Furniture Sample Clauses

Furniture. Misuse of University property, including possession of common area furniture in on-campus housing is prohibited and may result in a replacement charge and/or return of the property.
Furniture. Repairing, staining, spraying, polishing, re-polishing, making loose covers and/or cushions, wood machining, veneering, woodturning, carving, assembling, painting, wood bending and laminating. Furniture manufacturing will also include the manufacturing, installation, repairing, polishing, re-polishing, staining, spraying of pianos, organs, movable room/office partitions, kitchen cupboards, kitchen cupboard tops, kitchen cupboard components (irrespective of materials used), attached wall cupboards, built-in cupboards, built-in cupboard components, free standing bars or built-in bar counters, cane, wicker or grass furniture, cabinets including cabinets for musical instruments and radios, wireless or television cabinets, bathroom cupboards, any other cupboard tops and furniture for tea-rooms, restaurants, offices, churches, schools, libraries, other educational institutions, conference centres and theatres but excluding the manufacturing of furniture made mainly of metal and/or plastic materials.
Furniture. University Housing accommodations are provided to all students as furnished accommodations. Any student who unilaterally removes University furniture will be charged full replacement value for each piece of furniture removed from their accommodation. The furniture and contents of any lounge facilities should not be removed from designated areas for any reason. In addition to any disciplinary action, student(s) found with common area furniture may be subject to fines and penalties.
Furniture. Unless doing so is included in the scope of the Design Professional’s services as described on the Statement of Project Details, the Owner will develop, document, and procure the furniture for the Project.
Furniture. Sublandlord and Subtenant hereby acknowledge that Sublandlord’s furniture, fixtures and equipment listed on Exhibit C hereto (the “Furniture”) is located in the Sublease Premises on the date hereof and will be in the Sublease Premises on the Term Commencement Date. Subtenant shall have the right to use such Furniture during the Term, which is provided for Subtenant’s use without representation or warranty of any kind. Subtenant shall have the right (but not the obligation), at is option, to dispose of the Furniture from time to time during the term of this Sublease without liability to Sublandlord, however, Subtenant may surrender the Sublease Premises with any remaining items of Furniture on the Expiration Date and shall have no obligation to remove the same from the Sublease Premises; provided that, Subtenant shall provide ten (10) business days’ prior written notice to Sublandord before disposing of any such Furniture and Sublandlord shall have ten (10) business days thereafter to require removal of such items of Furniture to Sublandlord’s storage facility.
Furniture a. All furniture must be returned to its original location on Guest's departure, or an additional charge will be made.
Furniture. 5 If the letting includes the use of furniture and effects:-
Furniture. If UNIT is furnished by LANDLORD, TENANT may not remove any furniture, equipment or appliances from UNIT. CONDITION OF THE UNIT AND ALTERATIONS TENANT accepts UNIT, fixtures, and furniture as is. LANDLORD disclaims all express and implied warranties. TENANT will be given a Move-In Condition Form at the time of move-in. Within 48 hours after move-in, TENANT must sign and note on the form all defects or damage and return it to LANDLORD. Otherwise, everything will be considered to be in a clean, safe, and good working condition. When TENANT moves in, LANDLORD will supply light bulbs for fixtures LANDLORD furnishes, including exterior fixtures operated from inside UNIT; after 30 days, TENANT will replace them at TENANT’S expense with bulbs of the same type and wattage. All light bulbs must be operational at the time TENANT vacates the UNIT. Colored bulbs are not allowed in any exterior light fixtures. FOR LIGHT FIXTURES WITH HALOGEN BULBS, TENANT MUST HAVE LANDLORD CHANGE BULB. BULB MAY BE PURCHASED BY TENANT AND LANDLORD WILL NOT CHARGE LABOR COSTS TO INSTALL THE BULB. TENANT must use customary diligence in maintaining UNIT and not damaging or littering in the Common Areas. Unless authorized by statute or by us in writing TENANT must not conduct any repairs, paint, install wallpaper, install carpeting, perform electrical changes, or otherwise alter LANDLORD’S property. No holes or stickers are allowed inside or outside UNIT. No water furniture, refrigeration, washing machines, extra phone or TV-cable outlets, alarm systems, or lock changes, additions, or rekeying is permitted unless allowed by statute or LANDLORD has consented in writing. TENANT agrees not to alter, damage, or remove LANDLORD’S property, including alarm systems, detection devices, furniture, telephone and cable TV wiring, screens, locks, and security devices. No painting is allowed in UNIT. TENANT should not cover more than 25% of each wall with papers, posters, fabric, etc. In addition, no holes of any kind are permitted on any room or interior door. All window coverings must be approved by LANDLORD. LANDLORD may enter UNIT to remove, without notice, any unapproved window coverings. Any and all repairs needed within TENANT’S room and UNIT and other areas must be performed only by authorized maintenance personnel. TENANT(S) will be charged for the repair of any damage for which TENANT or TENANT’S guests are responsible. TENANT may not install any wiring within UNIT. Absolutely no holes may be...
Furniture. You assume full responsibility for items furnished by us, if any. You agree to return them to us at the expiration of the Term in as good condition as when you receive them, reasonable wear and tear excepted. You will be responsible for returning all furniture to its original position before vacating the Premises. You will not remove the furniture from the Apartment for any purpose without our written consent. You shall be responsible for any damages or cleaning charges incurred by us with respect to use or condition of any furniture in the Premises, except for normal wear and tear. In the event any of the furniture is not maintained, is damaged or is otherwise not returned to us at the expiration of the Term, or when your right to possession of the Premises is terminated, whichever is sooner, in a condition satisfactory to us, ordinary wear and tear excepted, you shall pay us, upon demand, the cost to repair or replace such furniture, as determined by us. We shall have the right to deduct any amounts owed hereunder from the Security Deposit. The furniture in the Premises is owned by Student Furniture Partnership (“Furniture Company”). Of your total Rental Installment, a certain amount per month is attributed towards your rental furniture as set forth in the Community Addendum, unless your Premises is unfurnished, in which case, none of your Rental Installment is for furniture. Owner reserves the right to revise the allocation of Rent to furniture at any time and without notice. We are renting the furniture to you and collecting the rental amount in our capacity as agent for the Furniture Company.
Furniture. No furniture may be moved out of the room, apartment, or club house to which it is assigned. Furniture should not be stacked. Do not move the beds. Used furniture is not permitted in order to prevent potential bed bug infestations. HOUSEKEEPING: Students are required to maintain order and cleanliness in their living accommodations at all times. Apartment clean checks are performed bi-weekly. Students who do not clean may be charged a $10 failed clean check fee after the second failed clean check. Student is responsible to replace burned out light bulbs during the semester. Students will supply their own cleaning products to clean their apartment. Cleaning supplies must be appropriate for the task, such as using toilet bowl cleaner to clean toilets or sanitizers and scrubbing pads to clean sinks. Students may be charged a minimum of one hour at $35/hour if cleaning has to be performed by the manager or manager representative during either the semester or following checkout. The entire apartment needs to be left white-glove clean before leaving. KEYS: Keys to apartment and mailboxes will be issued by the manager during the check-in process. Students are advised to keep their apartments locked at all times when not occupied. No keys are to be duplicated. The typical cost for replacing a key is $25 and $45 to rekey the apartment if the key is lost.