Grooming Sample Clauses

Grooming. The parties agree that the agency shall have the right to set reasonable and professional grooming standards for its employees. The agency and state agree to consult with the Association in the development of said grooming standards.
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Grooming. All hair care; care of nails; shaving (except where there are uncontrollable body movements); all dressing/undressing or assistance with dressing/undressing except where there are severely limited / uncontrollable body movements. Oral Hygiene: Assisting clients with their own care of teeth or dentures; care of teeth and dentures for the client by using tooth brush/tooth paste/oral solution only. Medication: Assisting client with or administering liquid medicines, pills, powders, nose and eye drops. Suppositories; assist and support diabetic clients in the management of their insulin and diet and recognising the signs of both Hyper and Hypo-Glycaemia. Transferring/Mobility: Transferring client in and out of bed/chair/car and assisting with mobility; using mechanical aids to lift and transfer clients. Fitting of Aids/Appliances: Such as splints and callipers. Therapy: Assisting with therapy in any of the following circumstances:
Grooming. Hair must be neat and secured in such a way so as to avoid the possibility of its falling into food, sterile fields, etc. Large scarves, ribbons, and barrettes are not acceptable. Haircut and style should be conservative. Extreme trends such as dreadlocks, Mohawks and long spiked hair are not acceptable. Wigs are acceptable as long as they meet the above requirements. The hair dyed and/or highlighted in colors that are not naturally occurring hair colors (e.g. blue, purple, green, etc.) is not acceptable. Beards must be kept trimmed and neat, or face must be clean shaven. Make-up must be subdued. Scented toiletries are not acceptable. Fingernails must be short and clean. Polish is allowed if it is transparent and in good repair. False nails are not allowed. Infection control guidelines recommend that nails should not be visible when looking at the palm of the hand at arm’s length. Good personal and oral hygiene is required. Use of an unscented antiperspirant and/or deodorant is expected. Students are cautioned that tobacco odor on breath and/or clothing can create further discomfort in the sick client. At the discretion of the instructor, the student may be asked to leave the clinical area. Chewing gum or eating hard candies during any clinical experience is prohibited. The use of any ear piece/device, except for a hearing aid, is not allowed. Ear gages must be plugged closed with plugs matching skin tone. All tattoos must be covered except when covering them would impede the student’s ability to provide care. The host clinical agency may have additional restrictions on tattoos. Failure to meet the agency specific restrictions may result in permanent removal from the clinical site and consequent failure to meet the clinical objectives. The host clinical agency may have additional restrictions. In such cases, students are required to abide by the dress code and expectations of the host agency in addition to the De Anza Nursing Department dress code. If there is a marked difference between the dress codes, students are expected to follow the more restrictive rule. In such cases, known agency-specific requirements will be communicated by the clinical instructor. The host agency has right to change their requirements at any time. De Anza College Nursing Department has no duty to provide an alternate clinical placement for a student who has been removed from the clinical site due to non-compliance with the host agency specific dress code and expectations. NURSI...
Grooming. If you want your pup smelling and looking good, we provide select services upon request, including: baths, nails, ear cleaning Lunch We have lunchtime during the day from 11am to 1pm. All small dogs go up for a rest during this time. We also provide lunch to any dogs, at the owner’s request. Please make sure your dog’s lunch is labeled in either a zip-lock bag or plastic container. If we provide lunch the charge is $2 per dog.
Grooming. SPRINT and VERIZON agree to use diligent efforts to develop and agree on a Joint Interconnection Grooming Plan prescribing standards to ensure that the reciprocal traffic exchange arrangement trunk groups are maintained at the appropriate industry grades of service standard B.01, overall. Such plan shall also include mutually-agreed upon default standards for the configuration of all segregated trunk groups.
Grooming. A process by which a person prepares a child, significant adults and the environment for the abuse of this child. Specific goals include gaining access to the child, gaining the child’s compliance, maintaining the child’s secrecy to avoid disclosure. This process serves to strengthen the offender’s abusive pattern, as it may be used as a means of justifying or denying their actions. (Reference: Xxxxxx, Xxxxx and Xxxxxxxxx 2007 as quoted in X’Xxxxx, Xxx and Dare 2017 Grooming and child sexual abuse in institutional contexts Royal Commission research paper).
Grooming. 1. Flight Attendants are responsible for maintaining the general cleanliness of the aircraft cabin throughout the day (i.e. tidying of aircraft, straightening of seat belts at out stations, galley appearance, and general interior condition). A Flight Attendant shall also be responsible for tidying of seat pockets only to the extent of removing such items as newspapers, food wrappers and other catering items, etc. which are visible and accessible without reaching into the pocket to determine what is inside.
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Grooming. If CenturyLink plans to groom a circuit on which Service is provided, CenturyLink will provide a grooming notice to Customer. For CPA dedicated facilities grooming, Customer will provide a signed LOA to CenturyLink so that CenturyLink can order the necessary changes. Within 20 calendar days after receipt of that notice, Customer will: (a) notify CenturyLink of its approval, which may not be unreasonably withheld; (b) state its reason for refusing; or (c) request that CenturyLink provide Customer with an LOA so Customer can order the necessary changes. Customer's failure to respond within the 20-day period will constitute approval of the groom. If the groom results in Customer incurring additional NRCs from its local access provider and Customer provides sufficient proof of the local access provider charge, CenturyLink will issue a credit to Customer equal to the local access provider NRC for each groomed circuit. If Customer refuses the groom for On-Net Access, CenturyLink will, upon 20 calendar days’ prior written notice, cancel the Service on that circuit and assess a Cancellation Charge. When Customer does not respond to a CPA dedicated facilities grooming notice or refuses a CPA dedicated facilities groom, Customer must either: (a) provide CenturyLink with a LOA/CFA so that CenturyLink can have the local access provider cancel the circuit; or (b) work directly with the local access provider to cancel the circuit. If Customer does neither of these things, CenturyLink will pass through to Customer any costs incurred by CenturyLink from the local access provider as a result of the circuit remaining in place. “CFA” means circuit facility assignment of the CenturyLink facility, as identified by CenturyLink, to which Customer must order a local loop for connection to the CenturyLink Domestic Network.
Grooming. The parties agree that the Sheriff shall have the right to set reasonable and professional grooming standards for its employees. The Sheriff agrees to consult with the Association in the event the current grooming standards are modified.
Grooming. Employees are required to report to work clean, well groomed and with a neat appearance. This standard is covered under Security Standards of Conduct (SY-AA-101-145).
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