OF AIRCRAFT Sample Clauses

OF AIRCRAFT. Any assignment, sale, transfer or other conveyance of the Aircraft by Owner Trustee made pursuant to the terms of this Trust Agreement or of the Lease or the Participation Agreement shall bind Owner Participant and shall be effective to transfer or convey all right, title and interest of Owner Trustee and Owner Participant in and to the Aircraft. No purchaser or other grantee shall be required to inquire as to the authorization, necessity, expediency or regularity of such assignment, sale, transfer or conveyance or as to the application of any sale or other proceeds with respect thereto by Owner Trustee.
OF AIRCRAFT. TRAINING AND RELOCATION PAY.. ...................................................... Training Pay Blockholders ............................................................

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  • Aircraft This peril includes self-propelled missiles and spacecraft.

  • Lease of Aircraft Lessor agrees to lease the Aircraft to Lessee pursuant to the provisions of FAR Section 91.501(b)(6) and Section 91.501(c)(1) and this Agreement, and to provide a fully-qualified and credentialed flight crew for all flights to be conducted hereunder during the Term (as defined in Section 13) hereof. The parties acknowledge and agree that this Agreement did not result in any way from any direct or indirect advertising, holding out or soliciting on the part of Lessor or any person purportedly acting on behalf of Lessor. Lessor and Lessee intend that the lease of the Aircraft effected by this Agreement shall be treated as a “wet lease” pursuant to which Lessor provides transportation services to Lessee in accordance with FAR Section 91.501(b)(6) and Section 91.501(c)(1).

  • Condition of Aircraft The Aircraft at the time of its return to Lessor shall have been maintained and repaired in accordance with the Approved Maintenance Program and this Lease with the same care and consideration for the technical condition of the Aircraft as if it were to have been kept in continued regular service by the Lessee, and shall meet the following requirements:

  • Use of Aircraft ‌ Employees shall not be required to use an aircraft in the course of their duties other than those of regular commercial airlines, licensed charters, or government aircraft.

  • Return of Aircraft 64 23.1 Date of Return................................................64 23.2

  • AIRCRAFT CONFIGURATION 3.1 The guarantees contained in this Attachment are based on the Aircraft configuration as defined in the original release of Detail Specification TBD (hereinafter referred to as the Detail Specification). Appropriate adjustment shall be made for changes in such Detail Specification approved by the Customer and Boeing or otherwise allowed by the Purchase Agreement which cause changes to the flight performance and/or weight and balance of the Aircraft. Such adjustment shall be accounted for by Boeing in its evidence of compliance with the guarantees.

  • Return of Aircraft, Etc (a) If an Event of Default shall have occurred and be continuing and the Equipment Notes have been accelerated, subject to Section 4.03 hereof and unless the Owner Trustee or the Owner Participant shall have elected to purchase the Equipment Notes, at the request of the Mortgagee, the Owner Trustee shall promptly execute and deliver to the Mortgagee such instruments of title and other documents as the Mortgagee may deem necessary or advisable to enable the Mortgagee or an agent or representative designated by the Mortgagee, at such time or times and place or places as the Mortgagee may specify, to obtain possession of all or any part of the Mortgaged Property included in the Trust Indenture Estate to which the Mortgagee shall at the time be entitled hereunder. If the Owner Trustee shall for any reason fail to execute and deliver such instruments and documents after such request by the Mortgagee, the Mortgagee may (i) obtain a judgment conferring on the Mortgagee the right to immediate possession and requiring the Owner Trustee to execute and deliver such instruments and documents to the Mortgagee, to the entry of which judgment the Owner Trustee hereby specifically consents to the fullest extent permitted by Law, and (ii) pursue all or part of such Mortgaged Property wherever it may be found and, in the event that a Lease Event of Default has occurred and is continuing, may enter any of the premises of Lessee wherever such Mortgaged Property may be or be supposed to be and search for such Mortgaged Property and take possession of and remove such Mortgaged Property. All expenses of obtaining such judgment or of pursuing, searching for and taking such property shall, until paid, be secured by the Lien of this Trust Indenture.

  • Aircraft Maintenance TIMESHAROR shall be solely responsible for securing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, preventive maintenance and required or otherwise necessary inspections of the Aircraft and shall take such requirements into account in scheduling the operation of the Aircraft. Performance of maintenance, preventive maintenance or inspection shall not be delayed or postponed due to any scheduled operation of the Aircraft unless such maintenance or inspection can safely be conducted at a later time in compliance with the sound discretion of the pilot-in-command.

  • Aircraft Basic Price The Aircraft Basic Price is listed in Table 1 and is subject to escalation in accordance with the terms of this Purchase Agreement.

  • Airframe The Airbus A300F4-605R aircraft (excluding the Engines or engines from time to time installed thereon) to be leased by the Lessor to the Lessee pursuant to the Lease and the initial Lease Supplement and having the United States FAA Registration Number initially and manufacturer's serial number specified in the initial Lease Supplement, including (i) all Parts in respect thereof and (ii) any Replacement Airframe which may be substituted pursuant to Section 11.03