Preparation Time Sample Clauses

Preparation Time. The Company will pay one (1) hour personal preparation time to employees being sent on out-of-town jobs for a period of overnight or longer at regular rates up to time and one-half. This will not be paid if an employee prepares for a trip during his normal working hours or if the employee has had a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours notice that he will be going out-of-town.
Preparation Time. 1. Effective September 1, 2006, in districts where elementary teachers are entitled to less than 90 minutes of preparation time each week, each full-time elementary teacher shall receive an average of 90 minutes of preparation time per week.
Preparation Time. In order to increase teaching effectiveness, the administration will schedule preparation time to be used for the purpose of research, planning, study preparation, grading, preparing for parent and student conferences and other professional activities. The length of the planning time and the scheduling may be modified to accommodate the educational schedules of the attendance center. For all staff a minimum of 250 minutes of plan time per week will be scheduled and principals will make every good faith effort to schedule 50 consecutive minutes of plan time each day and twenty minutes of duty free recess in applicable buildings. Preparation time may be used for personal use with permission of the building principal.
Preparation Time. A. Preparation time will be used for professional activities which support learning and teaching, as follows:
Preparation Time. 18.1.1 Preparation time shall be used for professional activities as determined by the teacher, and shall be assigned only during the Instructional Day, as defined in Article 18.7.
Preparation Time. Whenever possible the College shall provide for new employees at least two (2) weeks preparation time in advance of assuming a full teaching load. This includes term appointments of four (4) months duration or longer. A new employee is defined as one having no previous teaching experience. Whenever possible the College shall provide one (1) day of advance preparation time for each instruction week of a course, up to a maximum of fifteen (15) days, for the development of a new course for which no course material is available.
Preparation Time. A. Each secondary teacher shall be provided, during each duty week, an average of not less than one period of unassigned duties during the students' day for preparation time. Such periods shall coincide in length with the regular instructional class period. Special education teachers will have the ability to request one (1) day per month for release time to complete required special duties, pending grant funding is available.
Preparation Time. Full-time high school teachers shall be given the equivalent of one class period per day to be used for teacher preparation. Full-time middle school teachers shall be given one class period per day to be used for teacher preparation; except that schools operating on a drop schedule will have one day in each seven day cycle when the preparation time is not available. On the days that middle school teachers do not have a planning period, they shall be excused from other non-teaching duties that occur during the student school day. Secondary Teachers with five or more preparation periods will be paid $1,929.72 of the base salary. Block classes count as one preparation for each subject taught. Classes at different grade levels count as different preparation periods as long as the lesson plans are substantially different (i.e., 6th grade block/8 grade block, 10 English, 11 English, first year world language or second year world language). Every effort will be made to assure that beginning teachers are not assigned a schedule with more than three preparations. Elementary teachers in grades 1-5, special education and itinerant support personnel will receive 35 continuous minutes per day during the work day for preparation purposes plus an additional ten minutes at a different time; the additional ten minutes is not to extend an existing recess to longer than twenty minutes and its placement within the schedule will be determined by the building after receiving input from staff members. It is understood that the building may set preparation periods at a time other than immediately preceding or following lunchtime. Kindergarten, and other full-time employees not covered above, shall be given no less than two hundred twenty five minutes per week as preparation time. Kindergarten and pre-school teacher preparation time shall exclude the time needed to accompany his/her class to and from the bus. Present practice includes the latitude for a teacher to use preparation time for an important need other than class preparation and for administrators to request a teacher to use preparation time for other than personal preparation purposes. It is understood that this latitude is intended to cover occasions occurring infrequently during the school year. Only in the case of an emergency may a classroom teacher be required to substitute for another teacher. Teachers who are required, or agree, to substitute for another teacher will be paid the hourly curriculum rate for each pe...
Preparation Time. Upon selection of the hearing officer or notice that the Board of Trustees will conduct the hearing, the District shall notify the Unit Member of the date, time and place where the hearing will be held. The Unit Member shall be given at least fifteen (15) working days after notification of the hearing date to prepare for the hearing. The Unit Member shall have the right to appear in person on his/her own behalf, with counsel, or with CSEA representation. All hearings shall be held in closed session, unless the Unit Member requested an open hearing in the “Request For HearingForm.