FLOORING Sample Clauses

FLOORING. Developer shall provide carpeted flooring with non-static flooring in server 23 room.
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FLOORING. All Bed Rooms, Dinning-cum-Living, and would be finished with Ivory Vitrified tiles (24'' X 24'') flooring and 4'' skirting. Bath-room, Kitchen & Balcony would be finished with Ivory Ceramic tiles (12'' X 12'') flooring. The walls of the Toilets/Bathrooms would finish with white glazed tiles in 60'' height. Roof would be finished with roof tiles.
FLOORING. All Premises have some laminate wood flooring. This flooring is durable and easy to clean. However, excessive water will damage the floor. A swifter or lightly moist sponge mop is recommended for cleaning. Mop up any excessive liquid spills immediately. Heavy furniture should have glides under feet to protect from scratching the surface of the floor. Damaged floor charges due to negligence of Tenant(s) as determined by Landlord will be assessed to Tenant(s). DO NOT PLACE KEGS OR TUBS FOR KEGS ON FLOORS.
FLOORING. Entire flooring will be laid with light grey colour mosaic tiles with 6” skirting for all the rooms. Bathrooms and toilets will have square while 5" x 5" tiles to a height of seven feet.
FLOORING. Grade and quality of carpeting to be selected by Landlord, with color to be selected by Tenant from those offered by Landlord.
FLOORING.  Interiors – Vitrified/ Anti-skid ceramic Tiles or any other similar.  Floor lobby –Vitrified Tiles or any other similar.
FLOORING. All flooring (Room, Lobby and Kitchen) with verified tiles.
FLOORING. There is no flooring requirement as the expo hall is carpeted. Vendors who choose to bring own flooring materials shall ensure that no damage is done to the existing/attached flooring owned and maintained by the venue (Grand Geneva). Pipe & Drape Pipe and drape is not supplied. Vendors who wish to utilize pipe and drape may be able to rent it from the venue (Grand Geneva) for additional fees.
FLOORING. 1. Carpeting shall be a minimum of 30 ounce face weight cut pile in a color chosen by Tenant from the manufacturer's standard pallet and approved by Landlord.