Machinery Sample Clauses

Machinery. Business machines and mechanical equipment belonging to Tenant which cause noise and/or vibration that may be transmitted to the structure of the Building or to any other leased space to such a degree as to be objectionable to Landlord or to any tenants in the Complex shall be placed and maintained by the party possessing the machines or equipment, at such party’s expense, in settings of cork, rubber or spring type noise and/or vibration eliminators, and Tenant shall take such other measures as needed to eliminate vibration and/or noise. If the noise or vibrations cannot be eliminated, Tenant must remove such equipment within ten (10) days following written notice from Landlord.
Machinery. The Contractor shall be responsible for coordinating the manufacture, delivery, erection and commissioning of plant machinery and equipment which are to form a part of the Works. He shall place all necessary orders as soon as possible after the signing of the Contract. These orders and their acceptance shall be produced to the Engineer on request. The Contractor shall also be responsible for ensuring that all sub-contractors adhere to such programs as are agreed and are needed to ensure completion of the Works within the period for completion. Should any sub-contracted works be delayed, the Contractor shall initiate the necessary action to speed up such completion. This shall not prejudice the Employer's right to exercise his remedies for delay in accordance with the Contract. TEMPORARY WORKS AND REINSTATEMENT The Contractor shall provide and maintain all temporary roads and tracks necessary for movement of plant and materials and clear same away at completion and make good all works damaged or disturbed. The Contractor shall submit drawings and full particulars of all Temporary Works to the Engineer before commencing same. The Engineer may require modifications to be made if he considers them to be insufficient and the Contractor shall give effect to such modifications but shall not be relieved of his responsibilities. The Contractor shall provide and maintain weather-proof sheds for storage of material pertinent to the Works both for his own use and for the use of the Employer and clear same away at the completion of the Works. The Contractor shall divert as required, at his own cost and subject to the approval of the Engineer, all public utilities encountered during the progress of the Works, except those specially indicated on the drawings as being included in the Contract. Where diversions of services are not required in connection with the Works, the Contractor shall uphold, maintain and keep the same in working order in existing locations. The Contractor shall make good, at his own expense, all damage to telephone, telegraph and electric cable or wires, sewers, water or other pipes and other services, except where the Public Authority or Private Party owning or responsible for the same elects to make good the damage. The costs incurred in so doing shall be paid by the Contractor to the Public Authority or Private Party on demand.
Machinery. Unless Landlord gives prior written consent in each and every instance, Tenant shall not install or operate any steam or internal combustion engine, boiler or machinery in or about said Premises. All equipment of any electrical or mechanical nature shall be placed in settings which absorb and prevent vibration, noise, or annoyance, or the spillage or leakage of fluids, oils or grease on the floors of said Premises.
Machinery. If the Tenant shall install or maintain any business machinery or other apparatus of any description in the premises, the operation of which produces noise or vibration, which is transmitted beyond the premises and the Landlord deems it necessary that the noise or vibration of such machinery or apparatus be diminished, eliminated, prevented or confined to the premises, the Landlord may give written notice to the Tenant, requiring that the Tenant provide and install rubber or other approved settings for absorbing, preventing or decreasing the noise or vibration of such machinery or apparatus within fifteen (15) days. The judgment of the Landlord of the necessity of such installation shall be conclusive, and the installation shall be made in such manner and of such material as the Landlord may direct. Should the Tenant fail to comply with such request within fifteen (15) days, the Landlord may do the work necessary to absorb, prevent or decrease the noise or vibration of such machinery or equipment and the Tenant will pay to the Landlord the cost of such work upon demand or such cost may, at the option of the Landlord, be added to any installment or installments of rent under this lease and shall be payable by the Tenant as additional rent.
Machinery. Use or operate any machinery that, in Lessor’s reasonable opinion, is harmful to the Building or disturbing to other Lessees occupying other parts thereof.
Machinery. 15. To keep all plant apparatus and machinery (including any boilers or lifts) upon the Premises properly maintained and in good working order and to ensure by directions to the Tenant's staff and otherwise that such plant apparatus and machinery is properly operated and to avoid damage to the Premises by vibration or otherwise. Unloading
Machinery. Diesel engines 3 x 12V 40/00 XX XXXX0, each capable of a maximum continuous rating of 14,400 kW at 514 rpm (or equivalent) 2 x 14V 40/00 XX XXXX0, each capable of a maximum continuous rating of 16,800 kW at 514 rpm (or equivalent) Pod units 2 pod units each developing 19,500 kW at approximately 139 rpm
Machinery. The machinery to consist of two (2) gas turbine generator sets and one (1) steam turbine generator set (COGES type), having a total maximum continuous rating of 57,800 kW electric power under the reference conditions set forth in the Specifications, to supply power to two (2) electric propulsion motors and the remaining electric systems of the VESSEL as stipulated in the Specifications.
Machinery. Not to install or use in or upon the Premises any machinery or apparatus so as to cause noise or vibration which can be heard or felt in nearby premises or outside the Premises or so as to cause structural damage
Machinery. The machinery sector accounted for 9 percent of Arkansas’s total exports to the EU between 2012 and 2014. During that same period machinery exports to the EU from Arkansas averaged $117 million annually. The EU currently has tariffs on machinery products as high as 9.7