Cutoff Date Sample Clauses

Cutoff Date. No Closing Date shall occur after the Funding Termination Date.
Cutoff Date. The candidate must possess the prescribed educational qualification, age, etc. as on 28.02.2021.
Cutoff Date. Group Rooming List or Individual Reservations by attendees must be received on or before <<CUTOFF DATE>> (the “Cutoff Date”). After the Cutoff Date, Hotel shall be permitted to release, for sale to the general public or to other groups, any room nights in the Room Block that have not been reserved as provided in this Agreement. Hotel will continue to accept reservations from Group’s attendees after that date at the prevailing room rate, subject to availability. Release of rooms for general sale following the Cutoff Date does not affect The University’s obligation, as discussed elsewhere in this Agreement, to utilize guestrooms.
Cutoff Date. If for any reason, other than the failure of any Loan Participant to comply with the terms hereof, the Delivery Date for the applicable Designated Aircraft shall not have occurred on or prior to seven Business Days (or such longer period as mutually agreed by the Borrower and the Underwriters) after the Funding Date for such Aircraft (the “Cutoff Date”), the Borrower hereby irrevocably agrees that each Loan Participant may cancel, terminate or otherwise unwind its funding arrangements made in the London interbank market or otherwise to fund its Commitment on the Funding Date, and the Security Trustee shall return each Loan Participant’s Commitment to it, subject, however, to such Loan Participant’s continuing commitment to fund as provided herein.
Cutoff Date. 8.02(a) Debt Consent Measurement Date...........................................9.03(b)
Cutoff Date. No Funding Date shall occur after the Funding ----------- Termination Date.
Cutoff Date. November 1, 2010.
Cutoff Date. December 1, 2015.
Cutoff Date. The parties acknowledge that the Loan Summaries were prepared as of the close of business on the Closing Date. Accordingly, the parties agree that, subject to the provisions of Article V hereto, all payments and transactions involving the Term Loans occurring after the Closing Date are for the account of NewCo.