Middle School Sample Clauses

Middle School. Special education teachers will teach up to six periods per day (or act as a consultant to regular education teachers), with one planning period. In addition to their responsibilities for managing the referral and assessment processes, Social Services Providers may act as consultants for students with special needs. Schedules of special education teachers and social services coordinators will reflect the student needs as identified by the individual IEPs and will be assigned by the building principal. The content of these classes may range from core content areas, such as reading/English and math, to organizational and study skills. Students who need assistance with life skills development and/or have significant behavioral needs will also be enrolled in special services classes. Students will enroll in these classes based on their individual needs. Excluding consult duties, special education teachers will be responsible for only the students in their classrooms. However, special education teachers may be asked to tailor their curriculum to address needs identified by regular education teachers. Regular education teachers may also need to adapt their curriculum to meet IEP requirements. The IEP caseload for any full time special ed. teacher shall be thirty special education students. If total student numbers necessitate allotting more students than this, the teacher shall be paid $145 per month, for each student over the total overload guideline. The daily caseload for any full time special education teacher shall be 75 students. In a circumstance where the caseload exceeds 78 students, the teacher, the principal, the personnel director, the director of special education and an OEA representative will meet to seek an acceptable solution. Any solution reached during this meeting will be put in writing, all parties to the agreement will sign it, and copies will be given to all participants, including OEA.
Middle School. The instructional day shall provide 338 minutes of instructional time for students and shall consist of seven 45-minute periods, a five-minute homeroom (only three minutes of which shall be instructional time) and a 20-minute multi-purpose period scheduled as described herein. The multi-purpose period shall be used for SSR, “corrections”, “extensions” (enrichment program of the curriculum), makeup, preparing materials, and planning with other teachers. The multi-purpose period, which shall occur five days per week, shall be supervised by the homeroom teacher and, on alternate days, another teacher as assigned; the fifth day may be for the advisor/advisee program. The student day will be six hours and 25 minutes.
Middle School. Recommended reductions in Middle School positions will be made based on a Middle School seniority list which shall list all middle school teachers in order of seniority where evaluations are comparable, first among members on limited contracts and then next among members who are on continuing contract, within each instructional content area. The least senior member within the content area affected by the Reduction in Force shall be the Displaced Member. If the Displaced Member has valid teaching certification in another teaching field and there is a current vacancy in that teaching field for which the Displaced Member is fully qualified, the member will be assigned the vacant position. In the event a middle school teacher who is currently teaching under a grade 4-9 license in a particular subject area is suspended, the teacher may displace the least senior teacher currently assigned to teach that subject in the high school only at the ninth grade level, if the teacher to be displaced has less seniority. Likewise, a middle school teacher who is currently teaching a subject area in which he/she holds a 7- 12 certificate may displace the least senior teacher at the high school level who is assigned primarily to teach that same subject matter, if a teacher to be displaced has less seniority. A middle school teacher teaching under a 1-8 or K-8 certificate may displace the least senior teacher at the elementary level if the teacher to be displaced has less seniority than the middle school teacher and comparable or lower evaluation rating. A member who bumps or is assigned into an instructional area for which he/she is certified/licensed, but has not taught in that area of certification/licensure within the last four (4) years or has not taken six (6) quarter hours or four (4) semesterhours in related coursework in that area of certification within the past four (4) years, must complete six (6) quarter hours or four (4) semester hours of continuing education in related coursework or six (6) quarter hours or four (4) semester hours of graduate study in related coursework within one (1) year of accepting this new position. Failure to complete the six (6) quarter hours or four(4) semester hours of coursework will result in the automatic suspension of the member’s teaching contract for the R.I.F. purposes of this article and the member will have no further recall rights under this article. Members needing to take the six (6) quarter hours or four (4) semester hours d...
Middle School. An established middle school and the teacher has:
Middle School. Any and all changes in this Agreement which refer to "Middle School" or "Middle School Personnel" are agreed upon by the parties with the understanding that:
Middle School. Newspaper/Media Sponsor; Yearbook; Student Council Sponsor; HIGH SCHOOL: National Honor Society Sponsor; Senior Class Sponsor; Junior Class Sponsor; Junior-Senior Prom Coordinator;
Middle School. Whenever there is reference to secondary school or a secondary school member in this Agreement, it shall include middle schools and middle school members.
Middle School. Within grades 6-7-8 a laid-off teacher shall have preference in inverse order of layoff to fill any vacancy within the bargaining unit that is within the same discipline at the middle school as the position he/she last held and is otherwise qualified to fill, prior to and consistent with the filling of vacancies as provided by Section 17.1 of this Agreement or any other transfer by incumbent staff.