City employee definition

City employee means a person employed by the City.
City employee means an employee or authorized agent of the City of Malibu.
City employee means a person employed by the city and county of Denver, whether or not a classified employee.

Examples of City employee in a sentence

Exert any effort to influence any City employee or agent to breach the standards of ethical conduct.

No offer of gifts, payments or other consideration were made to any City employee, officer, elected official, or consultant who has or may have had a role in the procurement process for the services and or goods/materials covered by this contract.

Be advised that any conversations (in reference to this RFB) between bidders and any City employee, City official or City Project Manager, outside of the Purchasing Services Division, during the entire competitive bidding process is strictly prohibited.

The Contractor agrees and understands that the Contract does not grant any rights or privileges established for employees of the City of Denton, Texas for the purposes of income tax, withholding, social security taxes, vacation or sick leave benefits, worker’s compensation, or any other City employee benefit.

Furthermore, Contractor shall not knowingly employ, during the period of this Agreement or any extensions to it, any City employee who has participated in the making of this Agreement until at least two years after his/her termination of employment with the City.

More Definitions of City employee

City employee or ""employee" means any person employed by a city or any department or program thereof that is supported, in whole or in part, by city funds;
City employee means a City employee or an independent contractor acting on behalf of the City. Elected City officials are not City employees for the purposes of this section.
City employee means an employee or other agent of the City designated by the City to
City employee means an individual that reports to the City Manager or City Auditor and provides services to the City under an employment agreement, personalservices agreement, or in the capacity of agent, student, or volunteer;
City employee means any person employed by the city, including elected officials or appointed members of governing bodies.
City employee means for the purposes of this Policy all full-time or part-time employees of the City, including the City Manager, Commissioners, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and non-unionized staff, members of the Canadian Union of Public Employees, Locals 250, 251 and 3760, members of the International Association of Fire Fighters, Local 465 and all contract and temporary employees, students, co-op placement staff and volunteers.
City employee or “Employee” means, every individual who is, or was at the time