THE CHARGE Sample Clauses

THE CHARGE. The Customer charges all its rights under this agreement with the payment of all money becoming due by the Customer to the Water Entity under this agreement.
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THE CHARGE. 2.2.1 As security for the payment of the Secured Obligations when due in accordance with the PPA, the Procurer as the legal and / or beneficial owner of the Hypothecated Interest does hereby agree to hypothecate on the Charge Creation Date by way of pari pasu charge in favour of the Seller:- all right, title, interest, benefit, claims and demands whatsoever of the Procurer in respect of the Incremental Receivables (collectively, the“Hypothecated Interest”). The charge created pursuant to this Article by the Procurer over the Hypothecated Interest in favour of the Seller shall be a floating charge and subject to Article 3.1.1 of this Agreement, shall not hinder the Procurer from selling, leasing or otherwise disposing of or dealing with the Hypothecated Interest or any part thereof. Provided that, the floating charge created pursuant to this Article shall immediately and automatically be converted into a fixed charge upon the occurrence of any Event of Default as defined in the Default Escrow Agreement.
THE CHARGE. The Trustee charges all its present and future, right, title and interest in the Charged Property, subject only to the Prior Interest, to the Security Trustee for the payment in full of all the Secured Moneys.
THE CHARGE. In consideration of our agreeing to lend the Principal Amount of _______________________ dollars ($________________), or as much of the Principal Amount as we advance to you, being registered as owner of an estate in fee simple/a leasehold estate (delete the inapplicable words) you hereby grant a mortgage and charge of your interest in your Property to us. This means the Mortgage is a charge on your Property and you have mortgaged your entire interest in your Property to us. All amounts relating to the Mortgage that you owe to us are secured by the Mortgage. Where this Mortgage secures a revolving credit agreement, you acknowledge and agree that the Mortgage shall be a continuing security for the payment of all amounts advanced including interest, costs, charges and expenses that may become due and payable under the terms of the Mortgage. This applies despite any fluctuation or change in the amount, nature or form of the indebtedness and any ultimate unpaid balance of the indebtedness, whether this indebtedness is from time to time reduced and thereafter increased or entirely extinguished and thereafter incurred again. You also agree that for the purposes of priority of advances as provided under The Land Titles Act, 2000 (Saskatchewan), such credit agreements related to the Outstanding Amount are and shall be considered revolving line of credit arrangements up to a specific principal sum. It also means that you release your claims to your Property until you have repaid the Outstanding Amount and kept all your Promises. You can stay in possession of your Property, as long as you keep your Promises. Our interest in your Property ends when you have repaid the Outstanding Amount and you have kept all of your other Promises, and at that time, you can have a discharge of the Mortgage. Section 23 tells you what you must do to get a discharge. In return for our agreeing to lend the Principal Amount to you, you make certain Promises, which you must keep. Not keeping your Promises includes breaking or not keeping your Promises in any way. You promise to sign any additional documents that we ask for and do everything else we ask you to do to protect our interest in your Property. And for the better securing of us the repayment of the Outstanding Amount and interest, you hereby mortgage to us your estate and interest in the Property.
THE CHARGE. 13. The background to the appointment of the receivers is that under the terms of the Settlement Agreement, Lexington granted a first fixed charge over Patent 807 to Anthology through the execution of a Patent Security Agreement dated 22nd December, 2015 (the “PSA”). Section 2.4 of the PSA dealt with the scenario envisaged in the Settlement Agreement where the revenue generated from the patent was insufficient to discharge the Agreed Sum by 1st March, 2020 (the “Final Payment Date”). Section 2.4 states: “If by the Final Payment Date insufficient funds have been generated from 50% of the net profits and paid to [Anthology] in discharge of the Secured Liabilities and the Secured Liabilities have not been otherwise discharged in accordance with the terms of this agreement then [Anthology]:
THE CHARGE. You Have Sinned Against God. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23).
THE CHARGE. 2. Provision of certified copies of each Obligor’s (excluding the Original Guarantor) constitutional documents and the director and shareholder corporate resolutions authorising entry into and performance of the Finance Documents to which they are a party and certification as to solvency.
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THE CHARGE. 4. The Mortgagor as beneficial owner hereby charges with the payment of all monies and liabilities hereby agreed to be paid or intended to be hereby secured (including any expenses and charges arising out of or in connection with the acts or matters referred to in clause 13 hereof) so that the charge hereby created shall be a continuing security over the Mortgaged Property referred to in the Schedule hereto and all and singular the premises comprised therein, and any proceeds of sale of the said freehold property and the benefit of any covenants for title given or entered into by any predecessor in title of the Mortgagor and any money paid or payable in respect of such covenants. The said charge hereby created shall constitute a fixed first charge by way of legal mortgage and neither the Mortgagor shall, without the consent in writing of the Mortgagees, create any further encumbrance over the Charged Property other than this Deed of Mortgage.
THE CHARGE. (i) is or becomes wholly or partly void, voidable or unenforceable; or
THE CHARGE. As security for the payment and discharge of the Secured Liabilities, the Chargor with full title guarantee charges to the Collateral Trustee by way of first fixed charge all of its rights in:
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