Patrol Sample Clauses

Patrol. Patrol schedule shall consist of a six (6) day work week, consisting of 3 consecutive days of work and 3 consecutive days off. The workday will be 12 hours in duration. Each employee assigned to a 12 hour shift will receive 55 hours of Xxxxx time on January 1, to be used by June 30, and an additional 55 hours of Xxxxx time on July 1, to be used by December 31. Unused Xxxxx time will not carry over from one six month period to another. Xxxxx time hours used will be considered hours worked. In the event an employee uses all the Xxxxx time for a six month period and employment with the City is terminated prior to the end of the fifth month of the six month period, the employee will reimburse the City eleven (11) hours of pay per month for each month prior to the fifth month that employment is terminated. Such amounts to be paid to the City out of the employee's final pay check.
Patrol. 1. Ballistic VestAmerican Body Armor HP or equivalent, NIJ Level II, replaced per manufacturer's specifications or recommendations, whichever time period is less. An employee, at his/her discretion, may choose to receive a voucher for an equivalent amount to be used for the purchase of a ballistic vest that is at a level greater than NIJ Level II. (1)
Patrol a. Selection of shifts and days off will be by seniority. Seniority in patrol will be determined by serial number. This will prevail for patrol officers and Field Training Officers (FTO) collectively as a common group for each watch. A police officer with a lower serial number will have seniority over a police officer with a higher serial number regardless of his/her status as a patrol officer or FTO.
Patrol. 24.01 When manpower is available and the Officer in Charge deems it necessary, two officers may be assigned to each uniform patrol car.
Patrol. As outlined in Attachment 1, the patrol perimeter shall be the south side of W. 18th St, from the west side of Anaheim Ave. to the east side of Park Ave., north to the south fence of the fire station, east to the east side of the fire station, north to the north edge of parking lot, east to the east side of the Anaheim Ave. north to the north side of Xxxxxx St., east to the east side of the Costa Mesa Senior Center parking lot, north to the south side of 19th St., east to the east side of Pomona Ave., south to the south side of Xxxxxx St., west to the west side of Anaheim Ave., south to the south side of Anaheim Ave. The facilities to patrol within the designated perimeter include the Downtown Recreation Center, Costa Mesa Senior Center, Xxxx Xxxxx Athletic Field, Xxxx Xxxxx Athletic Field Restrooms, Costa Mesa/Xxxxxx Xxxxxx Library, Lions Park (open space), Lion’s Park Playground, Costa Mesa Community Center, and the Costa Mesa Historical Society. Addresses of areas identified on map (Attachment 1):
Patrol. The Department will staff a minimum of twelve (12) officers and two (2) supervisors on each shift of patrol. Command Staff and Reserve Police will not be counted towards minimum staffing.
Patrol. The regular work schedule for personnel assigned to Patrol is identified in Attachment A (5-2, 5-3 Schedule).
Patrol. Section 1. The Parties to this Agreement recognize that employees on Patrol are generally recognized most often as the face of the Department to the City’s citizens. For many in the public, interaction with employees in Patrol may be the only experience they have with the Department. Accordingly, it behooves the City to attract, recruit, and retain the best and brightest individuals possible to serve in this manner.
Patrol. The City will adopt FLSA 207(k) exemption with a 14-day work period for sworn personnel effective the second pay period in January 2019. Sworn patrol staff will work 14-day work period consisting of 4-11s/3-11s schedule work weeks. Sworn officers working in the Traffic Division or Detective Division will work various schedules as determined by the Department, with the same entitlement to overtime (see Section 5.5 below) An additional 9-hour shift will occur approximately every 3rd work period for purposes of training activities. Assigned work schedules may be changed at the sole discretion of the Police Chief subject to written notice to the POA for an opportunity to meet and discuss no less than 30 days prior to implementation.