Fire Station Sample Clauses

Fire Station. Fire protection will be provided in accordance to DISC’s Level of Service Standard, as per the Protocol for INAC-Funded Infrastructure. Fire protection will follow a tiered approach including fire prevention and education programs (Tier 1), capacity development, training and effective operation of fire protection equipment (Tier 2), and construction of a fire station (Tier 3) and these activities will be completed concurrently. As per Tier 3, a fire station will be built and equipped to DISC standards. The fire station will have two (2) bays and will be equipped with one (1) fire truck. Additional bays may be built based on the receipt of a written funding commitment from potential funding sources, such as Alberta Health Services and Health Canada.
Fire Station. Merriam will maintain its fire station at its current location, 9000 W. 62 Terrace, Merriam, Kansas, 66202, and will be responsible for all furnishings, utilities and repairs of the fire station to keep it fully operational. Merriam authorizes Overland Park to staff, and Overland Park agrees to staff, the Merriam fire station and use it while providing Fire Protection and ALS Services to Merriam and Overland Park residents. Overland Park agrees to notify Merriam officials of any necessary utility improvements or repairs necessary to keep the fire station operational, and shall, whenever possible, utilize the City of Merriam's building maintenance staff for necessary improvements or repairs to the facilities.
Fire Station. Construction and equipping of an off-site (at location mutually agreeable to Company and Port Commission) fire station (including acquisition of one or more fire trucks) that meets the Company's requirements.
Fire Station. Five (5) full time fire medics and a minimum of one (1) full time shift supervisor with rank of Lieutenant, or higher, on-dutyper shift.”
Fire Station. 19 7.9 PUD 408 Signage Plan; SPLC Signage..........................19 7.10 Potential Future Easement for Ski Return from Pico Mountain...................................................19 ARTICLE VIII AGREEMENTS REGARDING SPLC PARCEL 29 AND GOLF COURSE..............20 8.1 Continued Operation of Golf Course..........................20 8.2 Use and Operation of Existing Parcel 29 Improvements........20 8.3 Demolition and Relocation of Parcel 29 Improvements.........20 8.4 Rights of Killington Under Leases...........................21
Fire Station. The County acknowledges tThe Developer has shall contributed Ten Thousand Three Hundred Forty-Six Dollars ($10,346.00) for the expansion, improvement, and/or acquisition of facilities for the Township of Pahrump’s Fire Extension Service and, therefore, has satisfied this Developer obligation. Total combined contribution to Township shall not exceed Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00), with Developer’s contribution not exceeding an amount up to Ten Thousand Three Hundred Forty-six Dollars ($10,346.00). Developer’s contribution shall be paid in advance at the first instance that developer submits for its first building permit. The County and Developer also agree to the installation and construction of an additional fire hydrant/refill station, at the sole cost to the Developer, at a mutually agreeable location on the perimeter of the Property. In addition, the Developer shall contribute a “unit” fee, payable directly to the Township, in the amount of Two Hundred Dollars ($200.00), upon the issuance of a building permit for each residential unit in the Planned Community, to the Township of Pahrump Fire Department Capital account for the sole and discretionary provision of fire services to the Pahrump Regional Planning District. The Township shall assume complete responsibility for the operation of the modular structure and shall indemnify and hold Developer harmless from liabilities arising from such modular structure.
Fire Station. The Owner shall donate and convey to the City up to three (3) acres of land within the Project for the construction of a fire station. The Owner and the City shall mutually agree upon the site for the donated land and location of the fire station based on various factors including but not limited to the firefighting industry standards related to response time and the availability of land in the proposed areas of the Project. The location of the site to be donated for the fire station shall be designated on the Sector Plan containing the site. The Owner shall convey the land to the City within ninety (90) days after the City delivers written notice to the Owner that the City has funds available to construct the fire station and expects to commence construction of the fire station within ninety (90) days after receipt of the deed for the land and thereafter complete construction and commence operating the fire station within an additional twenty-four
Fire Station. Alerting – each Member that utilizes Fire Station Alerting is responsible for providing and maintaining all connections and peripherals beyond the Fire Station Controller that are used to disseminate the alert. Peripherals may include such items as speakers, lights, menu boards, monitors, printers, or any device that the Fire Station Controller communicates with in the fire station.
Fire Station. 6 The building at 249 South Laurel was Charlotte's fourth suburban station, following the Dilworth Station (1909) at 1212 South Boulevard, the Belmont facility (1910's) at 816 Louise Avenue, and the Hook-designed Wesley Heights firehouse (1928) on Tuckaseegee Road. 20 Hook's plans featured a quaint stone facade that today continues to blend the Laurel Avenue station in with its residential surroundings. By the early 1930's most lots in the neighborhood had been sold. A few vacant lots continued to have houses constructed on them into the 1950's, usually with the same class of compact cottages that had been erected in earlier decades. As Myers Park and adjacent Eastover emerged as the city's prime upper class residential areas, Crescent Heights benefited by association, never suffering the sort of disinvestment and decline that plagued some of Charlotte's other early neighborhoods. The changes that did occur in Crescent Heights were the result of other forces. The first alteration of the neighborhood's street plan had come in 1912. With the consent of the Vail sisters, Elizabeth Realty had reduced the size of Colonial Park to its present dimensions. 21 The park had originally occupied the full half-circle bounded by Circle Avenue and Providence Road. The 1912 revision had seen Chase, Alberto, and Phil Aull streets extended through part of the park to create more house lots for sale. Another change over the years had been the extension of several streets beyond the bounds of the original neighborhood, opening up what had been a self-contained enclave. These included the extension of what is now Laurel Avenue into the Elizabeth neighborhood, and the opening of Cherokee off Laurel at Providence Road to form the main entrance to the fashionable Eastover neighborhood. The major changes began in the 1950's, when Randolph Road was opened leading south from the neighborhood. The street had originally been a minor avenue in the center of Crescent Heights and was considered a tangential portion of Crescent Avenue known as Crescent Avenue Extension. Around 1959 the city rebuilt the street as part of a major new four-lane thoroughfare connecting the burgeoning post-World War II suburbs in the Cotswold area with the center city. 22 Randolph Road became a busy radial artery, and it split the old streetcar suburb. The split widened in the 1960's, 70's and 80's, as office strip-zoning along Randolph encouraged the demolition of nearly all the street's old residences. By th...
Fire Station. Any obligations under PUD 400 and PUD 408 regarding requirements to dedicate land for a fire station shall remain solely the obligation of Killington, and not SPLC. In addition, Killington will agree to make available voluntary firefighters, pursuant to terms of PUD 400 and PUD 408. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the terms of the Resort Area Management Agreement shall provide that, Killington and SPLC will share the costs required by, under or with respect to applicable permits and permit requirements for the equipping and training of volunteer firefighters; provided, however, Killington will retain the sole responsibility for recruiting and providing the actual volunteer firemen, and the percentage of costs allocable to each party shall be agreed to by the Parties.