TEACHING CONDITIONS. A. The Board and the Association recognize that the availability of optimum school facilities for both student and teacher is desirable to ensure the high quality of education that is the goal of both the Association and Board. It is also acknowledged that the primary duty and responsibility of the teacher is to teach, and, thus, the organization of the school and the school day should be directed at ensuring that the energy of the teacher is primarily utilized to this end.
TEACHING CONDITIONS. A. The parties of this agreement recognize that optimum school facilities for both student and teacher are desirable to insure the high quality of educational environment, which is a goal of both the Association and the Board.
TEACHING CONDITIONS. A. If possible the Board shall make available in each school lunchroom, restrooms and lavatory facilities for teacher use and at least one (1) room appropriately furnished, which shall be reserved for use as a faculty lounge.
TEACHING CONDITIONS. A. Supplies The parties recognize that it is the Board’s responsibility to provide appropriate buildings, teaching supplies and tools. The maintenance of the above is also the Board’s responsibility. It is the teacher’s responsibility to apply his/her professional abilities to teaching the children of the District using such facilities.
TEACHING CONDITIONS. 14.1 The Tulare County Office of Education agrees to make an effort to place at the disposal of every employee, sufficient typing, duplicating, laminating, and tape reproduction. Secretarial assistance will be available to assist employees in the preparation of instructional materials.
TEACHING CONDITIONS. 8.01 The Board and the Association acknowledge that a Teacher’s primary responsibility is to teach and that his energies shall be utilized to this end. Therefore, the Board agrees that non-teaching duties shall not unduly interfere with the Teacher’s primary instructional duties, although it is recognized that it will be necessary for Principals to assign job-related duties to Teachers. Duties deemed necessary by the Principal should be assigned in a fair and equitable manner.