in that fortnightly billing period. Membership Fees vary depending on your type of membership and also vary from Club to Club. You must pay the Membership Fees applicable to your Home Club at the relevant time. You may only pay your Membership Fees in advance by direct debit or periodic credit card authority under your Payment Authority Form. No other form of payment will be accepted. You will not be allowed to access the Club if your Membership Fees remain outstanding. We will collect any outstanding amounts and any charges we incur from late payment through your Payment Authority Form. If you have a genuine dispute in relation to the collection of outstanding amounts or the charges we incur, please contact us in accordance with the dispute procedure set out in the Payment Authority Form.