Training Activities Sample Clauses

Training Activities. The Professional Development Fund may support the following types of activities:
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Training Activities. The Performing Party shall:
Training Activities. Implemented training events/activities and deviations, if any, to the original training plan (including Career Development Plans, coaching or mentoring activities in place at each host institution). • Participation of the fellows in training events and meetings from the network (workshops, seminars, summer schools, etc), and at international conferences outside the network (names, places, dates). • Transferable skills training (e.g. project management, presentation skills, language courses, ethics, intellectual property rights, communication, entrepreneurship, etc.). • Implementation of visits/secondments undertaken within the network to both full participants and associated partners.
Training Activities. Contractor will determine the appropriateness of training for WIOA Adult and WIOA Dislocated Worker program participants as part of the participant’s IEP and refer participants to appropriate training services.
Training Activities. 1. The activities such as unit training and exercises, visits, reconnaissance, study periods for planning and concept development, courses and language training will be conducted in order to increase the effectiveness of the Force.
Training Activities. General progress with training programmed at individual, participant team and network level (Career development plan, supervision, coaching or mentoring in place at each host institution). • The rate of recruitment of ESR/ER for each participant and for the network as a whole (ratio person-months filled/offered) and time and duration of each individual appointment. • The nature and justification for any deviation from the original plan (as referred to table A3.1 of part C) or adjustments, if any, to the original research work plan and/or timetable. • The number and place of the short visits/secondments undertaken or organized by each ESR and ER within the network (full participant and associated members including number of visits of the ESR and ER to their home scientific community). • Participation in training events and network meetings (workshops, seminars, summer schools ...) and to international conferences (number, names, place date). • Achievements regarding the acquisition of complementary skills (for example: project management, presentation skills, language courses, ethics, intellectual property rights, communication, entrepreneurship…). • Level of satisfaction of the trainees (e.g. as expressed in response to questionnaire and their expectation to present their PhD thesis and when). • Highlights on more particularly innovative developments (novel concepts, approaches, methods and/or products) and on wider societal and/or ethical components of the project, such as public outreach activities.
Training Activities. A23. XXX is the EA for any training that forms part of the operation of a railway, or if it takes place within operational railway premises, including signal cabins and control centres16. For example, personal track safety training or possession management training.
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Training Activities. The Parties agree to perform the ongoing training activities and responsibilities set forth in Section [5] of the Statement of Alliance Efforts. Each Party will exercise commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that the other Party's personnel are notified reasonably in advance of key training event opportunities. OneSoft will provide free of charge, training for *** USWeb/CKS employees (in OneSoft's sales or deployment course) over the period from the date first set forth above through June 30, 2000, if during such period USWeb/CKS is in compliance with the train the trainer provision commitment in the next sentence. USWeb/CKS agrees to train Trainers (trainers are dedicated resources to the function of training USWeb/CKS employees) on the OneSoft product, and assume the responsibility of training USWeb/CKS employees on the OneSoft products and services after June 30, 2000. USWeb/CKS agrees to train *** of its employees on OneSoft products and services over the initial term of this Agreement.
Training Activities. All Training activities shall be carried out on the basis of annual training programs and budgets prepared by the Project Implementation Unit and submitted annually to the Steering Committee for approval, throughout the implementation of the Project. Said annual programs and budgets shall be in form and substance satisfactory to the Association.
Training Activities. The responsibilities of the Recipient Government's Executing Agency and UNDP with respect to conducting training activities shall be as follows [XXXX THE GOVERNMENT OR UNDP COLUMN AS APPROPRIATE]: Government UNDP Activity x Preparation of training plan Joint Joint Designing requirements for specific training x Selection of candidates x Confirming language abilities of candidates (if required) Participation x Identification of appropriate programs x Placement x Travel arrangements x Financial arrangements for trainees and institutions x Monitoring of trainers’ performance x Logistical support and insurance
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