Glazing Sample Clauses

Glazing. All new and replacement exterior windows shall have sealed, low emmissivity, insulating glass units which are manufactured by members of SIGMA and IGCC. Sealed insulating glass shall meet ASTM E774, class B. Glass shall be hermetically dual sealed, inert gas filled, double pane units with exterior 3/16” bronze float glass (IoE second surface), ½” air space, and interior 3/16” clear float glass. Insulated panels, if used, shall be 1” laminated panels equal to Xxxxx Industries architectural panels with a porcelain fused-on finish. Wired or clear fire-rated glass shall be UL approved. Safety glass shall be tempered or laminated, and shall meet ANSI 297.1 standard.
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Glazing. 10.1 Glazing to all aluminium windows to be min 4mm and 6.38mm safety glass to all doors, sliding doors and windows as per window schedules.
Glazing a. Where polished plate glass is specified, this refers to general glazing quality.
Glazing. The movable glazing of the vehicle shall be in the closed position. For test measurement purposes and in agreement with the manufacturer, it may be lowered, provided that the position of the operating handle corresponds to the closed position.
Glazing. Glazing in windows, doors and partitions shall be as required by code.
Glazing. The glazing area on the south-facing façade should be 30% greater than the sum of the glazing areas on the east-, west-, and north-facing façades.
Glazing. All glass and glazing shall be executed in strict accordance with the National Building Regulations Part N, SANS 10137, SANS 10400 and SANS 1263. All safety glazing materials (individual panes) shall be permenantly marked. Such marking to be visible after installation (glazing). The successful Tenderer shall submit the AAAMSA Glass & Glazing Certificate confirming that glazing has been installed in accordance with SANS 10137 and 10400 ensuring that Safety Glazing Materials have been installed and individually marked in the mandatory areas. All glazing shall be executed in safety glazing materials. A warranty is to be provided, prior to instalation on site, by the manufacturer of the laminated glass, which warrants the product against delamination and colour degration for a period of not less than 5 (five) years. PRICES
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Glazing. Prices for all items shall include for glazing with glass as specified in the description, including all necessary glazing beads, gaskets, etc.
Glazing. All glazing used in the construction of stands must consist of safety glass (laminated or tempered) a minimum of 6mm thick. Areas of glazing within 800mm of floor level and over 0.5m2, where the smaller dimension of the pane is greater than 250mm, must conform to the thicknesses shown below (in order to comply with the 'Code of practice for safety related to human impact'):
Glazing. The subjects are fully double glazed.
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