Furnishings Sample Clauses

Furnishings. The Premises is: (check one) ☐ - To be furnished with the following items: [ENTER FURNISHINGS] ☐ - Not furnished.
Furnishings. State whether or not the rental property includes furnishings. If yes, provide a list of the furnishings included with the rental. 6.
Furnishings. The Premises is: (check one) ☐ - To be furnished with the following: . ☐ - Not furnished.
Furnishings. You assume full responsibility for items furnished by us and agree to return them to us at the expiration of the Lease Term in as good condition as when you receive them, reasonable wear and tear excepted. You will be responsible for returning all furniture to its original position prior to vacating your Bedroom and the Apartment. You will not remove our furniture, televisions, appliances, routers, fixtures, and/or furnishings from the Apartment for any purpose. You shall be responsible for all loss, breakage or other damage to furnished items.
Furnishings. The Leased Premises contains the following property furnishings: • • • • • • [List all of the property furnishings]
Furnishings. The following furnishings will be provided with the Property: THIS PROPERTY IS FULLY FURNISHED AS DESCRIBED ON XXXXXXXX.XXX/000. FYI: The complimentary crib is in the bedroom located off the kitchen. You are required to provide your own baby linen, etc. If your needs require a crib(s) in a different room, you will need to supply that yourself. Furnishings are subject to change without notice. Furniture, bedding, kitchen equipment, utensils, and any other personal property supplied with the Property must not be removed from the Property. Loss of any items within the Property or damage to the Property or furnishings in excess of normal wear and tear will be charged to Guest. The Property will be inspected by Owner after Guest’s departure. All contents of the Property are the property of Owner. If an item should break, Guest must notify Owner immediately. Guest is not permitted to alter the wiring of any television, computer, or gaming equipment.
Furnishings. Landlord shall have the right to prescribe the weight and position of safes and other heavy equipment and fixtures, which, if considered necessary by Landlord, shall be installed in such manner as Landlord directs in order to distribute their weight adequately. In no event shall Tenant place on any part of the floor of the Premises a load exceeding the floor load per square foot which such floor was designed to carry and which is allowed by law. Any and all damage or injury to the Premises or the Building caused by moving such heavy equipment or fixtures or the same being in or upon the Premises, shall be repaired by and at the sole cost of Tenant. All furniture, equipment, and other bulky matter of any description shall be delivered to the Premises only through the designated service entrance of the Building and the designated service elevator during normal business hours or as otherwise directed or scheduled by Landlord. All moving of furniture, equipment, and other materials shall be under the supervision of Landlord, who shall not, however, be responsible for any damage to or charges for moving the same. Tenant agrees to remove promptly from the sidewalks adjacent to the Building any of Tenant's furniture, equipment, or other material there delivered or deposited.
Furnishings. If the premises are furnished, the furniture and other furnishings are accepted “as is.” If an inventory is supplied each party shall have a signed copy.
Furnishings. Residence Hall rooms are furnished with basic furniture for one, two, three, or four residents. University Apartments are furnished to accommodate the minimum occupancy in the housing assignment. Basic furniture in Residence Halls may include beds, dressers, wardrobes, desks, and desk chairs. Basic furniture in Suites and Apartments may include some or all of the following: beds, dressers, desks, desk chairs, sofa, upholstered chair, coffee table, entertainment stand, dining table, and dining chairs or stools. Residents in the apartments are hereby advised that, should they choose to have more than the minimum number of residents in an apartment, extra furniture is likely not available; should residents choose to exceed the minimum occupancy of their apartment they will likely have to provide the additional furniture themselves. With respect to all Residence Halls and University Apartments, additional furniture is not available and the resident may not remove University-owned furnishings. Additionally, all significant furniture rearrangement, including but not limited to bed height adjustments, within a room or apartment must be done through a room configuration request available through Residence Life and First Year Experience. For safety reasons, residents may not adjust bed heights or move other major pieces of furniture on their own. The resident hereby agrees to be financially responsible for the care of all University-owned furnishings. Accordingly, in the event that any furnishing is removed from the residence, the resident shall be responsible for its return and, in the event that any furnishing is damaged or destroyed, the resident shall pay the cost of repair or replacement of such furnishing. The resident hereby acknowledges and agrees that they have examined the residence and all appliances and fixtures and hereby accepts the same as clean and in operative condition.
Furnishings. Furnishings inside a residence hall at the beginning of occupancy are the shared responsibility of suitemates unless proof of individual responsibility is identified and confirmed by the UNIVERSITY.