Spares Sample Clauses

Spares. Boeing will revise, as applicable, the customized Recommended Spares Parts List (RSPL) and Illustrated Parts Catalog (IPC).
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Spares. The Contractor shall ensure that the Contractor’s operational base at the Site is at all times stocked with spare parts for the Contractor's Equipment that meet the requirements of the Contract, together with all necessary or desirable packing and marking for that purpose and that such spare parts are sufficient to ensure that the Work /services can continue in the event of failure of the Contractor’s Equipment.
Spares a) Recommended Spares Parts List (RSPL) customized RSPL, data and documents will be provided to identify spare parts required for Customer's support program.
Spares. Mesa shall have available at least 1 spare Aircraft available for Flight Services under this Agreement at any time there are 35 or more CRJ Aircraft and at least 2 spare Aircraft available for Flight Services under this Agreement at any time there are 65 or more CRJ Aircraft. AWA shall pay the Actual Costs, Guaranteed Non-Maintenance Costs (other than overhead) and Guaranteed Maintenance Costs actually incurred by or payable to Mesa for each spare Aircraft as provided in Section 7.
Spares. 34.1 Where appropriate to the Goods supplied in accordance with this Contract, the Seller shall make available to the University, or any nominated third party maintenance source, on request; with reasonable dispatch and at reasonable prices, all spares and replacement parts as the University, or nominated third party maintenance source, shall require for the Goods.
Spares. Buyer shall stock sufficient spare Products, FRUs and Parts as needed to meet all of Seller's warranty and repair services obligations under this Agreement, subject to Seller's supply of such Products, FRUs and Parts as contemplated by Section 6.1 above and Seller's provision of training as contemplated by this Section 6.2.
Spares. 28.1 The Contractor undertakes to supply all necessary spares of delivered hardware and software to run this System during warranty period at no additional cost to USF.
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Spares. 11.1 The supplier shall be required to provide a list of the following material and notifications pertaining to spare parts manufactured or distributed by the supplier of spares including cost and quantity considered for arriving at the price of spares in ITB Clause 9.
Spares. US Airways will schedule Mesa’s Aircraft to provide a minimum of one Spare Aircraft per [***] active Aircraft operated at each hub, but in no event less than [***] Spare Aircraft per hub. For purposes of this Section 10, a “hub” shall mean an airport where Mesa operates a monthly average of [***] flights per day under the Code Share Agreement.
Spares. Major spares and consumable viz. CB’s, CVT/CT oil O&M, required for a period of at least two years, as recommended by the suppliers and those proposed by DISCOM, will be reviewed, finalized and procured by (Name of Company). These spares will be kept in the custody of (Name of Company). Cost of other materials charged from time to time due to contingent operational needs shall be reimbursed by (Name of Company) on submission of supporting vouchers.
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