Classroom Management Sample Clauses

Classroom Management. Good order and discipline are necessary for effective teaching. Each teacher is responsible for maintaining such an atmosphere in each of his/her classes. The Board recognizes, however, that through its administrative staff, it must support its teachers in taking all reasonable action, specifically including the Revised School Code and Board Policy #5530 and 5601.01) to maintain proper classroom order and agrees to do so. (Refer to Article IV, Section FAssault or Threat Upon a Teacher)
Classroom Management. The Board and Association agree that the classroom teacher shall retain primary responsibility for management of his/her classroom. Such management responsibilities shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:
Classroom Management. (1) practices classroom management suitable to the growth and development of the student;
Classroom Management. The teacher: • Maintains an attractive, stimulating and neat classroom. • Encourages students to have books, materials and supplies in an organized manner. • Follows prescribed procedure for handling disciplinary problems. • Has classroom rules posted and established classroom routines, and consequences. • Continually monitors student behavior and stops inappropriate behavior promptly and consistently while maintaining student dignity. • Exercises care in the use of district facilities, materials and equipment and monitors such use by students, reporting abuses through proper channels.