High School Sample Clauses

High School. 1. The high school administration, working cooperatively with teachers, will determine teacher's class structures using the following guidelines:
High School. Teachers will be granted one (1) compensatory period for each instructional period of substituting. When three (3) compensatory periods have been accumulated, one (1) compensatory day will be granted.
High School. At the request of the Superintendent, a high school teacher may volunteer on a semester basis to teach all the student contact time and be paid one sixth (1/6) of his/her salary for the semester. This section shall not be used to circumvent the hiring of additional full time teachers.
High School. One (1) afternoon and one (1) evening session, for two of the three trimesters.
High School. High school Bargaining Unit members who are employed in approved extended day activities requiring additional hours of time beyond the normal work week shall be compensated as follows:
High School four (4) hours for pre-planning course, one (1) hour of prep time for every day of teaching time (per course).
High School. High school teachers shall have an instructional load not to exceed five (5) regular class periods. With the consent of a tenure teacher, the teacher may be assigned an annual instructional load exceeding five (5) regular class periods. If no tenure teacher is qualified or elects to teach a sixth class, a probationary teacher may be requested to teach the class. The ETA shall be notified of the need to make such a request. The request shall be in order of seniority (most to least). The selection of a first year candidate for a sixth class shall be a collaborative decision between the building Principal, the Divisional Chairperson, the ETA head representative in the building and the School/Department Chairperson. All classroom teachers and counselors shall be assigned supervision. No position for which a stipend is paid may be substituted for supervision. The supervisory load during the student attendance day shall not exceed an average of thirty (30) minutes per day over the year. If there are no volunteers, a teacher may be assigned one (1) study hall in lieu of one (1) instructional period. Supervision of students shall include, but not be limited to, study hall, library, and/or hall supervision. Such supervisory duties shall be assigned each year pursuant to a plan jointly determined by the school/department committee and the building administration