Fire Station Sample Clauses

Fire Station. Merriam will maintain its fire station at its current location, 0000 X. 00 Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxx, 00000, and will be responsible for all furnishings, utilities and repairs of the fire station to keep it fully operational. Merriam authorizes Overland Park to staff, and Overland Park agrees to staff, the Merriam fire station and use it while providing Fire Protection and ALS Services to Merriam and Overland Park residents. Overland Park agrees to notify Merriam officials of any necessary utility improvements or repairs necessary to keep the fire station operational, and shall, whenever possible, utilize the City of Merriam's building maintenance staff for necessary improvements or repairs to the facilities.
Fire Station. Construction and equipping of an off-site (at location mutually agreeable to Company and Port Commission) fire station (including acquisition of one or more fire trucks) that meets the Company's requirements.
Fire Station. The Owner shall donate and convey to the City up to three (3) acres of land within the Project for the construction of a fire station. The Owner and the City shall mutually agree upon the site for the donated land and location of the fire station based on various factors including but not limited to the firefighting industry standards related to response time and the availability of land in the proposed areas of the Project. The location of the site to be donated for the fire station shall be designated on the Sector Plan containing the site. The Owner shall convey the land to the City within ninety (90) days after the City delivers written notice to the Owner that the City has funds available to construct the fire station and expects to commence construction of the fire station within ninety (90) days after receipt of the deed for the land and thereafter complete construction and commence operating the fire station within an additional twenty-four
Fire Station. City’s Fire Department Station No. 3400 (Agate Beach) (the “Fire Station”) is located on the City Property.
Fire Station. 19 7.9 PUD 408 Signage Plan; SPLC Signage..........................19 7.10 Potential Future Easement for Ski Return from Pico Mountain...................................................19 ARTICLE VIII AGREEMENTS REGARDING SPLC PARCEL 29 AND GOLF COURSE..............20 8.1 Continued Operation of Golf Course..........................20 8.2 Use and Operation of Existing Parcel 29 Improvements........20 8.3 Demolition and Relocation of Parcel 29 Improvements.........20 8.4 Rights of Killington Under Leases...........................21
Fire Station. Within 3 months of the effective date of this Agreement:
Fire Station. Five (5) full time fire medics and a minimum of one (1) full time shift supervisor with rank of Lieutenant, or higher, on-dutyper shift.”
Fire Station. 21 (A) The CITY fire station as identified on Schedule 3 attached hereto and made a part 22 hereof is in need of major repairs and modifications prior to occupancy by the FIRE DISTRICT 23 as identified in the estimated conversion costs report prepared by the FIRE DISTRICT and 24 provided to the CITY October 26, 2016. Such repairs include, but are not limited to, seismic 25 upgrades, removal of the failing second floor, roof replacement, and modification of the first 26 floor to accommodate five (5) personnel and two ADA compliant restrooms (hereinafter “station 27 repairs”). The conversion costs options detailed on Schedule 4 are estimated costs only, and 28 will change based upon the actual costs of construction once the project is officially bid and 1 awarded in accordance with County practices, and as provided herein, the CITY would be 2 responsible for reimbursing the FIRE DISTRICT the actual costs of station repairs or 3 replacement. Prior to the commencement date of services, the CITY shall provide a written 5 repairs as described herein above (Option 1 on Schedule 4), or 2) undertake the replacement 6 of the existing CITY fire station with a new facility, either Option 2 or 3 on Schedule 4 7 (hereinafter “replacement station”). The provision of services to be provided by the FIRE 8 DISTRICT to the CITY pursuant to this Agreement will not commence prior to the receipt by 9 the FIRE DISTRICT of the CITY’s written request in accordance with this Section V,
Fire Station. Any obligations under PUD 400 and PUD 408 regarding requirements to dedicate land for a fire station shall remain solely the obligation of Killington, and not SPLC. In addition, Killington will agree to make available voluntary firefighters, pursuant to terms of PUD 400 and PUD 408. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the terms of the Resort Area Management Agreement shall provide that, Killington and SPLC will share the costs required by, under or with respect to applicable permits and permit requirements for the equipping and training of volunteer firefighters; provided, however, Killington will retain the sole responsibility for recruiting and providing the actual volunteer firemen, and the percentage of costs allocable to each party shall be agreed to by the Parties.