University Sample Clauses

University. Any notice may be served upon the University by delivering it, in writing, to the University at the address set forth on the last page of this Agreement, by depositing it in a United States Postal Service deposit box with the postage fully prepaid and with the notice addressed to the University at the aforementioned address, or by sending a facsimile of it to the University facsimile number set forth on the last page of this Agreement.
University. Southern Utah University and the offices charged with executing its mission and goals (e.g. UH).
University. University retains the right to use the Patent Rights for academic research, teaching, and non-commercial patient care, without payment of compensation to Company. University may license its retained rights under this Subsection 2.3(a) to research collaborators of University faculty members, post-doctoral fellows, and students.
University. Each Campus Association may establish a committee of a reasonable number to be mutually agreed upon by the President/designee, and the Campus Association to meet and confer with the university President/ designee(s), for the purpose of discussing local issues of mutual concern or interest. Such meetings will be held at the request of either party or at least monthly at mutually acceptable times and locations. The requesting party shall submit a proposed agenda to the other party at least seven (7) calendar days in advance of the scheduled meeting date. Additional items for discussion may be added to the agenda by either party and such additions shall be promptly communicated to the other party prior to the meetings. The Campus Association shall be provided copies and supporting documents on any proposed policies and procedures pertaining to ASF Members or the unit, and shall have the right to make policy recommendations including, but not limited to, the following areas: curriculum, evaluation of students, graduation requirements, admissions policies, budget planning and allocations, programs and program development, anticipated annual staffing plans, long-range planning, campus or System reorganization which directly affects the terms and conditions of employment of any ASF Member(s) including the elimination of vacant ASF positions, development of campus facilities, and procedures for the selection of personnel. Any unit reduction due to layoff (Article 22) or subcontracting (Article 12, Section Q) is subject to meet and confer. Policy decisions subject to meet and confer shall not be implemented prior to being brought to meet and confer. Failure of the Association to meet and confer or to respond shall not prevent the Administration from implementing decisions.
University. Denotes each of the particular universities within Connecticut State University except where “Connecticut State University” as a whole is specifically cited.
University. The university will be actively involved in overseeing the student's experiences and will also participate in weekly supervision of students. For some practicums, students may continue to provide services during university breaks. In these cases, no university weekly supervision will be provided; however, in such cases the Agency will provide one hour per week of individual supervision during this period. The university will maintain in contact with the student and the site to ensure that duties and responsibilities are followed. As such, the university and its designated representative will be involved in any problems that may arise between students and the agency. The university shall be notified immediately when a problem occurs, and the university shall be involved in any subsequent decisions that affect the student.
University. 1.3 Management/Managers
University. The UNIVERSITY shall have no liability for the loss or destruction of or damage to the STUDENT'S property kept in the room or caused by any third parties. The UNIVERSITY assumes no liability and provides no insurance or financial protection for the STUDENT'S personal property. By submission of this contract STUDENT acknowledges that they have been formally provided the option to obtain renter's insurance containing coverage for personal property loss, damage liability, and bodily injury liability from a UNIVERSITY-authorized vendor. The STUDENT further acknowledges that by providing said option, the UNIVERSITY has fulfilled its mandated consideration obligation. Personal property left in the STUDENT'S room after expiration, termination, or cancellation of this contract will be disposed of in accordance with applicable state law. The UNIVERSITY is hereby relieved of any liability for personal property left on the premises. The UNIVERSITY assumes no responsibility for failure to perform any terms or conditions of this contract due to circumstances beyond its control. The UNIVERSITY assumes no liability for injuries, loss, or damage, including death, due to STUDENT use of Xxxxxx Vista facilities including, but not limited to, kitchens, recreational equipment, elevator, barbecue grills, etc. The UNIVERSITY shall not be held responsible or liable for the STUDENT'S accommodation if an assigned room is rendered uninhabitable due to circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the UNIVERSITY, including but not limited to "Acts of Nature", x.x. xxxxx, pandemic, earthquake, and unusual weather conditions. The UNIVERSITY also reserves the right to make special room assignments to accommodate those conditions. No recompense or compensation is provided for loss of STUDENT'S time in dealing with a dsiplacement (either temporary or permanent) nor retribution for discomfort. Should the UNIVERSITY need to close (in full or partial) or dedensify the house for reasons related to an emergency, earthquake, act of God, force majeure, pandemic, governmental order, or other exigency, STUDENT will not be reimbursed, nor pro-rated, for time not spent in the house.
University. The wordsthe University” shall mean the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.