Host agency definition

Host agency means a faith-based organization, or a not-for-profit organization, or the city of Lacey which owns or controls the property or has an ownership interest in the property that is the subject of an application for an Emergency Housing Facility Permit for providing basic services and support to temporary emergency housing facility residents, such as hot meals and coordination of other needed donations and social services which may include mental health and drug addiction treatment.

Examples of Host agency in a sentence

  • This Agreement will establish a cooperative relationship between ISU and the HOST AGENCY and outline the responsibilities of the cooperating Parties as they contribute to the learning experience of Interns who benefit from, and participate in, the ISU Dietetic Internship Program in a safe and responsible manner.

  • ISU will assign only Interns to the HOST AGENCY who have satisfactorily completed the designated prerequisites as determined by the curriculum.

More Definitions of Host agency

Host agency means an approved agency that submits a grant application and required reports on behalf of a task force.
Host agency means the community development and renewal agency of the
Host agency means the Agency of the Host Jurisdiction.
Host agency means an agency of primary jurisdiction other than an officer, firefighter, or medic's own agency of regular employment.
Host agency means a religious organization, a 501(c)(3) or a public entity that owns or controls the property on which a transitory accommodation is proposed to be located and that joins a Sponsoring Agency in an application for a Transitory Accommodation Approval for providing basic services and support to transitory accommodation residents. A “Host Agency” may be the same entity as the Sponsoring Agency.