Duty to Provide Sample Clauses

Duty to Provide a Fully and Timely Executed Copy of this Contract to the FHCF Administrator The Company must provide a fully executed copy of this Contract in electronic form to the Administrator no later than the March 1 statutory deadline for execution, or, in the case of a New Participant, no later than 30 days after the New Participant began writing Covered Policies.
Duty to Provide. Visual Programs in a Manner That is Accessible to Persons With Hearing Impairments.
Duty to Provide. Tenant agrees at any time and from time to time on or before five days after written request by Landlord, to execute, acknowledge and deliver to Landlord an estoppel certificate certifying (i) that this Lease is unmodified and in full force and effect (or if there have been modifications, that it is in full force and effect as modified, and stating the modifications), (ii) that there have been no defaults by Landlord (to the best of Tenant's knowledge) or by Tenant (or, if there have been defaults, describing the default), (iii) the date to which Rent and other charges have been paid in advance, if any, (iv) that Tenant claims no present charge, lien, claim or offset against Rent, (v) that Rent is not prepaid for more than one month in advance, and (vi) such other matters as may be reasonably required by Landlord, any Mortgagee or prospective Mortgagee, or any potential purchaser of the Building. It is intended that any such statement delivered pursuant to this Paragraph may be relied upon by any prospective purchaser of all or any portion of Landlord's interest, or by any Mortgagee or prospective Mortgagee.
Duty to Provide. 16 B. Tenant's Failure to Deliver ............................... 16
Duty to Provide. 19 B. Tenant's Failure to Deliver .................................... 19
Duty to Provide. Tenant shall, within ten (10) business days of receiving a request from Landlord or any Master Lessor or Mortgagee, execute, acknowledge in recordable form, and deliver to the requesting party or its designee a certificate stating, subject to a specific statement of any applicable exceptions, that the Lease as amended to date is in rail force and effect, that the Tenant is paying Rent and other charges on a current basis, and that to the best of the knowledge of the Tenant, the Landlord has committed no uncured defaults and has no offsets or claims. The certifying party may also be required to state the date of commencement of payment of Rent, the Commencement Date, the Termination Date, the Base Rent, the current Operating Cost Share Rent and Tax Share Rent estimates, the status of any improvements required to be completed by Landlord, the amount of any security deposit, and such other matters as may be reasonably requested. It is intended that any such certificate delivered by Tenant may be relied upon by Landlord, any Master Lessor, Mortgagee, prospective mortgagee or prospective purchaser of the Project.
Duty to Provide. Visual Programs in a Manner That Is Accessible to Persons with Hearing Impairments.
Duty to Provide information about the identity of the performing airline The EU directive concerning the information of flight passengers about the identity of the performing airline obliges A-XXXX Flussschiff GmbH to inform the customer at the time of booking about the identity of the performing airlines with regard to all flight services in connection with the cruise booked. If the performing airline has not been decided upon at the time of booking, A-XXXX Flussschiff GmbH is obliged to inform the customer about the airline or airlines which will probably perform the flight. As soon as
Duty to Provide information and submit reports The parties are obliged to supply each other with current information on all matters of importance for the completion of the PhD programme. The parties are obliged to actively address any issues that may cause a delay or failure to complete.
Duty to Provide financial security A nuclear operator is prohibited from reactor operation etc. unless financial security for compensation of nuclear damage (hereinafter referred to as “financial security”) has been provided.