Patrol Sample Clauses

Patrol. The Department will staff a minimum of twelve (12) officers and two (2) supervisors on each shift of patrol. Command Staff and Reserve Police will not be counted towards minimum staffing.
Patrol. The regular work schedule for personnel assigned to Patrol is identified in Attachment A (5-2, 5-3 Schedule).
Patrol. As outlined in Attachment 1, the patrol perimeter shall be the south side of W. 18th St, from the west side of Anaheim Ave. to the east side of Park Ave., north to the south fence of the fire station, east to the east side of the fire station, north to the north edge of parking lot, east to the east side of the Anaheim Ave. north to the north side of Plumer St., east to the east side of the Costa Mesa Senior Center parking lot, north to the south side of 19th St., east to the east side of Pomona Ave., south to the south side of Plumer St., west to the west side of Anaheim Ave., south to the south side of Anaheim Ave. The facilities to patrol within the designated perimeter include the Downtown Recreation Center, Costa Mesa Senior Center, Luke Davis Athletic Field, Luke Davis Athletic Field Restrooms, Costa Mesa/Donald Dungan Library, Lions Park (open space), Lion’s Park Playground, Costa Mesa Community Center, and the Costa Mesa Historical Society. Addresses of areas identified on map (Attachment 1):
Patrol. 23.01 When manpower is available and the Officer in Charge deems it necessary, two officers may be assigned to each uniform patrol car.
Patrol. Patrol schedule shall consist of a six (6) day work week, consisting of 3 consecutive days of work and 3 consecutive days off. The workday will be 12 hours in duration. Each employee assigned to a 12 hour shift will receive 55 hours of Kelly time on January 1, to be used by June 30, and an additional 55 hours of Kelly time on July 1, to be used by December 31. Unused Kelly time will not carry over from one six month period to another. Kelly time hours used will be considered hours worked. In the event an employee uses all the Kelly time for a six month period and employment with the City is terminated prior to the end of the fifth month of the six month period, the employee will reimburse the City eleven (11) hours of pay per month for each month prior to the fifth month that employment is terminated. Such amounts to be paid to the City out of the employee's final pay check.
Patrol. Section 1. The Parties to this Agreement recognize that employees on Patrol are generally recognized most often as the face of the Department to the City’s citizens. For many in the public, interaction with employees in Patrol may be the only experience they have with the Department. Accordingly, it behooves the City to attract, recruit, and retain the best and brightest individuals possible to serve in this manner.

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SBC-13STATE shall provide to CLEC Interconnection of the Parties’ facilities and equipment for the transmission and routing of Telephone Exchange Service traffic and Exchange Access traffic pursuant to the applicable Appendix ITR, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. Methods for Interconnection and Physical Architecture shall be as defined in the applicable Appendix NIM, which is/are attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference.
AT&T-13STATE will not block switched access traffic delivered to any AT&T-13STATE Access Tandem Switch or Local/Access Tandem Switch for completion on CLEC’s network. The Parties understand and agree that Meet Point trunking arrangements are available and functional only to/from switched access customers who directly connect with any AT&T-13STATE Access Tandem Switch or Local/Access Tandem Switch that CLEC’s switch subtends in each LATA. In no event will AT&T-13STATE be required to route such traffic through more than one of its Tandem Switches for connection to/from switched access customers. AT&T-13STATE shall have no responsibility to ensure that any switched access customer will accept traffic that CLEC directs to the switched access customer.
Lighting A system of fixtures providing or controlling the light sources used on or near the airport or within the airport buildings. The field lighting includes all luminous signals, markers, floodlights, and illuminating devices used on or near the airport or to aid in the operation of aircraft landing at, taking off from, or taxiing on the airport surface.
Signaling Each Party will provide the other Party with access to its databases and associated signaling necessary for the routing and completion of the other Party’s traffic in accordance with the provisions contained in the Unbundled Network Element Attachment or applicable access tariff.
Janitorial Provide to the Premises janitorial service in accordance with the schedule annexed hereto as Exhibit "F"; any and all additional or specialized janitorial service desired by Tenant shall be contracted for by Tenant directly with Landlord's janitorial agent and the cost and payment thereof shall be and remain the sole responsibility of Tenant; no trash removal services will be provided by Landlord for the removal of trash or refuse of a character or quantity not customary for normal office users, unless Tenant shall first agree to the payment of Landlord's cost thereof;
Trash Tenant shall not allow anything to be placed on the outside of the Building, nor shall anything be thrown by Tenant out of the windows or doors, or down the corridors or ventilating ducts or shafts, of the Building. All trash and refuse shall be placed in receptacles provided by Landlord for the Building or by Tenant for the Premises.
Connectivity Certain Licensed Materials may facilitate or require Licensee’s access to and use of content and services that are hosted on websites maintained by Autodesk or by third parties. In some cases, such content and services may appear to be a feature or function within, or extension of, the Licensed Materials on Licensee’s Computer even though hosted on such websites. Accessing such content or services and use of Licensed Materials may cause Licensee’s Computer, without additional notice, to connect automatically to the Internet (transitorily, intermittently or on a regular basis) and to communicate with an Autodesk or third-party website—for example, for purposes of providing Licensee with additional information, features and functionality or to validate that the Licensed Materials and/or content or services are being used as permitted under this Agreement or other applicable terms. Such connectivity to Autodesk websites is governed by Autodesk’s policies on privacy and data protection described in Section 4 (Privacy; Use of Information; Connectivity). Such connectivity to websites of third parties is governed by the terms (including the disclaimers and notices) found on such sites or otherwise associated with the third-party content or services. Autodesk does not control, endorse, or accept responsibility for any such third-party content or services, and any dealings between Licensee and any third party in connection with such content or services, including, without limitation, such third party’s privacy policies, use of personal information, delivery of and payment for goods and services, and any other terms associated with such dealings, are solely between Licensee and such third party. Autodesk may at any time, for any reason, modify or discontinue the availability of any third-party content or services. Access to and use of certain content and services (whether of Autodesk or third parties) may require assent to separate terms and/or payment of additional fees.
Help Desk CONDUENT shall provide a toll-free telephone number for Provider use 24 hours per day/7 days per week. The Help Desk will be staffed by customer support representatives. The Help Desk will also be staffed on all major holidays.
Cleaning 8.1 CONTRACTOR shall, at his own expenses, at all times keep the premises free from accumulation of debris, waste materials, and rubbish, and at the completion of the work, he shall remove his tools and equipment and all surplus materials, debris, waste material, and rubbish and shall leave the premises in a neat and clean condition. If CONTRACTOR does not attend to such cleaning immediately upon request, OWNER shall have the right to have this work done by others and deduct the cost therefore from the payment due CONTRACTOR hereunder.
Restrooms The restrooms, toilets, urinals, vanities and the other apparatus shall not be used for any purpose other than that for which they were constructed, and no foreign substance of any kind whatsoever shall be thrown therein. The expense of any breakage, stoppage or damage resulting from the violation of this rule shall be borne by the Tenant whom, or whose employees or invitees, shall have caused it.