THE COUNTY SHALL a. Provide Adopt-A-Road signage near the beginning and end of the ADOPTED ROAD SECTION for the period that this agreement is in effect. The GROUP's logo, trademark, or web site address will not be placed on the Adopt-A-Road signs.
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THE COUNTY SHALL a. Provide space for up to three rainbow trout net pens (pens), that will be no larger than 24’ x 48’ x 12’ each, at a secure marina to grow stock.
THE COUNTY SHALL. 4.1 Ensure that the member agencies utilizing GUILFORD COUNTY Transportation and Mobility Services (GCTAMS) make available to the PROVIDER any and all relevant information concerning authorized riders and pickups;
THE COUNTY SHALL. A. Provide Adopt-A-Road signs to identify the road segment or combinations adopted.
THE COUNTY SHALL. A. Perform in accordance with the Financial and Operating Plan, Exhibit A.
THE COUNTY SHALL. 2.2.1. Prepare, at least annually and on behalf of the Town, all reporting required by the State of Colorado regarding the expenditures of such funds, including any reporting required by the Colorado Opioid Abatement Council (“COAC”).
THE COUNTY SHALL. A. Perform in accordance with the terms of this agreement and with the attached Financial Plan and Operating Plan, Exhibits A and B.
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THE COUNTY SHALL. A. Perform the duties of a Cooperating Agency as defined in 40 CFR 1501.8 for environmental analyses conducted which effect the County for which the U.S. Forest Service is the lead Federal agency and the County has special expertise, jurisdiction or significant economic or environmental impacts.
THE COUNTY SHALL. 1. - provide a suitable County Extension office; the suitability of the office to be agreed on by all parties. The COUNTY further agrees to provide sufficient funds to pay for necessary office supplies, office equipment, telephone, utilities, data communication/networking (including broadband internet connectivity), postage, demonstration materials, janitorial service and other items necessary for the operation of an effective Extension education program.
THE COUNTY SHALL. A. Participate in requests for involvement at the earliest possible time, preferably before public scoping and identify concerns, needs and relevant county plans and other adopted policies in writing.
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