Blasting Sample Clauses

Blasting. Blasting shall be permitted only for road construction purposes unless advance permission is obtained from Forest Service. Whenever the Industrial Fire Precaution Level is II or greater, a fire security person equipped with a long handled round point No. 0 or larger shovel and a 5 gallon backpack pump can filled with water, will stay at location of blast for 1 hour after blasting is done. Blasting may be suspended by Forest Service, in areas of high rate of spread and resistance to control. Fuses shall not be used for blasting. Explosive cords shall not be used without permission of Forest Service, which may specify conditions under which such explosives may be used and precautions to be taken.
Blasting. Fuse or prima cord shall not be used unless authorized in writing by Forest Service, with special precautions stated.
Blasting. Any damage that may occur due to blasting shall be the sole responsibility of the Contractor.
Blasting. The use of fuses and detonating cord in blasting shall not be permitted. During Fire Precautionary Period, blasting shall be permitted as follows:
Blasting. The Contractor shall not use any explosives without the written permission of the Engineer who shall require that the Contractor has complied in full with the regulations in force regarding the use of explosives. However, the Contractor, before applying to obtain these explosives, has to provide well arranged storage facilities. The Engineer's approval or refusal to permit the use of explosives shall not constitute ground for claims by the Contractor.
Blasting. Impact management outcome: Impact to the environment is minimised through a safe blasting practice. Impact Management ActionsImplementationMonitoringResponsiblepersonMethod ofimplementationTimeframe forimplementationResponsiblepersonFrequencyEvidence ofcompliance − Any blasting activity must be conducted by a suitably licensed blasting contractor; andNot Applicable – no blasting proposedNotification of surrounding landowners, emergency services site personnel of blasting activity 24 hours prior to such activity taking place on Site.Not Applicable – no blasting proposed
Blasting. 1. The Contractor shall obtain advance approval of the Railroad Engineer and the Sponsor Engineer for use of explosives on or adjacent to Railroad property. The request for permission to use explosives shall include a detailed blasting plan. If permission for use of explosives is granted, the Contractor will be required to comply with the following:
Blasting. Contractor shall use electric caps only unless otherwise agreed in writing. When blasting is necessary in slash areas, a Fire Patrolperson equipped with a size 0 or larger shovel with an overall length of not less than 46 inches and a filled backpack can (4 or 5 gallon) with hand pump shall remain in the immediate area for an hour after blasting has been completed.
Blasting. No explosives of any nature except for those normally employed in powder actuated tools, .38 caliber or smaller, shall be employed or used on the Project site except with the express and specific prior written approval of the Owner and any appropriate governmental authorities, in each instance. The Design/Builder shall notify the Owner of need for such approval three (3) days prior to the proposed use of such explosives.